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There are plenty of ways to find reviews for wax melts on this website. You can search by brand, scent, review date, and throw.

When you first get to the website, some of the most recent reviews will be on the home page for easy access, with the newest reviews first. Click the "More" link after recent reviews, or the Search link, to see more reviews.

The search page has 3 sections: Table, Brands, and Search Bar.


The Table allows you to search for reviews by date, brand, scent name, scent type, and throw. Click on the scent to go to the review for that scent.

The default sort order is by most recent reviews first, then brand and then scent (both alphabetical). Click on the text in the heading on top of the table to sort the table. Click the same link again to reverse the order. You can also do a primary and secondary sort. For instance, if you want to see the highest throw scores first, click the Throw column. You'll see that the other columns are sorted by date (most recent reviews first). But if you want to, say, see highest throw scores first, with the scent names in alphabetical order (rather than dates), click the Scent column first, THEN click the Throw column. Or if you want to see scent types in alphabetical order, with a secondary sort by brand, click Brand and then Type. Experiment for a bit and you'll get the hang of it!

Be patient when you do a search from the search table, especially on a mobile device... it could take a few seconds.

If we've done more than one review for a particular scent, only the most recent review will be included in the search table.

If we didn't actually melt a scent, the throw score will be "n/a".


The Brands page is simply a list of wax melt brands that link to the main page for that brand's reviews. If a brand has only been reviewed once, clicking on a brand link will bring you to that review. But if a brand has been reviewed more than once, clicking that link will bring you to the brand's main page, which includes a sortable table (like the main table) and information about that brand.

Search Bar

The Search Bar can be used to search anything on the website, including brand names, scents, scent types, throw, and more. It's better than the table if you don't know what you're searching for, you're not sure of a scent name, you want to find scents by a variety of notes, etc. Instructions for the search bar are on the Search Bar page. The same search bar is on the Home Page.

Most review pages have a photo at the top, and most (before mid-March 2023), when clicked, play a YouTube video of the review. Clicking "More" at the top of the page brings you to the brand page for that brand (if one exists). In the reviews, throw scores are on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being no throw, and 5 being the strongest throw (see "Throw" on the General Info page).

Some scents may include a small magnifying glass icon on the bottom right side of the review, which links to the online store's website where that scent can be found. These links may not be valid indefinitely as older scents are discontinued.

One of the fields you can sort in the search tables on the Search page and Brand pages is scent type. We've classified each scent according to what it smells like (or at least the "dominant" note in the scent).

Scents are categorized by scent, not by the scent name (because some scents don't smell exactly like the scent name).

Any kind of apple or pear scent, including fresh apple/pear, apple/pear bakery scents, apple cider, and fall/harvest apple scents.

Beachy scents have a Coppertone Suntan oil note, or they may be Coconut scents with other notes that make it smell more "beachy".


Straight cinnamon, cinnamon "Big Red" gum and "Red Hot" candy cinnamon scents. It might also include cinnamon bakery scents with cinnamon as the main (or strongest) note, as opposed to bakery scents with just a note of cinnamon (which would go under "Foodie").

Cloves are sweet, warm, earthy, rich, and a little spicy. Clove scents are similar to cinnamon and some incense scents. Once you've smelled cloves, you'll never forget the rich, warm fragrance.

Plain coconut, perfumey coconut, some coconut and lime scents, and palm (a nutty woodsy coconut type scent).




Currant scents are fig-like soapy scents with a tiny bit of tartness, a hint of a perfumey note, a smidgen of a berry note with hardly any sweetness, and maybe a woodsy note. It's a very sophisticated scent that, when mixed with other scents, gives them a classy note. Currant scented oils, candles and wax melts, however, don't smell like the actual currant fruit. Red currant fruit tastes like lemon with a smidgen of a fruity note. It's very sour and tastes nothing like currant scented oils smell. And the fruit has no scent at all!

I also classify fig (like currant, but generally with no sweetness) and cassis (a type of currant, similar to fig, but more fruity, with slight cedar, clove and even patchouli notes) scents in the Currant category because they're so similar.

Eucalyptus is similar to pine, but more pungent, with a menthol, Vicks VapoRub, even slight camphor "sinus clearing" effect. It's different from Mint scents.

Flowery scents that are more "floral" than perfumey (like authentic florals). Although lavender is a floral, Lavender is a separate category.

A broad category that covers any type of food (like bakery scents) or drink that's not under another category. But if it's a fruity bakery scent where fruit is the dominant note, then it will go under Fruity. Same with apple bakery scents, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, and savory foodie scents.

Fresh air, fresh water, oceany type scents, and maybe even a fresh men's body wash unless it's more of a men's cologne type scent (in which case it would be classified as Cologne).

Fruit such as plums, grapes, bananas, etc., as well as berries (strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, etc.), some fruity florals, perfumey fruity scents, and even fruity bakery scents (if fruit is the dominant note). Some fruits are in their own categories though, like Apple/Pear, Grapefruit, Lemon/Lime, Orange, Peach, Tropical, and Watermelon.


Often grapefruit is mixed with other citrus notes, like lemon and orange, and if one of those other notes is dominant, then it will classified under Lemon or Orange.

"Green", grassy, natural, herbal, and even bitter medicinal scents. But if it's garden mint, then it's classified under Mint.

Patchouli, tobacco, nag champa, even cedar if it's not a very woodsy cedar (in which case it would be a Woodsy scent).



Lemon or lime is the dominant note, even if it's a lemon bakery scent. But if it's a lemongrass scent, it will probably go in the Spa category.

Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe

Natural garden mint (including spearmint and wintergreen), not Peppermint (which has its own category). Some mint scents might be classified as Spa scents if they include other spa-type notes like lemongrass.



Sweet peppermint candy or candy cane type scents. This is different from the Mint category.

Perfumey scents smell like women's perfume, but may also include sweet non-authentic florals, soapy scents that are not laundry or clean scents, and other scents that have a strong perfumey (but not men's cologne) note.


Zesty or "salad" type scents. They're not sweet at all. If it's lemony, it might be classified under Lemon/Lime.

Smoky scents smell like smoke or a campfire. If it's more woodsy than smoky, then it's a Woodsy scent.

Spa scents include lemongrass, and blends of lemongrass with garden mint and lavender. If mint or lavender are the dominant notes, then it will be classified under Mint or Lavender.

Tropical fruit includes mango, papaya, guava, pineapple, and any fruit that has a "tropical" vibe, even if it's mixed with coconut (unless coconut is the dominant note, then it's classified as Coconut). Some mango scents smell like peach, in which case they go in the Peach category.

Plain vanilla, vanilla cookie or cupcake, or vanilla buttercream. If it has other notes (such as chocolate or cinnamon notes), then it's classified as Foodie, Chocolate, Cinnamon, etc.

Raw wood, oud, sandalwood, sweet vanilla wood, cedar, etc. If it's a smoky wood, it might be categorized under Smoky. If it has a strong pine note, it's Pine. Some woodsy scents are more incensey, so classified under Incense.

Miscellaneous scents are any scents that don't fall under any of the categories above, or where it's difficult to pick a dominant note. Miscellaneous scents might also be duo or trio scents where each scent in the clamshell is in a different category.

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