Febreze Wax Melts Reviews - August 2020

August 9, 2020

Febreze Wax Melts Reviews - August 2020

This is a a review of two new Febreze scents: Lavender (Febreze Light) and Wood. Although they smell great, the throw is not as strong as I'd like.

Lavender (Febreze Light)
A fresh men's body wash or cologne scent with a hint of lavender (not authentic) that I'm not sure I'd detect if I didn't know it was supposed to be in there. It's a very nice, clean, pleasant scent. This "Febreze Light" scent says "No Heavy Perfumes", so it's made for people that prefer a scent that's not overly sweet. The description on the Target website says, "Gently cleans away household odors with a lightly scented soy wax melt", so I guess it's also for those who prefer a lighter throw. I love how they stress that they're soy wax, with no artificial perfumes or dyes, but the ingredients are a wax blend, plus like 25 chemicals I can't even pronounce, most of which are part of the fragrance (check them out at https://smartlabel.pg.com/00037000630838). And no real lavender essential oil! I assume the soy is part of the of the "wax blend", but they don't specifically mention soy in their ingredients, or at what percent. So don't always assume that soy wax is healthier or more natural, or even contains soy at all!

Amber, Oud, Cedar
A wonderful woodsy scent that smells like a blend of sweet cedar, fresh wood, and a smidgen of clove that gives is a teensy bit of smoky warmth.

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