Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Citronella Wax Melt Reviews

July 9, 2017

Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Citronella Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Citronella Wax Melts. Citronella is a summery scent that's used to keep mosquitoes away, and brings back memories of summer gatherings with citronella candles on the picnic table.

Citronella is an interesting scent, and not something you'd normally want the inside of your house to smell like. It has kind of a grassy but pungent soapy smell, not very sweet, and a little like lemon verbena but without a true lemon note. I see that these scents consist of 90% citronella and only 10% of the other scent; I would have liked to have had a greater percentage of the other scent, since I really just smelled the citronella. However, it's a true citronella scent that uses real citronella oil!

I didn't test the mosquito fighting ability of these melts. But if you're going to use them outside, it makes more sense to buy the candles rather than the wax melts, unless you're using the melts in a tealight warmer which does not require electricity.

Lavender Citronella
90% citronella and 10% lavender
I smell citronella, with a barely detectable hint of lavender. If I didn't know lavender was the other note, I wouldn't detect it. It's a slightly "softer" citronella.

Lemongrass Citronella
90% citronella and 10% lemongrass
Of course the main note is citronella, but I do smell just a hint of lemongrass in the background. This one is the most "citronella-y" of these 4 scents.

Lime Cilantro Citronella
90% citronella and 10% lime cilantro
Like the other two scents above, I just smell citronella. But there's a smidgen of the lime in there, although if I didn't know it were in there I would probably not detect it. This one smells slightly more soapy (in a good way) and less intense than the Lemongrass Citronella.

Orange Citronella
90% citronella and 10% orange
This is the only citronella out of the 4 citronella scents where I can definitely detect the other non-citronella note. This is a good combination of citronella and orange.

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