HG Global and Hosley Wax Melts Reviews

November 18, 2019

HG Global and Hosley Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of HG Global/Hosley wax melts. They smell terrible and have no throw.

I bought these HG Global/Hosley wax melts from Joann Fabric. They smell like crayons with cheap fragrance added, and perform like discount and dollar store wax melts, but at a premium price of $3.99. I wouldn't even take them if someone gave them to me for free!

Although they all have the same labels, two are from HG Global, LLC in Indiana, and one is from Hosley Intl in Illinois (HG Global owns Hosley). They are made in India, and they have what I can only assume is dates on the labels: 2016-08 and 2014-07! Which would explain the lack of throw and waxy notes.

Cherry Blossom
A waxy cheap floral scent with a perfumey note. When I sniffed it up close, the chemicals burned my nostrils a bit, but not in the nasal clearing way that mint or eucalyptus scents do.

A waxy cheap generic sweet scent like floral or perfume, with just a smidgen of lemon and a weird vinyl undertone.

Lavender Chamomile
Smells like cheap lavender scented soap with a waxy note.
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