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If you are a wax melt company (retail, vendor, even direct sales), learn about our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service to help your business get online exposure.

We offer a service for wax melt companies (retail, vendor, and even direct sales) where we review and promote your wax melts on this website (which gets almost 10,000 new U.S. visitors per month), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

How does our Wax Melt Reviews and Promotion Service work?

You send us wax melts, we review them, and we publish your review and promote your company. We are providing a service that can help your business get more exposure and clients. We don't charge you for this valuable service, but we also don't pay for the wax melts we review. Most wax melt companies report an increase in orders soon after our review gets published. We can review current scents as well as new scents that you might be testing, and seasonal scents that might not yet be available. And depending on availability, your review will be done by 1 to 4 people (multiple noses are better than one!)

If you are a direct sales wax melt rep for a company such as Scentsy, Pink Zebra, PartyLite, etc., our review will also focus on YOU and why someone should purchase from you instead of other reps.

Do we get paid for reviews?

A paid review is not a review; it's an ad. People depend on our reviews because they're honest and objective. So although we are often approached by wax melt companies offering to pay us to publish a positive review, we will not do that.

What do we do with the wax melts we review?

If there is any wax left after the review, we may keep it, give it away, or more than likely destash it and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charitable animal welfare organization like the Petco Love (Petco Foundation). We support various organizations that help stray, sick, hurt and abused cats, dogs, and other animals. With this review service, everybody gets to "pay it forward", from the wax company, to our reviewers, to the person who buys the wax. And we provide copies of our donation receipts to buyers of our destashes.

How to sign up for our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service

If you are a wax melt company, vendor, or sales rep, and would like to sign up for our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service, message us on our Facebook Page. Correspondence MUST include your name, company name, email address, and website where we can view your products and scent list.

Do you own or work for a wax melt company? Our FREE Review & Promotion Service can help you get more customers!
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