Sassy Kandle Company Wax Melts

Read Reviews for Sassy Kandle Company Wax Melts. Sassy Kandle Co. is a fantastic small candle and wax melt company in Windsor, Colorado, providing great customer service by Sara, the owner, and wax melts with unique scents and very good throw. Visit, Etsy, and Facebook.

Sassy Kandle Company wax melts are a paraffin/soy blend using high quality fragrance oils. All products are ready to ship, and shipping is fast. No long turnaround times, and she doesn't close for restocking. She also sells candles, lips balms and soap.

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2017-12Alpine FrostPine3.00
2017-12Aspen WinterFoodie3.00
2017-12Autumn Red MapleFoodie3.50
2017-12Chestnuts & Brown SugarFoodie3.50
2017-12Christmas MemoriesPine3.50
2017-12Crackling CampfireSmoky4.00
2017-12Deck the HallsClove3.00
2017-12Holiday FestivitiesPine3.50
2017-12Hot Cranberry TeaFruity3.50
2017-12Merry MistletoePine3.50
2017-12Mulled CiderApple/Pear3.50
2017-12Peppermint TwistPeppermint3.50
2017-12Pomegranate CiderFruity3.00
2017-12Pumpkin Honey ChaiFoodie3.50
2017-12Pumpkin Pecan WafflesFoodie4.00
2017-12Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.50
2017-12Rocky Mountain ChristmasPine3.50
2017-12Spiced CranberryPine3.50
2017-12Winter Candy ApplePerfumey3.50
2017-10Bergamot & TarragonHerbal3.50
2017-10Cedarwood SpiceIncense2.00
2017-10Cocoa Butter CashmerePerfumey3.50
2017-10Egyptian CottonPerfumey3.50
2017-10Ginger Peach & PatchouliIncense3.50
2017-10Sandalwood PatchouliIncense3.00
2017-10Strawberry KiwiMelon3.50
2017-10Sweet Orange Chili PepperOrange4.00
2017-10Turkish MochaChocolate4.00
2017-10Vanilla HazelnutCoffee3.50
2017-10Vanilla Hazelnut LatteFoodie5.00
2017-08Autumn LodgeIncense3.50
2017-08Black Pepper & RosemaryHerbal3.50
2017-08Country AppleApple/Pear3.50
2017-08Cranberry CitrusFruity3.50
2017-08Exotic PatchouliIncense3.50
2017-08French BreadFoodie3.50
2017-08Ginger Apple HarvestApple/Pear3.50
2017-08Green Tea & SageHerbal3.50
2017-08Indonesian Teak WoodIncense3.00
2017-08Lemon PoppyseedLemon/Lime3.50
2017-08Lemongrass SageSpa3.50
2017-08Lilac BlossomsPerfumey3.50
2017-08Lotus BambooHerbal3.50
2017-08Midwest StormwatchFresh3.50
2017-08Monkey BreadFoodie3.50
2017-08Red Hot CinnamonCinnamon3.00
2017-08San Francisco BayFresh2.00
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