Pier 1 Wax Melts

Pier 1 Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Pier 1 Wax Melts. Pier 1 wax melts are new as of October 2018, although Pier 1 used to carry wax melts around 2014 but they were discontinued. They are made with paraffin wax. I don't know what wax melt company actually manufactures them; they are not made by Rimports/ScentSationals, Hanna's Candle, MVP Group Intl., or Empire Brands.

The Pier 1 wax melts are available at Pier 1 stores and on their website to ship to your home (free shipping on orders over $49) or to ship to your local store for free. They cost $3.99, twice the price of $2.00 Walmart wax melts.

Fall 2018 scents were incredible, smelled fantastic and threw extremely well.
At $3.99, they're twice the price of Walmart wax melts, which are $2.00 for the same size. But Pier 1 often has sales! The Spring 2019 scents were mediocre, and they only came out with 4 new scents.


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