Hanna's Candle Christmas Sparkle and Joy Wax Melt Reviews (Candlemart)

October 11, 2017

Hanna's Candle Christmas Sparkle and Joy Wax Melt Reviews (Candlemart)

This is a review of Hanna's Candle Christmas Sparkle and Joy Wax Melts (Candlemart). These are available in both regular sized 2.5 oz. melts, as well as smaller 1.25 oz. sized melts.

Effective mid-2023, the Hanna's Candle candlemart.com website is closed, but the Hanna's Candle warehouse retail store in Fayetteville, AR is still open for cash purchases, no shipping.

Candied Cinnamon
Top: Orange, Cherry, Cinnamon Leaf. Middle: Sweet Cinnamon, Spicy Clove. Bottom: Vanilla, Woods
A straight cinnamon scent. It's sweet and smells like Big Red gum or cinnamon hard candies. There may also be a hint of clove. There are no bakery notes in this one. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell orange at all. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon scents, but if you are, you'll love this one.

Holiday Shimmer
Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and anise blended with juicy orange and ripe cranberry.
This is a nice warm cozy orange pomander scent. On cold sniff, I just smell tart cranberry, slightly sweet orange, and a hint of cinnamon. Looking at the scent notes, I see anise, which is a licorice type scent, but I don't detect that at all. It's an "okay" scent for me, but then I'm not a fan of orange pomander scents in general.

Starry Night
Top: Ozone, Aromatic Accord, Mixed Fruits. Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Muguet. Bottom: Veiled Musk, Exotic Woods, Golden Amber. Like a hidden treasure, this scent sparkles and shines with an exquisite blend of lush florals, exotic woods and golden amber.
I love this scent! It's the only one of this collection that isn't really a holiday or winter scent. It smells like a combination of shaving cream and suntan oil. Actually it smells a little like ScentSationals Himalayan Pink Salt, but sweeter and better, without that odd off-putting note that nobody can figure out, and with more of a Coppertone suntan oil note.

Sugarplum Dream
Cranberry, clove, raspberry, pineapple, orange, and balsam fir
A nice smoky pine/spruce scent. It's very similar to the Through The Woods scent, but more smoky. On cold sniff I also detect a smidgen of sweetness, but I don't smell that when melted. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell anything except the balsam fir. I expected it to be a fruity scent based on the name.

Through the Woods
Siberian fir needle oil, Texas cedar wood, sandalwood, spruce, fir balsam and raspberry.
A nice pine/spruce scent with a hint of wood and a little smokiness. It's very similar to Sugarplum Dream, but more "piney" and slightly woodsy, and a little less smoky. This is not the same scent as their Pine Meadow (TimberWick) scent, although it's similar; Pine Meadow is not as smoky. It might be the same as their Woodland Pine scent (although I no longer have that scent), but the notes listed on their website are different.

Winter Delights
Buttery vanilla with a hint of honey and coconut.
This is a nice plain vanilla scent with maybe a hint of nut and maybe a slight bakery note, like warm vanilla cookies. It's not an overly sweet vanilla. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell honey. But actually I think I do smell a smidgen coconut, but it's so subtle that if I didn't know it was in the scent notes, I probably wouldn't detect it.

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