Broken Top Candle Co. Wax Melt Reviews

November 4, 2017

Broken Top Candle Co. Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Broken Top Candle Co. wax melts. Broken Top Candle Co. is a small company in Bend, Oregon that makes 100% soy candles and scented wax melts. The Broken Top Candle Co. website is

Their wax melts come in resealable bags with very nice labels. The bags are paper with a wax lining inside, so you should use the melts within a few weeks or months as the scent could dissipate through the bag over time. The wax comes in round discs that are very convenient... Just plop 2 or 3 discs in the warmer. 2 discs are a little larger than 1 regular clamshell cube. So if you usually use 1 cube, you'll want to use 2 discs. If you usually use 2 cubes, you could use 3 or 4 discs. Each bag contains 8 discs which weigh 0.25 oz. each (total 2 oz. in each bag), and at the time of this review each bag is $6.00. The wax does not need to be cured, and can be melted as soon as you get them.

Apple Maple Bourbon
Fresh apple with a touch of vanilla, maple, and smooth bourbon. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including a touch of cinnamon.
Fantastic sweet caramel apple scent with a hint of maple and a smidgen of that sweet bourbon note.

Blue Spruce
Spruce with a bright citrus note. This fragrance is infused with natural cedarwood and pine essential oils.
A nice spruce scent with a slightly smoky note. This is not a biting pine scent.

Brandied Pear
Candied pears and warm notes of cask aged brandy
Oh this is nice! I smell juicy pears in a rich pear syrup with barely a smidgen of cinnamon, and a bit of a bakery note. Yummy!

Cedar Citrus Berries
Warm berries, hints of spice, and cedar. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including cedar, ginger, nutmeg, mandarin, and ylang ylang.
I can't figure out this scent. It's not what I expected based on the scent name. I smell sweet berries with a warm note, but I can't tell what kind. Strawberries maybe? It has a little bit of a woodsy note, which I guess is cedar, but it doesn't smell like cedar. It almost smells like berry scented lipstick, but not in a bad way at all. It's a very nice scent.

Christmas Tree
Siberian pine needles mixed with holly berries and a hint of apple
A perfect pine scent. It's similar to the Blue Spruce scent, but not as smoky, and a little more woodsy and authentic. There may also be a smidgen of vanilla or berries, but barely noticeable.

Coffee with Cream
Fresh brewed coffee with a hint of chocolate and hazelnut
A fantastic creamy coffee scent. It smells like real coffee, and has only a smidgen of sweetness. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell chocolate or hazelnut.

Cozy Flannel
Cinnamon leaf, fig, and lavender blend seamlessly into the rich base of cypress, cassia root and sandalwood
This is not a laundry scent. I can't describe this at all, because I can't figure out the notes. It's a musty scent with a hint of sweetness and maybe fig and a smidgen of light wood. Looking at the scent notes, there's the fig and sandalwood. I think I do detect a hint of cinnamon, but it's not a foodie or fall cinnamon, and it's barely noticeable. I don't smell lavender. It's just an "okay" scent for me.

Fresh Squeezed
Bergamot and grapefruit
This smells just like sweet grapefruit juice! It's not a fake or candy type citrus scent. I think I also smell orange.

Glistening Snow
A subtle mint with rich notes of vanilla
This is a vanilla marshmallow scent with a peppermint note. Very nice!

The crisp dominant scent of grapefruit is gently blended with a touch of sweet fruit and a hint of peach. This unique blend gives a strong grapefruit throw with just a hint of sweetness to take the tangy edge off.
A nice grapefruit scent with a slightly savory note. Looking at the scent notes, yes I think I do smell peach. This scent is only slightly sweet, but not as sweet as other grapefruit scents I've smelled, almost like a spa grapefruit.

Just Peachy
Fresh peach nectar with hints of citrus
Oh this smells so authentic! I don't like a lot of peach scents because they smell fake or like cheap air freshener, but this is the real thing! It's sweet and crisp and fresh, and when I opened the bag it was like I opened a bag of freshly picked peaches! It kind of has that crisp fresh apple vibe, but it's peach. Actually there might be a hint of sweet apple. I can't believe how realistic this scent is! Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell citrus at all, but maybe there's a smidgen and that's what gives this scent such a fresh, crisp note.

Infused with essential oil, our lavender is a simple, yet robust flavor
A perfect lavender scent! It smells like authentic lavender oil with a little sweetness to keep it from smelling medicinal. It's not a sweet perfumey lavender though.

Mint Biscotti
Mint oil, cedar wood, citronella, with a subtle hint of chocolate
This smells like peppermint with a creamy vanilla note, a bit like a candy cane, but not overly sweet. It's similar to the Glistening Snow scent, but that scent is marshmallow and not as minty. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell citronella or chocolate at all.

Mint Mojito
Freshly muddled mint with subtle undertones of pineapple and sugarcane
This smells like a combination of two of my least favorite scents: spearmint and pineapple. But strangely, I actually like it, and it's not overly sweet.

Mt. Bachelor
Amber and vanilla, with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed oil and clove leaf oil
A nice warm cologne scent with woodsy and fresh notes. It's not overly sweet or pungent. Looking at the scent notes, I guess the clove is the warmth I'm detecting, although I don't really smell clove per se. It's a very nice scent.

Pacific Rain
Fern foliage and rich green florals. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including bergamot and violet.
I'm not sure what I'm smelling, as this scent is weak on cold sniff. It smells like a subtle floral but not very sweet, and with a hint of pepper.

Pineapple Sage
Pineapple and sage combined with natural eucalyptus, guaiacwood, and cedar wood essential oils
Very nice scent of sweet pineapple with a very slight pine note. Unique!

Red Headed Love
Fresh grated ginger with a hint of saffron, crisp apple and fresh squeezed lemon
I can't figure out the notes in this scent, but I like it. I smell ginger and apples, and maybe a smidgen of lemon. There's also a perfumey and clean note, and maybe a hint of pepper. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on!

Sea Salt & Surf
Fruit, a smooth jasmine middle note, and finished off with a hint of driftwood and cream. This fragrance is infused with orange oil
A very nice fresh watery scent with a hint of floral, but I also detect a rich vanilla note, which give this a little bit of a foodie quality, and maybe a hint of honeydew melon. Looking at the scent notes, the floral is jasmine, although I don't smell jasmine per se. The vanilla I guess is the cream. I think I do detect a smidgen of sandalwood. And I guess the honeydew I think I'm smelling is the fruit and orange oil, although I don't actually smell orange. I really like this one! Melted, I detect a coconut note, even though it's not listed in the scent notes.

Sunset in Mexico
Fresh peaches, melon, crisp coconut, strawberries and the smooth rich hint of vanilla
A super sweet tropical fruity scent with a pineapple and coconut note, and maybe a hint of sweet creamy vanilla. Looking at the scent notes, I do smell a honeydew melon, and strawberries I think. I really think I smell pineapple, but it's not an overwhelming pineapple note. I don't think I smell peaches. It's a nice sweet summery scent.

Tumalo Cider Co.
Rich mulled cider with holiday spices and a hint of fresh orange peel
This smells more like sweet rich apple pie filling with cinnamon and cloves. Fantastic!

Rich and decadent vanilla
Not just a regular vanilla, this is a rich milky sweet buttercream vanilla, and it smells like French Vanilla ice cream. Very nice!

Potent alcohol notes, rich oak, and smoked peat infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and birch tar oil
Oh this one is different! It does smell like whiskey, and I even smell the alcohol! There's also a smidgen of smokiness and maybe a hint of caramel. I like it, and I've never found a liquor scent that actually has that alcohol note; they usually smell awful, with a sour fermentation note that this scent absolutely does not have.
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