Aldi Wax Melts (Huntington Home)

Aldi Wax Melts (Huntington Home)

Read Reviews of Aldi Wax Melts (Huntington Home). Aldi wax melts are only available in-store at Aldi stores. They are only $1.69, and the quality is fantastic. They are manufactured by Hanna's Candle.

Aldi comes out with new wax melt scents (many of which are often duplicates of previous year's scents) four times a year: Spring (mid-January), Summer (late April-early May; these are always trios - 3 scents in one pack), Fall (mid-September to early October), and starting in 2019 they finally started offering Holiday/Winter scents (late October). Each season they come out with only 4 scents, which sell out quickly, often within 2 or 3 weeks. Once they sell out, they do not get replaced, and they may or may not offer the same scent next year.

Nice pleasant scents with strong throw and cheap price ($1.69). Can sniff in store before buying.
Only 4 scents come out 4 times a year, and often 1 or 2 of those are dupes of previous scents. They sell out within 2 or 3 weeks and there's no way to get more (unless Hanna's Candle sells that scent on their own website, or Aldi comes out with that scent next year). No online ordering.
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Aldi Wax Melt Reviews
2021-03Energize (Orange & Amber)Orange3.00
2021-03Purify (Lemon & Ginger)Lemon/Lime3.50
2021-03Refresh (Eucalyptus & Mint)Spa3.50
2021-03Relax (Lavender & Ylang Ylang)Perfumey3.00
2021-02Island ParadiseTropical5.00
2021-02Lavender RainLavender2.00
2021-02Lemon GingerFoodie3.50
2021-02Sundried LinenLaundry4.00
2021-02Tropical CitrusOrange4.00
2021-02Vanilla BeanPerfumey3.00
2021-01Fresh LemonLemon/Lime5.00
2021-01Magnolia BlossomsFloral3.00
2021-01Vanilla & Salted CaramelFoodie5.00
2021-01White AlmondFoodie5.00
2020-10Brown Sugar & FigFruity3.00
2020-10By The FireSmoky3.50
2020-10Crisp WeatherPine4.00
2020-10Maple PumpkinFoodie3.00
2020-09Apple CiderApple/Pear3.50
2020-09Chai LatteFoodie4.00
2020-09Cozy HarvestApple/Pear3.50
2020-09Pumpkin Spiced Whipped CreamFoodie4.00
2020-05Poppy (trio)Floral4.00
2020-05Sweet Pea (trio)Floral3.50
2020-05Hibiscus (trio)Floral2.50
2020-05Aloe & Cucumber (trio)Cucumber2.00
2020-05Sweet Sage (trio)Herbal3.00
2020-05Eucalyptus Mint (trio)Mint3.50
2020-05Coconut (trio)Coconut4.00
2020-05Pineapple (trio)Tropical4.00
2020-05Mango (trio)Tropical5.00
2020-05White Clouds (trio)Laundry5.00
2020-05Sandy Beach (trio)Beachy4.00
2020-05Blue Waters (trio)Fresh4.00
2020-01Crisp CottonLaundry5.00
2020-01Lavender & ThymeLavender4.00
2020-01Sea Salt RainFresh4.00
2019-10Apple CiderApple/Pear5.00
2019-10Bonfire & HayridesWoodsy3.50
2019-10Cozy BlanketFresh5.00
2019-10Woodland PinePine5.00
2019-09Fall NightsApple/Pear4.00
2019-09Maple PumpkinFoodie3.00
2019-09Vanilla BeanVanilla3.50
2019-09Warm Apple PieApple/Pear5.00
2019-05German Chocolate Bars (trio)Chocolate3.25
2019-05Green Apple (trio)Apple/Pear4.00
2019-05Juicy Apple Pomegranate (trio)Apple/Pear5.00
2019-05Mango Papaya Sorbet (trio)Tropical4.00
2019-05Sandy Beach (trio)Beachy5.00
2019-05Snickerdoodles (trio)Foodie3.00
2019-05South Seas (trio)Fresh3.50
2019-05Sparkling Citrus Zest (trio)Orange4.00
2019-05Spiced Peach (trio)Peach3.50
2019-05Tranquil Waters (trio)Fresh5.00
2019-05Tropical Smoothie (trio)Peach5.00
2019-05Vanilla Frosted Cupcake (trio)Vanilla3.50
2019-01Cranberry MandarinOrange5.00
2019-01Fresh LinenPerfumey3.25
2019-01Lavender & ThymeLavender3.50
2019-01Tranquil WatersFresh5.00
2018-09Fall NightsWoodsy3.00
2018-09Maple PumpkinFoodie3.75
2018-09Warm Apple PieApple/Pear3.25
2018-05Calm Waters (trio)Fresh4.00
2018-05Cherry (trio)Fruity3.75
2018-05Honeysuckle (trio)Floral4.00
2018-05Mango Blossom (trio)Tropical3.75
2018-05South Seas (trio)Fresh3.75
2018-05Strawberry (trio)Fruity3.50
2018-05Sunflower (trio)Orange5.00
2018-05Watermelon (trio)Melon3.75
2018-05White Water (trio)Laundry5.00
2018-01Fresh Cotton BlossomLaundry5.00
2018-01Peony & Rose BouquetFloral3.50
2018-01South SeasFresh3.50
2017-10Banana Nut BreadFoodie3.75
2017-10Pumpkin BruleeFoodie5.00
2017-05Cantaloupe Melon (trio)Melon3.50
2017-05Cherry Blossom (trio)Orange1.00
2017-05Creamy Vanilla with Coconut (trio)Foodie2.25
2017-05Cucumber Melon (trio)Melon1.50
2017-05Lotus Flower (trio)Fruity4.00
2017-05Magnolia & Moss (trio)Herbal2.50
2017-05Pink Azalea (trio)Fruity4.00
2017-05River Willow (trio)Fresh2.75
2017-05Savannah Breeze (trio)Herbal3.25
2017-05Sweet Melon & Papaya (trio)Tropical2.75
2017-05Vanilla Bean (trio)Vanilla3.25
2017-05Vanilla Cream (trio)Vanilla2.50
2017-01Salted CaramelFoodie4.00
2017-01Tranquil SkyTropical4.00
2017-01Tuscan VineyardFruity3.00
2017-01Vanilla SuedeFoodie3.75
2016-09Harvest FruitFruityn/a
2016-09Maple PumpkinFoodien/a
2016-09Red Velvet CakeFoodien/a
2016-09Vanilla Crème BruleeFoodien/a
2016-04Blue Skies (trio)Fresh3.50
2016-04Cherry (trio)Fruity2.75
2016-04Endless Weekend (trio)Beachy2.75
2016-04Fresh Rain (trio)Herbal3.50
2016-04Garden Meadow (trio)Herbal4.00
2016-04Peaceful Waters (trio)Fresh3.00
2016-04Peach (trio)Peach4.00
2016-04Peony Petals (trio)Perfumey4.00
2016-04Plum (trio)Fruity3.00
2016-04Plumeria (trio)Floral1.50
2016-04Sunshine (trio)Orange4.00
2016-04Sweet Pea (trio)Floral3.00
2016-02Cotton BlossomLaundry3.25
2016-02Honeysuckle VineFloral2.50
2016-02Lavender GardenLavender2.75
2016-02Tranquil Ocean WaterFresh2.75
2015-09Candied AppleFruity4.00
2015-09Falling LeavesApple/Pear4.00
2015-09Frosted Pumpkin RollFoodie4.00
2015-09Sweet Vanilla BeanVanilla2.00


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