Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melts Reviews (Walmart)


These are reviews of Better Homes & Gardens wax melts from Walmart that are popular or "core" scents. Most of these scents have been around for years, and are still available, although some may be discontinued.

This page has been set up as a resource for comparison purposes. So if another scent I've reviewed on this website smells similar to one of the Better Homes and Gardens wax melts scents on this page, that scent will link to this page.

Butterscotch Maple Cream
Creamy butterscotch swirl with delicious maple syrup, golden caramel, and melted English toffee wrapped in delicate butter rum accents and sweet, tantalizing vanilla
A yummy combination of butterscotch and maple, like butterscotch candies with a maple note. It has a little bit of a "fake" note, but that's okay because it smells fantastic.

Fresh Orchard Apple
This sparkling scent of fresh apples and zesty citrus fruits becomes enriched with a bouquet of pear blossoms and crisp greens. Vanilla bean and sugared musk leave a beautiful fragrance experience.
A perfect sweet crisp apple scent. It's a great scent, although it has a tiny bit of a fake or waxy note. Looking at the scent notes, the only note I smell is apple. And although it's a very authentic apple, it's not "quite" as authentic as ScentSationals Apples! Apples! Apples! (which is slightly less sweet), and it's not as rich and full-bodied as ScentSationals Country Living. This scent is a favorite scent among many of our Facebook group members.

Line Dried Linen
Line-dried linen infused with lush outdoor greens, shimmering citrus and blooming white florals lifted by breezy aldehyde freshness, tender musk and precious woods
This is a typical clean laundry scent, but it's a great scent, strong and clean. It has a bit of a harsh laundry detergent note, and maybe even a smidgen of a chlorine or bleach note. This scent is a favorite scent among many of our Facebook group members.

Orange Buttercream Cupcake
Freshly baked vanilla cupcakes gleaming with the rich essence of sweet buttercream garnished with a spray of zesty orange
This smells just like the scent name. It's a super sweet, rich orangey scent with a yellow cake note. It also has a bit of a lemony note. But it's not an authentic orange, and just about everyone who smells it says it smells like Fruit Loops cereal. Fantastic scent, and probably the strongest throw of any wax melt I've ever tried! This scent is a top ten favorite scent among our Facebook group members.

Pink Sugar Berry
Blackberry, spun sugar, warm whipped vanilla, crushed amber, pure sugar cane and sweet musk
Pink Sugar is a super sweet marshmallowy perfumey scent with hints of raspberry and blackberry, and this scent is just that!

Pure White Woods
Hints of crushed pepperwood, warm birch, and herbaceous greens blend with spiced citrus fruit and sun-dappled florals amid soft, sensual undertones of transparent musk
This is a very classy slightly sweet woodsy scent that smells like raw wood and sweet cedar, with possibly a smidgen of bergamot that gives it a hint of a men's cologne note (although it's not a cologney scent). It's quite similar to ScentSationals Vanilla Woods. And like that scent, it smells like an upscale furniture store! I've heard it's similar to Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood, but I can't confirm that.

Soft Cashmere Amber
An intriguing harmony of warm cashmere, ambered sandalwood, earthy patchouli, and spicy peppercorn balanced by fresh cassis, elegant musks, dewy moss, and a sparkle of cool citrus
A warm, velvety, ambery perfume scent with a little bit of a musk note and possibly a smidgen of patchouli and a barely detectable light woodsy note. Looking at the notes, I don't smell any spiciness like peppercorn, or citrus.

Sugared Lavender Twist
Raspberries, juicy orange and red fig are accented with delicate nuances of vanilla orchid, French lavender and pink sugar. The base of the fragrance is composed of sweet vanilla, sugared musk and amber
Pink Sugar is a super sweet marshmallowy perfumey scent with hints of raspberry and blackberry. This is basically pink sugar with rich amber and a hint of lavender to temper some of the sweetness and make the scent a little more "grown up". This scent was voted the #1 scent of all time by members of our Facebook group.

Vanilla Caramel Spice
A rich, buttery, yummy caramel cinnamon scent that smells a bit like a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. I think it's a dupe for some other ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens cinnamon bakery scents.

Vanilla Cookie Crunch
This smells like a rich warm buttery vanilla cookie with a nutty note. Everyone seems to adore this scent! It's perfect all by itself, but can also be mixed with other wax melt scents to give them a boost of rich, sweet, buttery goodness (or even to tone down some overly sweet or pungent scents). This scent is a top ten favorite scent among our Facebook group members.

Wild Berry Cheesecake
The taste-tempting allure of ripe blueberry, juicy blackberry, and sweet meadow strawberry swirled in a rich glaze of white sugar and zesty lemon over creamy New York style cheesecake
An incredibly yummy, sweet, super fruity, slightly buttery scent of berries (I smell blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries) with a very slightly tangy marshmallow note (the cheesecake). I'm not getting any bakery notes like pie crust. This scent is absolutely divine, and it's a favorite scent among our Facebook group members.

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