Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Summer 2023

May 7, 2023

Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Summer 2023

Aldi Wax Melt Reviews from Summer 2023 (Huntington Home brand): Key Lime Pie Cake Pop, Moon Flower, Oat Milk & Honey, Relax & Unwind (all triple pour scents).

Key Lime Pie Cake Pop
Key West Key Lime
This is an incredible scent of sweet lime with a hint of vanilla, but it's quite citrusy and, while it's very sweet, it's also a tiny bit tart (in a good way), like it also has a sweet note of lemonade made with lots of lemons. I love this scent!

Crumble Cake
Straight cinnamon mixed with super sweet vanilla, kind of like a cinnamon roll with lots of buttercream frosting, although maybe with not as much of a bakery note. It's not really a crumble cake type scent, due to the cinnamon. It's kind of a standard scent that I've smelled many times, but it's still quite nice. When it first started melting, I was also getting a tiny bit of a lime soda note, but that was just some absorption from the Key West Key Lime scent next to it; the lime note was gone as soon as the wax was melted.

White Chocolate Frosting
An interesting scent of vanilla with a tiny hint of dry roasted peanuts! The peanut note is extremely subtle at first, but more noticeable after a few hours. I'm also getting a hint of the chocolate note. But the combination of vanilla, dry roasted peanuts, and chocolate doesn't make it smell like chocolate peanut candy or anything like that. There's just something missing that should make it more foody. It's sweet but not a "buttercream" type sweet, and it definitely doesn't smell like frosting. But it's different, and I like it.

Moon Flower
Moonlit Petals
This is a dupe of a scent that's been used in other Aldi wax melts. I think it's the same as the South Seas scent from the Ocean Trio of Summer 2018. It's a fresh, slightly sweet, slightly watery scent with a hint of a floral note, but it's also very bitter, too much for my tastes.

Cosmic Blooms
This smells like the Moonlit Petals scent, mixed with a super sweet floral like jasmine and/or gardenia, but even sweeter. It still has that bitter note, but it's more subtle in this scent. I like it, despite the bitter note. It's almost like they blended the Moonlit Petals and Star Jasmine scents to get this one, as it's right in-between both scents.

Star Jasmine
Super sweet jasmine and/or gardenia scent with a baby powder note and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of fruit, maybe orange? Not sure about that, but if it's there, most people won't notice it; it's just enough to temper the sweetness a teensy bit. Fantastic scent!

Oak Milk & Honey
Oatmilk & Sage
A fantastic scent of warm amber and super milky vanilla, with hints of baby powder, coconut milk, maybe smidgen of sandalwood and almond, and a teensy bit of musk that gives it a slight perfumey note. It's sweet, but not overly sweet. It's very milky, and smells like a luxurious, relaxing body cream. I'm not getting sage or anything herbal or savory. I adore this scent! It smells just like a discontinued powder and skin cream for babies called "Tom Kitten", which used to be available at Crabtree & Evelyn stores.

When it started melting I thought, "This smells nothing like honeysuckle", and then I re-read the scent name, lol! Although I'm not getting much honey either, if any. It smells more like a really milky vanilla with possibly a smidgen of coconut. I "think" I detect a tiny bit of honey, but that might just be because I know it's supposed to be a honey scent.

Chamomile Tea
A super salty scent of lemon and lemon verbena, with a bit of a green tea note. It's not really a true tea scent though, as it's quite lemony, but it's also not really a citrusy lemon because of that lemon verbena note that makes it smell more like a spa scent. It would probably smell great mixed with lavender.

Relax & Unwind
Sage & Palo Santo
I think I'm getting light wood with maybe a slight herbal note, and a smidgen of eucalyptus and/or garden mint, although I'm not sure about the mint and I'm not getting any nasal clearing effects. It's just a little sweet, but it's not savory. It's kind of bland, and hard to tell what I'm smelling when melted because it's so weak.

Eucalyptus Lavender
An incredible scent that's much more than what I expected based on the name. While it does have lavender in it, it's not a typical lavender scent, and I'm not getting eucalyptus at all (nor any nasal clearing effects). I just can't figure out what it is, but I'm sure I've smelled it before. Exotic spices, incensey notes, but not patchouli or nag champa. A little soapy. Sweet and herbal. Definitely lavender in there, but lavender is not the first note. No musk or cologney notes. It's sweet but not overly sweet, and not perfumey or floral at all. Something is keeping it from being too sweet, maybe a smidgen of sage, although it's not savory by any means. Oh, it actually could be eucalyptus, as that tends to smell like sage, but it also doesn't have the pine note that eucalyptus scents tend to have. Well, whatever notes are in this scent, it's absolutely incredible, one of the best scents I've smelled in a long time. Stock up on this one!

Balsam & Cedar
A slightly sweet, slightly salty scent with pine, green herbal notes, a hint of lemon verbena that "almost" gives it a tiny bit of a Ginger Ale note, possibly bergamot (although it's not a cologney scent), and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of smoky wood (which is probably the cedar, although I'm not getting cedar, per se). It's a nice scent, but just "okay" for me.

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