At Home Signature Collection Wax Melt Reviews

June 19, 2021

At Home Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the At Home Signature Collection wax melts. These are 10 nice scents with, in general, medium to strong throw. They're $3.99 for 2.65 oz.

Unlike the At Home wax melts I reviewed in 2017, these are made with hard paraffin wax, rather than soft, messy soy wax. They're made in Vietnam. $3.99 for 2.65 oz. is steep (Walmart wax melts are $2.00 for 2.5 oz.), considering that none of them have very strong throw (they range from mediocre to fairly strong). But unlike most wax melts that have 6 cubes, these have 8, so you do get more melts out of a pack. If they were really strong, the high price tag might be worth it. Also, although the scents are nice, they're not unique enough to justify the high price (except maybe the Patchouli Suede, if it were stronger). I do like the classy labels though. The Signature Collection includes different types of home fragrance products, such as wax melts, candles, room spray, sachets, etc.

Coral Sands
A nice ambery floral with a rich, salty note. It's a little perfumey, and quite salty, to the point of having a tiny bit of a smoky note. It could have some kind of fruit way in the background. It's very similar to Better Homes & Gardens Walking on Sunshine, and also kind of similar to Better Homes & Gardens Golden Sunlit Woods.

Fig Eucalyptus
A savory, slightly "sharp" lemony herb scent. I do smell the eucalyptus which has a pine quality, but it's mostly the lemony herb. It's only a tiny bit sweet, and although I do smell the fig, I probably wouldn't know that's what it was if it weren't in the scent name (even though fig fruits are extremely sweet, fig scents in a candle or wax melt are rich and soapy with a woodsy currant note but no sweetness). It's like 60% lemony herb, 25% eucalyptus/pine, and 15% fig. I usually don't want my house smelling like a really savory herb, but in this case the lemony piney note makes it smell pretty nice, and it doesn't have that overly salty note that a lot of savory wax melt scents tend to have. When melting, the lemoniness dissipates a bit.

Line Dried Linen
This smells like laundry detergent. It has a sharp, slightly harsh laundry detergent note, a little bit like bleach or chlorine (so it's not a soft, perfumey fabric softener scent). As I recall, it's very similar to (if not the same as) Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen (but I no longer have that scent to compare as it was a bit too harsh for me).

Passion Fruit Prosecco
This has that musty fermented wine note that is often the case with alcohol scented wax melts. I'm not a fan, but this one is almost tolerable because it has a little bit of a grape or pear note that makes it kind of sweet, not as sour or "vinegary" as some similar scents. It also has a tiny bit of a citrusy note.

Patchouli Suede
A fantastic scent of smoke, sweet tobacco, and patchouli (like 55% smoke, 25% tobacco, and 20% patchouli).

Sheer Peony
A nice ambery floral with salty note and a little bit of perfume. It smells like the Coral Sands scent, but with a bit less salt and maybe a smidgen sweeter. I like this one as well.

Sugar Blossom
Very nice vanilla, floral, wood scent, like 50% vanilla, 40% floral, and 10% wood. It smells almost exactly like the Vanilla Oak scent, but with more floral, and the woodsy note is more in the background.

Twilight Pomelo
A "Capri Blue Volcano" or Scentsy Blue Grotto type scent that smells like orange with a bit of a tropical note. Very nice.

Vanilla Oak
A very nice scent of vanilla, wood, and floral, like 60% vanilla, 20% floral, and 10% wood. It smells almost exactly like the Sugar Blossom scent because of the vanilla, but with less floral and just a tiny bit more woodsy.

Woodland Springs
A rich, sweet, watery scent with bergamot, floral (honeysuckle or gardenia?) and vanilla notes, and a smidgen of wood. Although my description sounds similar to Sugar Blossom and Vanilla Oak, it's a totally different scent, and also much sweeter. The bergamot note almost gives it a body wash vibe, but not quite, and it's not cologney either, but is actually kind of perfumey. I really like this one. It smells great, and classy!
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