Glade Christmas 2018 Wax Melt Reviews

November 13, 2018

Glade Christmas 2018 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the Glade Christmas 2018 Wax Melts Dancing Flowers, Enchanted Evergreens, Nutcracker Delight, and Sugarplum Fantasies. Many stores carry the candles and other home fragrance products, but I only found the wax melts at Target.

Dancing Flowers
Jasmine and lily of the valley with sparkling pear and fresh greens upon light, white woods
I was only able to find this scent in the candle, so I scooped out the wax to use in the warmer. It's a super sweet perfumey scent with a hint of baby powder I think. I don't smell pear, greens, or wood. I really like it and wish I could find it in a wax melt. Generally the melts throw better than the candles.

Enchanted Evergreens
Pine needles with a touch of festive spices and notes of cinnamon bark and nutmeg
This is one of the best pine/spruce scents I've ever smelled, and it's super strong on cold sniff. It's rich and a little smoky and woodsy, and even slightly salty. I don't smell any spices though. This is the same pine scent that Glade comes out with every year, but with a different name. And every year I fall for it because it smells so good on cold sniff, only to be disappointed that the strong cold sniff scent doesn't translate to a strong throw.

Nutcracker Delight
Roasted hazelnuts and sweet pralines, dusted with creamy vanilla bean upon dollops of almond butter
I love this scent! It's super sweet and caramely with a hint of nuts, and the nutty note is indeed hazelnuts (the same type of nut in that yummy spread called Nutella), and maybe a smidgen of almond. The scent notes and my description don't do it justice. It's fantastic.

Sugarplum Fantasies
Dark plums and tart blackberries with violet and vanilla sugar
I didn't buy this one (and it was only available in the candle). It was very weak on cold sniff and what I was able to smell was just a generic slightly tart berry scent.

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