Better Homes and Gardens Fragranced Paper Scent Bursts Review

March 13, 2017

Better Homes and Gardens Fragranced Paper Scent Bursts Review

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Paper Scent Bursts from Walmart. Paper scent bursts are an alternative to wax melts. They're safe, convenient, and mess-free, and can be used with any electric wax warmer (or even as potpourri without the need for a warmer).

Paper scent bursts have been around for several years, and Walmart has carried them for about that long under their Better Homes and Gardens brand. These are actually manufactured by Enviroscent, Inc. EnviroScent also has their own brand EnviroScent Bursts, which I also reviewed. Those come in round spheres which I actually prefer because they're less messy than the loose rice-like Better Homes & Gardens scent bursts.

Many Walmarts still do not carry scent bursts, although they can be purchased online on the Walmart website. They're available in a lot of other Better Homes and Gardens scents that are also available in their wax melts. Candle-Lite company also makes its own version, and other home fragrance companies may offer them as well.

Here's what's on the Walmart website and the label:

Scent Bursts are fragranced paper warmer refills made of natural, Recyclable Paper infused with pure fragrance. They contain no wax, which means there isn't any wax mess to clean up. With its patented delivery system, Scent Bursts fragrance fast, last long and deliver a higher quality fragrance with even character over time. Enjoy your favorite Better Homes and Gardens fragrance in a whole new way. Scent Bursts can be used with any electric wax melt warmer. They are safe, simple and convenient and they are the mess-free way to fragrance your home. You can mix and match to create your own fragrance.

Instructions: Pour 1/3 of packet into any electric wax warmer. Turn on the unit and enjoy the immediate scent. To refresh or change the scent, simply toss out the Scent Bursts in trash or recycling bin and refill with new. Warmer stays clean and residue free. Do not use in tea light warmers. Do not mix with wax melts or candles. May catch fire if exposed to open flames.



I bought 4 scents: Orange Buttercream Cupcake, Vanilla Cookie Crunch, Brownie Pecan Pie, and French Lilac Flowers. These particular scents are typically very strong throwers in the wax melts. I didn't want to buy too many scents, as I've heard from many people in our Facebook group that they don't throw as well as wax melts.

Brownie Pecan Pie
This is a top 10 favorite scent of mine, with chocolate, caramel, nut and coconut notes, like a super rich German chocolate cake. The paper scent bursts in this scent have an alcohol note when you open the bag, but I don't smell that when it's melting. Fantastic!

French Lilac Flowers
This is one of my favorite lilac scents, a strong sweet perfumey lilac.

Orange Buttercream Cupcake
This is a sweet orange confection scent that many have said smells like Fruit Loops cereal. It's a strong super rich sweet orange with a vanilla cake and buttercream note. Fantastic!

Vanilla Cookie Crunch
This is a fantastic rich sweet vanilla cookie scent with a hint of nut. The paper scent bursts in this scent have an alcohol note when you open the bag, but I don't smell that when it's melting.
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