Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2016

November 8, 2016

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2016

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Wax Melts from Walmart 2016. Such unique and creative blends, perfect for the winter and holiday season.

Bubbly Peach Cocktail
Peach prosecco, sparkling bubbles and pink champagne blend together to create this effervescent fragrance. Fruity infusion of mango, peach nectar and blush wine swirl in the heart and lead into a sweet, refreshing base of icy vanilla and sugarcane
I thought I would hate this one because generally anything with "wine" or "cocktail" or "champagne" in the scent name tends to have that sour wine fermentation note. And this scent does have that note, but it's slight. I smell peach and a little bit of creaminess which is probably the vanilla, and just a smidgen of that sour wine fermentation note. I don't detect any effervescence notes that you sometimes get with fizzy alcohol type scents. It's a nice scent but not my favorite.

Cranberry Cookie Crumble
Sweet cranberry, cinnamon sugar, caramel swirl and buttered pecan in a heart of sugar cookie and crumb cake
There's a reason why everyone is raving over this one... It's fantastic, a super rich buttery cookie with a pecan note (like snowball cookies) and a hint of brown sugar, and maybe a slight berry note (although I don't smell cranberry per se). I don't smell cinnamon at all, which is good.

First Winter Blizzard
Crushed peppermint leaf, smoked birch wood, fragrant pine and emerald holly leaf glisten with an icy, ozone freshness touched by mistletoe greens
I barely smell anything other than maybe a slightly sweet woodsy soapy scent. I didn't detect any mint.

Season of Joy
Balsam and fir adorned with festive red berries join notes of warm woods and oriental amber accented by vanilla caramel and shimmering spice
This is not a Christmas scent, but a fantastic warm perfumey scent with both an amber and a caramel note. I don't smell any balsam/pine or spices, but maybe there's a smidgen of berries that I barely detect. It smells a little bit like ScentSationals Love Letters.

Sugared Maple and Evergreens
Fusion of autumn accords including sugared maple, orchard woods, autumn apple and clementine with holiday notes of roasted chestnuts, nutmeg, fresh evergreen, holiday pine and buttered rum
This smells fantastic, like a mixture of caramel and pine with a hint of nut. It sounds like a weird combination, but it really works. I guess the caramel I smell is the maple and buttered rum. I don't smell apple or any kind of fruit.

Warm Up Winter
Warm cedar and oriental clove bud with notes of black myrrh touched by shimmering aldehydes, swirls of fragrant wood smoke, spiced amber and herbaceous greens
I smell the cloves, cedar, and smokiness. It's a cozy scent with almost has a slight foodie quality, maybe because of the cloves. But it's not sweet enough to be yummy. It smells a little like Dr. Pepper soda, and other people have said the same thing. The picture on the label shows a mug of hot chocolate or coffee, but this scent smells nothing like that. I don't care for this one.

Winter's Sleigh Ride
Seasonal blend of orange zest, cool winter spices, smoky woods, incense and mountain fir, with a warming base of oakmoss, blue cedar and vanilla bean
This is a cozy smoky scent with a slight pine note I think. I thought I smelled a hint of mint, but I don't think so; maybe it's the orange zest or the "cool winter spices" (whatever those are). I don't smell orange at all. On cold sniff there's a hint of sweetness which is probably the vanilla, but I don't smell any sweetness when melted. This is similar to Better Homes & Gardens Winter Ski Resort from 2014, and Better Homes & Gardens Wooded Mountain Trails, but with slightly different notes. It smells great!

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