Country Light Candle Wax Melt Reviews

November 7, 2017

Country Light Candle Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of wax melts by the Country Light Candle Company, a small company in Central New York that has been making candles, tarts, votives, and related products since 1997. Their candles and votives are made of 100% soy, and their no-stick tarts are made of palm wax. The tarts are easy to remove from the warmer after they've cooled. I did have to pry a bit with a butter knife, but once I got an edge loose, the rest of the wax slid right out, rather than sticking to the bottom as many wax melts do. Their website is

In 2018, their website and Facebook disappeared. But in early 2020 their website forwards to an Etsy shop called Katie's Treasure Tarts, also located in New York, with wax tart labels that look just like Country Light's, so it may be the same company.

Their No-Stick Wax Tarts are 100% natural, using palm wax made with sustainable palm oil and top tier phthalate-free, eco-friendly cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

I truly enjoyed these tarts. The fragrances were fantastic, and for the most part the throw was very strong, quite a few of which were strong enough to take over the whole house! And in general, they lasted a very long time, many as long as 8 hours until I changed out the wax (although they might have lasted longer if I hadn't removed the wax).

A romantic and classic scent of jasmine, musk, patchouli and brown sugar
This smells a little like Angel perfume, which I guess is what it's supposed to smell like. On cold sniff, it's not quite as sweet as the perfume, but it's still a very nice scent. Melted, however, it really smells like Angel perfume! Not exactly, but pretty close. I love this scent!

Antique Sandalwood
A woody, musky blend of oak moss, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar wood softened with notes of violet, jasmine & tonka bean.
It's quite weak so I can't figure out what I'm smelling. Maybe a warm perfumey light wood? Sandalwood scents tend to not be strong in general. It's a nice scent.

Aqua Spa
Indulge in notes of modern rose and lily brightened with hints of orange, lime and ozone.
A super fresh, watery scent with a soapy note and maybe a little bit of lemon. Nice and relaxing. Looking at the scent notes, I guess the lemon I smell is a combination of the orange and lime. I don't smell rose, and not really any floral notes. When melted, I don't smell the lemon as much, although it does have a smidgen of a clean kitchen lemon note. I love this scent!

Autumn Lodge
A fireside glow of freshly cut wood, fir needle, patchouli and vanilla
I smell sweet tobacco and patchouli, and maybe a hint of cloves. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect fir at all, and this is not a woodsy scent, and I'm surprised I don't see tobacco. I really like this scent!

A blustery blend of fresh mint, pine & fir needles, cedar bark and eucalyptus with hints of midnight jasmine
I smell pine and peppermint with a smidgen of sweet floral in the background. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I don't detect jasmine per se. Fantastic scent, one of the best non-foodie mint scents I've ever smelled.

Cashmere Glow
Envelop yourself in the warmth of vanilla, French pear and cashmere musk
A nice warm, sweet perfumey scent of cashmere/amber and maybe a smidgen of fruit in the background, like apricot or apple. Looking at the scent notes, the fruit is pear.

Cinnamon Patchouli
Warm cinnamon, spicy clove and deep patchouli with a hint of cranberry
What a great combination! I smell patchouli with a little bit of a cinnamon. A nice cozy scent!

Cotton Candy
A sweet delight - the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy just made at the fair
This smells more like bubblegum to me than cotton candy, although it's very weak on cold sniff so it's hard to tell. When melted, I could detect a tiny bit of vanilla with a chemical note from a few inches away.

Cranberry Salsa
Juicy cranberries, grapes, lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, and pomegranate with nuances of apple and heliotrope
I can't figure out what I'm smelling as it's weak on cold sniff. Fruit and floral and mint?

Dragon's Blood
Luxurious blend of amber and myrrh with cozy sandalwood and patchouli.
I sweet very incensey scent similar to Nag Champa, with notes of patchouli and a very sweet soapy note. I love this one.

First Snow
A cheerful blend of fresh mint, blooming jasmine and pine needles.
A nice mint scent with a little bit of pine. The pine is very subtle, and the mint is either peppermint without the sweet creamy vanilla note, or fresh mint with a bit of sweetness. There's a very subtle sweet floral note also. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on. I do smell a hint of floral but not jasmine per se. Melted, there's also a little bit of a soapy note, and this smells like a chilly slightly floral mint body wash. I really like this scent!

Freesia Fantasy
A lush, bright freesia with hints of lily of the valley and white musk
I can barely smell anything on cold sniff, maybe a slightly floral soapy scent?

Frosted Snow Drops
This smells like pine and creamy milk, with maybe a hint of patchouli and coconut? Looking at the scent notes, I guess I was way off! I didn't care for this scent.
This smells like pine and creamy milk, with maybe a hint of patchouli and coconut? Looking at the scent notes, I guess I was way off! I didn't care for this scent.

Grandpa's Pipe
A cozy scent with notes of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla and tobacco.
This smells like black cherry to me, so I guess it's supposed to be cherry tobacco. But there's also something else in there like a leathery note, and maybe a smidgen of caramel. It's a nice, interesting scent. When melted and all of the scents come together, it does smell a bit like cherry tobacco. I really like it!

Hearth and Home
A homey blend of orange spice, fir and pine notes and an earthy smokiness.
I smell pine and a little smokiness and a smidgen of sweet spice and maybe a fresh air note. Looking at the notes, I don't smell orange, although it does smell a little like orange pomander.

Lavender Lullaby
A comforting blend of lavender and musk. Compare to J&J Bedtime Bath.
I think I smell a bit of lavender, but it's extremely weak, even on cold sniff.

Notes of rich ylang ylang are seduced with jasmine and softened with creamy vanilla in this beautiful floral fragrance.
I have no idea what I'm smelling, but it's fantastic. I think it's some kind of Eastern incense spice and a strong vanilla. Oh wait, it smells like ylang ylang. Looking at the notes, there it is! I've never smelled ylang ylang scented wax before, and if a scent has that as a note, it never smells authentic. But this one does! Amazing!

Golden vanilla orchid mingles with incense made from frankincense and myrrh
I really like this scent! It's caramely vanilla with incense. Looking at the notes, there's the vanilla, but I don't detect any floral notes. I guess the caramel note is the combination of vanilla, frankincense and myrrh? At first the incense notes were stronger, but as time went on, the caramely notes became stronger.

Orange Blossom Thyme
Bright citrus, honeysuckle and orange blossom are enhanced with hints of fresh herbs.
This is a sweet orange blossom/neroli scent with a smidgen of a savory herb in the background. I also detect a little bit of honeysuckle. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on. It's a nice, unique scent, and I really like it.

Sleepy Hollow
Midnight heather intertwined with mysterious patchouli, fir needles and a hint of vanilla.
A super sweet jasmine floral scent with something else I can't figure out, maybe a hint of pepper? Looking at the notes, I guess heather is the jasmine, and pepper is the fir. Now that I know that other note way in the background is fir, I do smell it a little. When melted, there's a little bit of a bitter note, but not enough to detract from the scent.

Smoke & Odor Eliminator
Wipe out smoke & odors with this invigorating spice fragrance infused with orange, grapefruit & Cinnamon essential oils.
I'm not a fan of this scent and I can't figure out what it smells like. I think clove and maybe also a floral but there's something slightly sour in the background. It almost smells a little like orange pomander, which is a scent I don't like, but not quite since I don't really smell orange. I didn't test its odor eliminator qualities.

Sugared Spruce
A sweet and fresh blend of pine needles, orange, strawberry and a touch of sugared vanilla
A biting pine with a Pine-Sol note and maybe a smidgen of lemongrass. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell orange, strawberry or vanilla (I actually love the combination of pine and fruit, but this scent was too biting to smell the fruit notes). This one was a bit too biting for me.

Vanilla Oak
Warm vanilla enveloped with oak wood, cedar, patchouli and musk
This smells like a cross between a Sage & Citrus spa type scent with sweet light cedar wood and maybe a hint of lime, and Bath & Body Works (and Scentsy) Lavender Vanilla. It's quite nice.

Witches Brew
Mystical patchouli, sandalwood and dragon's blood with a splash of cinnamon and cedar wood essential oil.
This is a fantastic patchouli scent with a rich soapy woodsy note. I think this is supposed to be a dupe for Yankee Candle Witches Brew.
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