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If you are a wax melt company (retail, vendor, even direct sales), learn about our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service to help your business get online exposure.

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We offer a service for wax melt companies (retail, vendor, and even direct sales) where we review and promote your wax melts on this website (which gets over 9,200 new visitors per month in the U.S.), YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and several Facebook groups and pages.

Take a look at a screenshot from Google Analytics below, showing the number of new visits from the U.S. in one month. Other month's numbers are similar. Tap on image to enlarge.

How does our Wax Melt Reviews and Promotion Service work?

You send us wax melts, we review them, and we publish your review. There's no charge to either of us. We are providing a service that can help your business get more exposure and clients, and most of the wax melt companies that sign up for this service report an increase in orders soon after the review goes live. We can review current scents as well as new scents that you might be testing, and seasonal scents that might not yet be available.

If you are a direct sales wax melt rep for a company such as Scentsy, Pink Zebra, PartyLite, Jewelry in Candles, etc., our review will first focus on YOU, the services you provide, and why someone should purchase through you instead of other reps. And of course all links in the review will point to your specific web page, Facebook page and group, YouTube channel, etc.

What do we do with the wax melts we review?

If there is any wax left after the review, we will usually sell it as part of a destash and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charitable animal welfare organization ($1,500 went to various animal welfare organizations in 2018, and about the same for 2017). We support various organizations that help stray, sick, hurt and abused cats, dogs, and other animals. With this review service, everybody gets to "pay it forward", from the wax company, to our reviewers, to the person who buys the wax. We have copies of donation receipts for anyone who would like to see them.

Do we get paid for reviews?

We've been approached by wax melt companies offering to pay us to publish positive reviews, and we don't do that. A paid review is not a review; it's an ad. People depend on our reviews because they're honest and accurate (well, as accurate as any objective review can be, since everyone's noses are different).

How is our Review and Promotion Service different from a regular review?

As a paying customer, we will not send you our review, but will post it whether it's positive or negative. Through this service, however, we will send our review to your first, and you can decide whether you want us to publish it or not. And if we're on the fence about the throw for a scent, where the score could go .5 point up or down, we will generally round up (with our regular reviews, we might round up or down).

As a paying customer, we might only post the review on our website, one Facebook page, and possibly YouTube. But through this service, we post your review on our website, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, several Facebook groups (including our own group with thousands of members, if it's retail wax) and pages, and other social media sites.

We send review to you before it's published. No Yes
You can choose not to have review posted. No Yes
If there's a question about throw, we may err a half point... n/a Up
Where we post your review Website, one Facebook page, and maybe YouTube Website, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, several Facebook groups (including our own group with thousands of members if company is retail), Facebook pages, and other social media sites

How many scents do we need to review?

Ideally we'd like to review all of your scents, but if you carry a lot of scents, then around 15 to 20 should suffice. The more scents, the better the representation. In the past, we've had wax companies send only 5 or 6 of their best, strongest scents, only to find out from buyers who purchased from that company based on the review, that all of their other scents were subpar. Also, 2 oz. per scent is the minimum needed for a review; if less, then we may not have any wax left to do a video.

More info about our review service

Reviews are subjective, and everyone has different scent preferences. And there are many variables that affect throw. This is why we will sometimes test more than one cube of wax in different warmers and rooms if the throw is not strong. We use a standard 20 watt tabletop Glade warmer for reviews, but for weak throwers we may try a 24W warmer (which can help the throw, but may decrease the duration). If the wax is very soft, we might use a lower wattage warmer, since soft wax prefers lower temperatures.

We always include the company's official scent notes or scent description, if available. And we don't look at the scent notes for a scent until after its review is complete, because we don't want to be swayed by what we think the scent "should" smell like based on the notes.

Until April 2019, all reviews were performed by one person. But now there are two additional reviewers contributing to this service. Three noses are better than one!

How to sign up for our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service

If you are a wax melt company, vendor, or sales rep, and would like to sign up for our Wax Melt Review and Promotion Service, there are several ways to get a hold of us:

  1. Comment in the Facebook section below.
  2. Send us a message through our Facebook Page.
  3. If you're not on Facebook, post a comment under any of our videos on our YouTube Channel.
All correspondence MUST include your name, company name, email address, and website where we can view your products and scent list.

Wax melt companies, please contact us here (your comments will not be published).

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