Goose Creek Candle Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2019

August 12, 2019

Goose Creek Candle Fall Wax Melt Reviews

These new Goose Creek Candle Fall 2019 wax melts are fantastic, perfect Fall scents with strong throw. And I love the labels! Goose Creek Candle wax melts and candles can be found on their website at, and at some stores like Gabe's, Gordman's, and Tuesday Morning.

Blooming Harvest
Top: Chrysanthemum, Colorful Mums; Mid: Apple Blossom, Wild Hyacinth; Base: Ivy, Emerald Musk
Chrysanthemums don't have much of a scent, other than an odd bitter brown leaves type scent. Blooming Harvest captures this well. I wouldn't know it was mums if I didn't see it in the notes, but now that I do, I can smell them. It's kind of like a slightly sweet but bitter floral scent mixed with old brown fall leaves and a hint of apple. Looking at the notes, the hyacinths are probably the sweet floral note (although I don't smell hyacinth per se, which is similar to lilac). It's not a scent I would think I would like, but I really do. Even though it's not a very sweet or flowery scent, I'd still classify it as a floral, a perfect Fall floral!

Brown Sugar Churros
Top: Cinnamon Stick, Drizzled Caramel; Mid: Fried Dough, Sweet Maple, Pecan; Base: Sweet Brown Sugar, Whipped Vanilla
A rich yummy scent of brown sugar, caramel and cinnamon, with a hint of maple and a little bit of a bready note. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, and I do detect a smidgen of a nutty note.

Dutch Stroopwafel
Top: Crisp Waffle, Hazelnut, Chocolate Shavings; Mid: Creamy Caramel, Buttery Dough; Base: Sugared Vanilla, Warm Honey
This smells like a waffle with chocolate chips. When melted, I smell more of the chocolatey-ness, like milk chocolate waffles! I do smell the slight breadiness of the waffle, and maybe also a hint of caramel, and possibly a smidgen of nuttiness. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on. Delightful scent!

In the Forest
Top: Woodland Leaves, True Woods; Mid: Natural Woodland, Rosemary; Base: Cedarwood, Lush Amber
This smells like pine with a bit of a sour note. But it also has a barely detectable smidgen of a sweet woodsy note, which is probably the cedar. It's a nice scent, but not my favorite. I'm surprised I don't see pine, because that's basically what this scent is, although it's probably the combination of the leaves, woods and rosemary that smells like pine.

Pile of Leaves
Top: Fallen Leaves, Autumn Air; Mid: Apple Blossom, Citrus, Soft Pine; Base: Sandalwood, Cedar
I might buy this scent just because of the cute picture of the dog on the label! And the scent is fantastic. It smells like mint, eucalyptus, pine, a hint of sweet apple, and a tiny bit of a fresh air note. Actually, it smells like Bath & Body Works Sweather Weather, but the notes are slightly different; this scent has a tiny bit of a woodsy/fallen leaves notes that Sweater Weather doesn't have, it's slightly less sweet, and has a bit more pine. Fantastic scent!

White Pumpkin (Ivory Pumpkin)
Top: Cinnamon Stick, Fresh Ginger, Ground Nutmeg; Mid: Pumpkin Puree, Spiced Pecan; Base: Creamy Vanilla, Caramel Swirl, Brown Sugar
This is definitely pumpkin, but richer and sweeter, with a creamy milky note, and a hint of nuttiness. Oh wait, it smells like eggnog! A super rich, pumpkiny, creamy milky eggnog. And it's really strong on cold sniff. I LOVE this scent; it's so yummy, and the notes are spot on!

This was originally called "White Pumpkin" when it came out in fall 2019, but when it returned in fall 2021, it was renamed "Ivory Pumpkin", although it's the same exact scent and notes.

Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

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