Interiors by Design (Family Dollar) Wax Melts Reviews

June 13, 2022

Interiors by Design (Family Dollar) Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of Interiors by Design wax melts from Family Dollar. They're cheap (only $1.25) and smell great on cold sniff! BUT...

The price for these Interiors by Design wax melts was just raised from $1.00 to $1.25, still an incredible deal for a 2.5 oz. pack of wax melts, even cheaper than Walmart's $2.00 and Aldi's $1.69 wax melts! So I was really hoping they would smell good and throw well.

I've smelled dollar store wax melts before, and they often tend to smell pretty bad, nothing like what the scent name suggests, and with chemical or waxy notes. But these Interiors by Design wax melts smell great on cold sniff! The consistency of half of the scents is good, regular hard paraffin wax, and in a standard, normal quality clamshell (these are made in China). But three of the scents use soft, greasy, messy wax and are in clamshells that are a bit more flimsy and don't stay tightly shut (these are made in Vietnam).

The throw on these wax melts was poor or non-existent. Low-priced wax melts tend to use cheaper materials and a much lower fragrance load in their oils. It's perplexing how they smelled fairly strong on cold sniff, but as they started melting, the scent began to disappear.

Caribbean Sands
Tropical fruit (but not pineapple) with a cherry note, and possibly a smidgen of floral. It's a nice scent that smells like fruity bubblegum.

Delicate Sweet Pea
A beautiful sweet pea scent with a tiny bit of a cherry note.

Island Fruit Blend
A fake, unidentifiable, chemical fruit that might be cherry, but I'm not sure. It's a bit similar to Caribbean Sands, but this is all fruit, with a citric (not citrus) bite, kind of like Starburst fruit candies. It's actually quite nice, although a bit too fake, with a little bit of a chemical note.

Pineapple Coconut
Sweet pineapple scent, a bit generic, like pineapple scented car air freshener. It smells great!

Stormy Nights
A super sweet scent of old-fashioned white musk perfume mixed with bubble bath and a bit of a soapy note. It's an incredible scent, my favorite of the collection, and very strong on cold sniff. It reminds me a little bit of ScentSationals Egyptian Cotton.

Warm Vanilla
A super generic vanilla scent that smells like vanilla scented car air freshener or a low quality vanilla scented candle. It has a bit of a nutty note and possibly a smidgen of coconut. I happen to like that generic vanilla type scent, so this smells quite nice. This scent was only $.50 because it's been discontinued.
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