Liza Jane Candle Wax Melts

Liza Jane Candle Wax Melts

NOTE: Liza Jane Candle CLOSED in 2019.

Read Reviews of Liza Jane Candle Wax Melts. Liza Jane Candle Company is a candle and wax melt business in Waxahachie, Texas. Unlike most small wax vendors, Liza uses paraffin in her products instead of soy. I find that paraffin throws better than soy ("throw" is how far you can smell the scent in the room while it's melting).

Liza Jane Candle Company can be found on her website at, and on Facebook at

The paraffin she uses is a special grade that intensifies the throw. When I did my first review in July 2018, the wax was a bit soft and greasy like soy, and slightly sticky so that I had to use a butter knife to get a cube out of the clamshell (not a big deal). Then she switched to a harder formula to make it easier to remove from the package, but the new formula impaired the throw. So finally she adjusted the formula again, and throw is as good as before, without being overly sticky.

I like most of Liza Jane Candle Company's scents, and unlike most wax vendors, just about all of the wax melts had excellent throw! I even like her labels, which are classy and professional. And her price of $3 per 2.5 oz. clamshell is very affordable. Liza is wonderful to work with, professional, and an all-around nice person who provides exceptional customer service. And if all of that weren't enough, 2% of all sales goes to Parkinson's Disease Research for a cure!

Fantastic scents, strong throw, affordable price, excellent customer service, classy labels, and a portion of sales goes to charity... What is there not to love about Liza Jane Candle Co.?
If I really have to look for a negative, the wax is still a little sticky and hard to get out of the clamshell. But that's very minor. Really, I can't think of anything negative about Liza Jane Candle Company wax melts!


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