Aldi Wax Melts (Huntington Home)

Read Reviews of Aldi Wax Melts (Huntington Home). Aldi wax melts are only available in-store at Aldi stores. They are only $1.69, and the quality is fantastic. They are manufactured by Hanna's Candle.

Aldi comes out with 4 new wax melt scents 4 times a year: Spring (mid-January), Summer (late April-early May; these are always trios - 3 scents in one pack), Fall (mid-September to early October), and Winter (late October). They often sell out within 2 to 3 weeks. They cannot be purchased online.

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2023-05Key Lime Pie Cake PopFoodie4
2023-05Key West Key Lime (trio)Lemon/Lime4
2023-05Crumble Cake (trio)Cinnamon4
2023-05White Chocolate Frosting (trio)Vanilla3
2023-05Moon FlowerFloral3
2023-05Moonlit Petals (trio)Floral4
2023-05Cosmic Blooms (trio)Floral3
2023-05Star Jasmine (trio)Floral3
2023-05Oak Milk & HoneySpa3
2023-05Oatmilk & Sage (trio)Perfumey3
2023-05Honeycomb (trio)Vanilla2
2023-05Chamomile Tea (trio)Lemon/Lime4
2023-05Relax & UnwindSpa3
2023-05Sage & Palo Santo (trio)Woodsy2
2023-05Eucalyptus Lavender (trio)Lavender4
2023-05Balsam & Cedar (trio)Pine3
2023-02Garden RainFloral4
2023-02Peach CobblerPeach4
2023-02Sweet EucalyptusSpa4
2023-02White AlmondFoodie5
2023-01Bayberry VanillaIncense4
2023-01Cabana LinenLaundry5
2023-01Cucumber CitrusLemon/Lime4
2023-01Gardenia BasilFloral3
2022-11Cinnamon WreathCinnamon4
2022-11Cutting the TreePine4
2022-11First SnowPeppermint5
2022-11Holiday CranberryFruity5
2022-11Honey Glazed Pear CiderApple/Pear4
2022-11Pumpkin GingersnapFoodie4
2022-11Smoked Pumpkin CiderIncense3
2022-11Winter LodgeCologne3
2022-10Fall Flannel ShirtWoodsy3
2022-10Pear Chestnut & TeakApple/Pear4
2022-10Pumpkin Apple FritterApple/Pear3
2022-10Thankful Grateful BlessedApple/Pear4
2022-05Cabana DaysTropical4
2022-05Day at the FairFoodie4
2022-05Life BalanceHerbal4
2022-05Natural WondersFresh4
2022-05Churro-Funnel Cake (trio)Foodie4
2022-05Coconut Vanilla Waffle Cone (trio)Foodie3
2022-05Countryside Wilflowers (trio)Floral4
2022-05Crystal Waters (trio)Lemon/Lime4
2022-05Hawaiian Luau (trio)Tropical4
2022-05Herbal Medley (trio)Herbal4
2022-05Mango Mimosa (trio)Peach3
2022-05Mediterranean Sea (trio)Fresh3
2022-05Renew Restore (trio)Lavender3
2022-05Santal Coconut (trio)Coconut4
2022-05Sweet Watermelon (trio)Melon4
2022-05Wild Fern & Lemongrass (trio)Spa4
2022-03Lemon & SageLemon/Lime4
2022-03Mango MimosaFruity2
2022-03Sage Leaf & BirchIncense4
2022-02Stress ReliefLavender2
2022-02Citrus SunshineFresh3
2022-02Coconut Cream & LilyCoconut4
2022-02Grapefruit & VanillaFruity4
2022-02Sea Salt & JasmineFloral5
2022-02Sea Salt AirEucalyptus4
2022-02Sugared PetalsOrange5
2022-02White Peach & ApricotPeach3
2021-11Frosted VanillaVanilla3
2021-11Winter BalsamPine4
2021-09Hayrides & BonfiresSmoky4
2021-09Pine Cones & PlaidSmoky4
2021-09Pumpkin ChaiFoodie4
2021-09Sweet Pumpkin CakeFoodie5
2021-09Apple Cider DonutsApple/Pear4
2021-09Coconut Pumpkin MacaronsFoodie3
2021-09Fall Breeze Crisp LeavesPine5
2021-09Pumpkin EverythingCinnamon5
2021-05Botanical GardenFloral2
2021-05Camping Under the Stars (trio)Pine4
2021-05Flower ShopFloral4
2021-05Fruit BasketFruity4
2021-05Hello Sunshine (trio)Herbal4
2021-05Japanese Lilac (trio)Floral4
2021-05Let Love Grow (trio)Orange3
2021-05Magnolia Blossom (trio)Floral4
2021-05Peace of Mind (trio)Lavender4
2021-05Peach Mango (trio)Tropical2
2021-05Picnic in the ParkLemon/Lime4
2021-05Pineapple (trio)Tropical3
2021-05Strawberry (trio)Fruity5
2021-05Summer AdventureMisc4
2021-05White Gem Gardenia (trio)Floral4
2021-03Energize (Orange & Amber)Orange3
2021-03Purify (Lemon & Ginger)Lemon/Lime4
2021-03Refresh (Eucalyptus & Mint)Spa4
2021-03Relax (Lavender & Ylang Ylang)Perfumey3
2021-02Island ParadiseTropical5
2021-02Lavender RainLavender2
2021-02Lemon GingerFoodie4
2021-02Sundried LinenLaundry4
2021-02Tropical CitrusOrange4
2021-02Vanilla BeanPerfumey3
2021-01Fresh LemonLemon/Lime5
2021-01Magnolia BlossomsFloral3
2021-01Vanilla & Salted CaramelFoodie5
2020-10Brown Sugar & FigFruity3
2020-10By The FireSmoky4
2020-10Crisp WeatherPine4
2020-10Maple PumpkinFoodie3
2020-09Apple CiderApple/Pear4
2020-09Chai LatteFoodie4
2020-09Cozy HarvestApple/Pear4
2020-09Pumpkin Spiced Whipped CreamFoodie4
2020-05Aloe & Cucumber (trio)Cucumber2
2020-05Blue Waters (trio)Fresh4
2020-05Coconut (trio)Coconut4
2020-05Eucalyptus Mint (trio)Mint4
2020-05Hibiscus (trio)Floral2
2020-05Mango (trio)Tropical5
2020-05Pineapple (trio)Tropical4
2020-05Poppy (trio)Floral4
2020-05Sandy Beach (trio)Beachy4
2020-05Sweet Pea (trio)Floral4
2020-05Sweet Sage (trio)Herbal3
2020-05White Clouds (trio)Laundry5
2020-01Fresh CottonLaundry5
2020-01Lavender & ThymeLavender4
2020-01Sea Salt RainFresh4
2019-10Apple CiderApple/Pear5
2019-10Bonfire & HayridesWoodsy4
2019-10Cozy BlanketFresh5
2019-10Woodland PinePine5
2019-09Fall NightsApple/Pear4
2019-09Maple PumpkinFoodie3
2019-09Vanilla BeanVanilla4
2019-09Warm Apple PieApple/Pear5
2019-05German Chocolate Bars (trio)Chocolate4
2019-05Green Apple (trio)Apple/Pear4
2019-05Juicy Apple Pomegranate (trio)Apple/Pear5
2019-05Mango Papaya Sorbet (trio)Tropical4
2019-05Sandy Beach (trio)Beachy5
2019-05Snickerdoodles (trio)Foodie3
2019-05South Seas (trio)Fresh4
2019-05Sparkling Citrus Zest (trio)Orange4
2019-05Spiced Peach (trio)Peach4
2019-05Tranquil Waters (trio)Fresh5
2019-05Tropical Smoothie (trio)Peach5
2019-05Vanilla Frosted Cupcake (trio)Vanilla4
2019-01Cranberry MandarinOrange5
2019-01Fresh LinenPerfumey4
2019-01Lavender & ThymeLavender4
2019-01Tranquil WatersFresh5
2018-09Fall NightsWoodsy3
2018-09Maple PumpkinFoodie4
2018-09Warm Apple PieApple/Pear4
2018-05Calm Waters (trio)Fresh4
2018-05Cherry (trio)Fruity4
2018-05Honeysuckle (trio)Floral4
2018-05Mango Blossom (trio)Tropical4
2018-05South Seas (trio)Fresh4
2018-05Strawberry (trio)Fruity4
2018-05Sunflower (trio)Orange5
2018-05Watermelon (trio)Melon4
2018-05White Water (trio)Laundry5
2018-01Fresh Cotton BlossomLaundry5
2018-01Peony & Rose BouquetFloral4
2018-01South SeasFresh4
2017-10Banana Nut BreadFoodie4
2017-10Pumpkin BruleeFoodie5
2017-05Cantaloupe Melon (trio)Melon4
2017-05Cherry Blossom (trio)Orange1
2017-05Creamy Vanilla with Coconut (trio)Foodie2
2017-05Cucumber Melon (trio)Melon2
2017-05Lotus Flower (trio)Fruity4
2017-05Magnolia & Moss (trio)Herbal2
2017-05Pink Azalea (trio)Fruity4
2017-05River Willow (trio)Fresh3
2017-05Savannah Breeze (trio)Herbal4
2017-05Sweet Melon & Papaya (trio)Tropical3
2017-05Vanilla Bean (trio)Vanilla4
2017-05Vanilla Cream (trio)Vanilla2
2017-01Salted CaramelFoodie4
2017-01Tranquil SkyTropical4
2017-01Tuscan VineyardFruity3
2017-01Vanilla SuedeFoodie4
2016-09Harvest FruitFruityn/a
2016-09Maple PumpkinFoodien/a
2016-09Red Velvet CakeFoodien/a
2016-09Vanilla Crème BruleeFoodien/a
2016-04Blue Skies (trio)Fresh4
2016-04Cherry (trio)Fruity3
2016-04Endless Weekend (trio)Beachy3
2016-04Fresh Rain (trio)Herbal4
2016-04Garden Meadow (trio)Herbal4
2016-04Peaceful Waters (trio)Fresh3
2016-04Peach (trio)Peach4
2016-04Peony Petals (trio)Perfumey4
2016-04Plum (trio)Fruity3
2016-04Plumeria (trio)Floral2
2016-04Sunshine (trio)Orange4
2016-04Sweet Pea (trio)Floral3
2016-02Cotton BlossomLaundry4
2016-02Honeysuckle VineFloral2
2016-02Lavender GardenLavender3
2016-02Tranquil Ocean WaterFresh3
2015-09Candied AppleFruity4
2015-09Falling LeavesApple/Pear4
2015-09Frosted Pumpkin RollFoodie4
2015-09Sweet Vanilla BeanVanilla2
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