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August 30, 2019

Kefi Scent Discs Air Freshener Review

This is a review of Kefi Scent Discs, a brand new air freshener product made by Scentco for Glade that uses a wax warmer to disperse the scent, rather than a plug-in.

Information about Kefi Scent Discs can be found on the Scentco website, and they also have a Facebook page. Each pack of 2 discs can be purchased from their website for $3.74, but they should also be available soon at stores that carry Glade products.

Each round disc is 1.5" circumference and the texture is like a Tums or Alka-Seltzer tablet. At that size, it doesn't cover the entire bottom of the warming tray, so it's better suited for a small plug-in wall warmer in a tiny room like a bathroom. In fact, we did test the second disc of each scent in a small plug-in wall warmer in a tiny bathroom, and that's where the best results were obtained, with a strong scent that lasted for a week while plugged in 24 hours a day. But they performed quite well in the car too, just placing a disc on a paper towel on the dashboard. Of course, this would work best on hot days, but we checked in the morning after a cool night, and the scent was still quite strong.

These discs are very convenient to use. Each disc comes in its own sealed foil wrap. Just remove the disc from the package and place it in the warming tray. Toss out the disc when the smell dissipates. Easy peazy! There's no wax to spill, and the discs themselves only get warm, not hot, so no finger burns. However, the warmer should definitely have a lid on it, or pets and kids may get curious and try to eat the disc. I did lick one though, and it's quite bitter!

Azure Isles
Tahitian Pineapple & Papaya with Hints of Salt-Aged Beach Woods
On cold sniff this smells like a combination of cantaloupe, pineapple, papaya and strawberry. But warmed, it smells like a super sweet berry (strawberry?) with a hint of watermelon and just a smidgen of a tropical note, and even a tiny bit of sweet gardenia. It's quite sweet, with a candy note. Very nice!

Melon Grove
Sun-Soaked Jackfruit Melon & Orange with Hints of Summer Apple Blossoms
This smells like a combination of tropical fruit and cantaloupe, with a hint of apple. It also has a smidgen of citrus, although I don't smell the orange per se. It's a little sweet, but the least sweet of all the scents. I'm not a fan of this scent.

Moonlit Woods
Smoky Vanilla with a Touch of Spiced Bergamot & Musk
A nice classy, slightly soapy scent of exotic spices with a ginger note, a warm perfumey note, and maybe a hint of vanilla and barely detectable smidgen of cinnamon and plum. It's a warm, cozy scent.

Parisian Market
Sweet Jasmine & Wild Lavender with Provencal Citrus
This is my favorite scent of the collection. It's a super sweet slightly soapy floral scent that smells like baby powder with jasmine, and maybe a smidgen of lavender way in the background. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell citrus at all. This is an extremely sweet scent, not foodie sweet or even perfumey sweet, but like an extremely sweet baby powder or bubble bath scent. I like it, but I think it's one of those scents that could be headache inducing in sensitive people.

Soothing Spring
Sweet Water Lilies & Refreshing Cool Rains
A fresh watery scent with a hint of a floral scent and maybe a smidgen of apple. It smells like Glade room spray, not in a bad way at all, but it's not an authentic type of scent. A nice scent for a bathroom.

Wild Thicket
Fresh Juniper & Spruce Sprigs with Creamy Sandalwood and Amber
Based on the notes I expected a pine scent, but this is primarily a milky sandalwood scent with a little bit of a pine note, and hint of Oriental spices, and a smidgen of a warm ambery perfume note. I like it!
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