Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melts from Walmart

Read Reviews of Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melts. BHG wax melts are made by Rimports (which also makes ScentSationals and AmbiEscents wax melts), and they are only available at Walmart (both in store and online). Fantastic quality, great selection, and a very affordable $2 price.

ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts are the brands to which retail wax melt lovers compare all other brands!

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2024-01Blueberry TartFruity5
2024-01Deep Blue WatersLavender4
2024-01Frosted Lemon BarsLemon5
2024-01Paradise ShoresTropical4
2024-01Pink Berry FreesiaFruity3
2024-01Raspberry Vanilla SmoothieFruity5
2024-01Salted Coconut & MahoganyCoconut4
2024-01Vanilla OrchidFloral4
2023-08Apple Butter CookiesFoodie4
2023-08Caramel Cheesecake CookieFoodie4
2023-08Warm Fall SunshinePerfumey4
2023-02Amber & RoseFloral4
2023-02Apple Blossom & FreesiaFruity5
2023-02Beach BrunchFoodie2
2023-02Berry Lemonade & MelonLemon/Lime4
2023-02By The PoolTropical5
2023-02Champagne & Sugared PeachPeach4
2023-02Flowering Pink PineappleFruity5
2023-02Frosted Pineapple CupcakeFoodie4
2023-02Hawaiian Fruit MarketTropical5
2023-02Honeysuckle GlowPerfumey5
2023-02Island Coconut CreamsicleTropical5
2023-02Kitchen HerbSavory5
2023-02Lavender & LemonadeLemon/Lime5
2023-02Lemon Raspberry DonutsFruity5
2023-02Lotus & PearlSavory4
2023-02Mandarin & GuavaFruity3
2023-02Peony & BlushFloral5
2023-02Rainwater & MossCologne5
2023-02Red Mango & NectarineOrange5
2023-02Rosewater & Coconut MilkFruity5
2023-02Sunlit Strawberry PatchFruity4
2023-02Tropical Pina ColadaTropical5
2023-02Vanilla ButtercreamVanilla4
2023-02Vanilla Cherry SwirlFruity4
2023-02Verdant PalmFresh4
2023-02Whipped Vanilla & BlackberryFruity4
2023-02White Peach & DaisyPeach5
2022-11Candy Cane & CitrusPeppermint4
2022-11Fireside Fir & AmberSmoky5
2022-11Peppered Lavender & CedarLavender4
2022-11Red Berry ChampagneGrapefruit4
2022-11Salted Caramel & MacaronFoodie3
2022-11Sugar Cookie & ButtercreamFoodie4
2022-11Sugared Plum & PomegranateFruity5
2022-11White Peppermint & MochaPeppermint4
2022-10Balsam & BirchPine4
2022-10Candy Cane & CreamPeppermint4
2022-10Cashmere & TeakCologne4
2022-10Noble Fir & PinePine5
2022-10Snow Cherry & MacaronFruity4
2022-08Bergamot & SageHerbal5
2022-08Jasmine & Ylang YlangFloral5
2022-08Lavender & ChamomileLavender3
2022-08Lemon & MandarinLemon/Lime4
2022-08Lemongrass & GingerSpa5
2022-08Lime & EucalyptusSpa4
2022-08Sandalwood & VanillaWoodsy5
2022-08Apple & CedarwoodApple/Pear4
2022-08Apple & Spiced PoundcakeApple/Pear4
2022-08Balsam & Fir CedarPine4
2022-08Blood Orange & KumquatOrange5
2022-08Cactus & SandalwoodCologne4
2022-08Cotton Flower & MuskFloral4
2022-08Lemon Balm & CedarOrange4
2022-08Myrtle & FernHerbal4
2022-08Neroli & BergamotFloral4
2022-08Oak & LavenderHerbal5
2022-08Pear & Vanilla BeanFoodie5
2022-08Pumpkin & PistachioFoodie4
2022-08Roasted Chestnut & AcornsFoodie5
2022-08Rose & SandalwoodWoodsy4
2022-08Sea Moss & SageHerbal2
2022-08Blood Orange & CinnamonOrange5
2022-08Crisp Fall LeavesPine4
2022-08Farm Apple & PumpkinApple/Pear4
2022-08Pumpkin & ChaiClove4
2022-08Spiced Cinnamon & PumpkinFoodie4
2022-08Vanilla Bean & PumpkinFoodie4
2022-08White Mahogany & PumpkinCologne5
2022-04Blueberry Rosé FizzFruity4
2022-04Bourbon Julep Iced TeaMint3
2022-04Citrus Bourbon SourOrange2
2022-04Citrus Peach SangriaPeach3
2022-04Cucumber Melon Mint SangriaCucumber4
2022-04Fruity MimosaGrapefruit4
2022-04Rosé Cucumber SipperCucumber3
2022-04Spicy Mary G&TSavory4
2022-04Summer Blackberry SangriaLemon/Lime4
2022-04Sweet Spiced Pineapple MargaritaTropical4
2022-04Sweet Strawberry MargaritaFruity2
2022-04Tropical Blue MartiniTropical3
2022-01Coconut & MangoTropical4
2022-01Desert Garden & SpaSavory4
2022-01Honeysuckle & MintFloral4
2022-01Lavender & LattesLavender3
2022-01Oat & IrisCologne4
2022-01Pear & Spun SugarFoodie4
2022-01Peonies & PansiesFloral4
2022-01Pineapple & GingerTropical5
2022-01Pineapple & PeachTropical4
2022-01Sweet Papaya & MangoTropical4
2022-01Watercress & LilyHerbal5
2021-08Fir Balsam & PlumPine3
2021-08Pink Fig & SprucePine4
2021-08White Tea & JasmineSpa5
2021-06Baked Apple StrudelApple/Pear4
2021-06Banana Bread PuddingFoodie4
2021-06Creamy Tahitian CoconutCoconut4
2021-06Island Coconut LimeCoconut4
2021-06Pure White WoodsWoodsy4
2021-06Sea Spray LinenLaundry5
2021-06Spiced Vanilla EmbersIncense4
2021-06Wild Blueberry PieFruity4
2021-06Wild Island FruitTropical5
2021-04Lemon & MandarinLemon/Lime5
2021-03Apricot Blossom & BergamotFloral4
2021-03Lavender & MossLavender3
2021-03Palo Santo & VioletFruity4
2021-03Pineapple & Sea BreezeCoconut5
2021-03Pineapple & VanillaTropical5
2021-03Pomegranate & CitronCurrant4
2021-03Sage Leaf & MuskSavory4
2021-03Salted Caramel & Vanilla BeanFoodie4
2021-03White Grapefruit & PearFruity5
2020-11Apple & IncenseApple/Pear5
2020-11Apple & SpiceApple/Pear5
2020-11Blue Spruce & TinselPine4
2020-11Butterscotch & AllspiceFoodie4
2020-11Candied CranberriesFruity4
2020-11Cherry & BalsamFruity5
2020-11Hazelnut & CreamFoodie2
2020-11Magic Mistletoe KissPine4
2020-11Merry Berry MerlotFruity4
2020-08Apple & OudCologne3
2020-08Birchwood BonfireFoodie4
2020-08Black Violet & IrisPerfumey4
2020-08Cedarwood & SagePine5
2020-08Fall FestivalFruity3
2020-08Frozen Mint & BergamotPeppermint2
2020-08Maple Sugar DrizzleFoodie4
2020-08Orange Cinnamon RollsFoodie5
2020-08Pomegranate Spiced CiderApple/Pear5
2020-08Red Berry & OakPerfumey4
2020-08Vanilla & PeachPeach4
2020-08White Pumpkin SageFoodie4
2020-02Sweet OrangeOrange5
2020-02Blue Harbor CoveFresh3
2020-02Key Lime CheesecakeFoodie3
2020-02Over the RainbowOrange4
2020-02Palm Beach ParadiseTropical2
2020-02Pink PoppiesFloral3
2020-02Pistachio MacaroonFoodie5
2020-02Walking on SunshinePerfumey5
2020-02Wild Lavender LinenLaundry5
2019-11Be Holly JollyFruity2
2019-11Berry Christmas EveryoneFoodie3
2019-11Evergreen Apple WreathApple/Pear2
2019-11Fresh Cypress GarlandPine4
2019-11Just Like ChristmasCinnamon5
2019-11Sweet Orange & PinePine5
2019-11Vintage Farmhouse ChristmasCologne3
2019-09Apple & OakPine3
2019-09Brown Butter FrostingFoodie4
2019-09Chilly Autumn EveningIncense3
2019-09Cinnamon Ginger PumpkinFoodie4
2019-09Citrus Autumn BrewFruity4
2019-09Copper Cinnamon SpiceCinnamon5
2019-09Creamy Apple CiderApple/Pear4
2019-09Farmhouse Pumpkin PatchFoodie4
2019-09Frosted Winter FlurriesPine4
2019-09Harvest Apple PickingApple/Pear4
2019-09Harvest Pumpkin PeachPeach3
2019-09Honey Vanilla ChaiCoffee2
2019-09Incense & EvergreenPine3
2019-09Midnight Pumpkin PatchCinnamon3
2019-09Peach Blueberry CrispFruity4
2019-09Pecan Pie BarsFoodie3
2019-09Sea Salted SageCologne4
2019-09Smoked Caramel FiresideFoodie3
2019-09Smoky Mountain AirCologne2
2019-09Sugared Caramel DrizzleApple/Pear4
2019-09Swinging Hammock BreezeCologne3
2019-09Warm Leathered AmberCologne5
2019-09Weekend Camping TripPine4
2019-03Agave White TeaHerbal3
2019-03Banana Berry SmoothieFruity4
2019-03Berry Mango FreezeFruity3
2019-03Blueberry Lime MojitoFruity4
2019-03Chilled Raspberry LemonadeLemon/Lime2
2019-03Clear Blue OasisCologne4
2019-03Coconut Cabana LinenCoconut4
2019-03Daffodils & DaisiesFloral4
2019-03Going Totally TropicalTropical4
2019-03Melon Ball PunchMelon4
2019-03Mojave Sunset SandsCologne4
2019-03Pink Flamingo FlowerPerfumey4
2019-03Pomelo Nectar ProseccoFruity5
2019-03Sage Leaf AloeSavory4
2019-03Shangri LaFloral4
2019-03Sparkling Iced TeaLemon/Lime4
2019-03Strawberry Pretzel BarsFruity4
2019-03Sunlit Frasier FirPine5
2019-03Tropical Island DreamTropical4
2019-02Bergamot & Sage (Aromatherapy)Herbal3
2019-02Frankincense & Patchouli (Aromatherapy)Cologne5
2019-02Jasmine & Ylang Ylang (Aromatherapy)Floral4
2019-02Sandalwood & Vanilla (Aromatherapy)Woodsy4
2018-11Cookies for SantaGingerbread4
2018-11Creamy Marshmallow CocoaChocolate4
2018-11Crisp Frosted FirPine4
2018-11Lavender & FreesiaPine5
2018-11Maple and RumFoodie4
2018-11Red Currant PoinsettiaCurrant4
2018-11Warm Fireside FlurriesFoodie4
2018-11Warm Velvet PomegranateCologne4
2018-09Aloha Pineapple PumpkinTropical4
2018-09Apple Cookie CrunchApple/Pear4
2018-09Apple Crisp TeaApple/Pear4
2018-09Caramel Bread PuddingFoodie4
2018-09Chilled Pomegranate WineFruity4
2018-09Dark Midnight SkiesCologne4
2018-09Fallen Leaves (duo)Foodie4
2018-09First Woodland FrostApple/Pear4
2018-09Golden Sunlit WoodsPerfumey4
2018-09Green Moss (duo)Incense2
2018-09Lemon Pumpkin ShortbreadLemon/Lime5
2018-09Mahogany & SandalwoodCologne5
2018-09Pumpkin Honey ButterFoodie2
2018-09Pumpkin Marshmallow ToppingFoodie4
2018-09Pumpkin S'Mores LatteFoodie4
2018-09Sunlit Meadow TrailFresh4
2018-09Sweet Blackberry BourbonCinnamon4
2018-09Woodland Forest Floor duoMisc3
2018-04All About SpringFloral4
2018-04Blueberry Bundt CakeFruity4
2018-04Cucumber Melon SorbetCucumber4
2018-04Ginger Berry MargaritaFoodie2
2018-04Jamaican Rum GelatoFoodie4
2018-04Mango Sorbet LimoncelloLemon/Lime4
2018-04Meyer Lemon BasilLemon/Lime4
2018-04Orange Blossom OakBeachy4
2018-04Pear Blossom TeaPerfumey5
2018-04Pineapple Melon FreezeTropical4
2018-04Pure Tropical SunshinePerfumey4
2018-04Red Lava CitrusOrange4
2018-04Stormy Indigo SeasCologne4
2018-04Summer Strawberry MimosaFruity4
2018-04Vanilla Bean ButtercreamVanilla4
2018-04White Tahitian WoodsPerfumey4
2018-02Blackcurrant & Bay (Aromatherapy)Savory4
2018-02Geranium & Patchouli (Aromatherapy)Cologne4
2018-02Lavender & Vanilla (Aromatherapy)Lavender2
2018-02Lemongrass & Ginger (Aromatherapy)Spa4
2018-02Lime & Eucalyptus (Aromatherapy)Spa4
2018-02Orange & Cedarwood (Aromatherapy)Orange4
2018-02Rosemary & Spearmint (Aromatherapy)Mint4
2018-02Vetiver & Lemon (Aromatherapy)Lemon/Lime4
2017-10Caramel Sugared FigPerfumey2
2017-10Cherry Chestnut BreadApple/Pear5
2017-10Cranberry Popcorn GarlandFoodie5
2017-10Cypress & FrankincensePine4
2017-10Firewood & Fir BalsamPine3
2017-10Marshmallow Candy CanePeppermint4
2017-10Mountain Cabin EscapeCologne4
2017-10Salted Caramel GrahamsChocolate4
2017-08A Thankful HarvestFoodie5
2017-08Apples & Acorns (duo)Apple/Pear4
2017-08Around the CampfireFoodie4
2017-08Aspen Evergreen WalkPine2
2017-08Autumn Afternoon Stroll DuoMisc4
2017-08Banana Pumpkin BreadFoodie4
2017-08Cinnamon Apple DumplingApple/Pear5
2017-08Comfy & Cozy DuoLaundry3
2017-08Fall Into AutumnApple/Pear4
2017-08Flannel (duo)Fresh4
2017-08Fleece (duo)Laundry2
2017-08Fresh Cut FrasierPine5
2017-08Frosted Mint (duo)Pine4
2017-08Golden Oak Leaves (duo)Pine4
2017-08Moonlit Magic PumpkinCologne5
2017-08Perfect Winter Kiss DuoMisc4
2017-08Pumpkin Berry TartFoodie4
2017-08Pumpkin Butter CookiesFoodie5
2017-08Pumpkin Maple SyrupFoodie4
2017-08Spiced Woodland CurrantPine4
2017-08Spicy Cinnamon StickCinnamon4
2017-08Stormy Autumn NightCologne4
2017-08Sueded Cinnamon WoodsFoodie4
2017-08Warm Apricot CiderApple/Pear4
2017-08Warm Tobacco LeafIncense4
2017-08Winter Berry ZestPine5
2017-08Winter Cuddle (duo)Cologne4
2017-03Bamboo & Lily BlossomCucumber4
2017-03Blue Coconut WatersCoconut3
2017-03Brazilian Riviera Carnival DuoFruity4
2017-03Chilled Cherry LimeadeFruity5
2017-03Georgia Peach TeaPerfumey4
2017-03Habanero Mango SalsaFruity2
2017-03Malibu Mango MelonMelon4
2017-03Maui Beach WavesCoconut4
2017-03Peaches and CreamPeach4
2017-03Salt Water DriftwoodCologne3
2017-03Salted Pistachio SorbetFoodie5
2017-03Samba Nights (duo)Perfumey3
2017-03Sliced Apple CinnamonApple/Pear3
2017-03Smoked Coconut PalmCoconut3
2017-03Summer Fruit MedleyOrange5
2017-03Sunset Island SandsPerfumey4
2017-03Sweet Watermelon ButtercreamMelon4
2017-03Tropical Papaya OrchidPerfumey4
2017-03Warm Spring SunshineFruity4
2017-03Watermelon Bellini (duo)Melon4
2017-03Whipped Mango CreampopTropical5
2017-02Brownie Pecan Pie (Bursts)Chocolate5
2017-02French Lilac Flowers (Bursts)Floral5
2017-02Orange Buttercream Cupcake (Bursts)Fruity5
2017-02Vanilla Cookie Crunch (Bursts)Vanilla3
2016-11Bubbly Peach CocktailPeach4
2016-11Cranberry Cookie CrumbleFoodie5
2016-11First Winter BlizzardWoodsy2
2016-11Season of JoyPerfumey4
2016-11Sugared Maple and EvergreensPine4
2016-11Warm Up WinterClove4
2016-11Winter's Sleigh RideSmoky5
2016-08Apple Brandy CiderApple/Pear3
2016-08Brandied Peach CobblerFruity4
2016-08Bundled in Blankets DuoColognen/a
2016-08Candied Citrus PumpkinCinnamon5
2016-08Fall Into AutumnWoodsyn/a
2016-08Fragrant Woodland WalkPine4
2016-08Golden Harvest SunsetLemon/Lime2
2016-08Perfect Pumpkin AleFoodien/a
2016-08Roasted Coconut PumpkinFoodie3
2016-08Rustic Country HomeClove4
2016-08Salted Caramel PumpkinFoodie4
2016-08Simmering Apple CiderApple/Pear3
2016-08Sunflower & ChrysanthemumMisc4
2016-08Sweet Candied ApplesApple/Pear4
2016-08Warm Pumpkin CookiesFoodie4
2016-03Hawaiian Pineapple CilantroTropical5
2016-03Pineapple Kiwi ColadaTropical5
2016-02Apricot Rose WaterTropical4
2016-02Beach Flowers (duo)Tropical3
2016-02By The Pool DuoCoconut4
2016-02Caribbean Sea BreezeCoconut5
2016-02Coconut (duo)Coconut4
2016-02Coral (duo)Tropical4
2016-02Dragonfruit (duo)Fruity4
2016-02Exotic Paradise PunchFruity4
2016-02Hideaway in Paradise DuoTropical4
2016-02Iced Lemon PoundcakeLemon/Lime4
2016-02Island Pomelo DragonfruitOrange5
2016-02Mai Tai (duo)Tropical4
2016-02Saltwater Sands (duo)Perfumey4
2016-02Saltwater Sea Escape DuoFresh4
2016-02Savory Blackberry CobblerFoodie4
2016-02Sea Orchid (duo)Fresh4
2016-02Serene Spa ResortFresh4
2016-02Smoky Gray MistCologne2
2016-02Splash (duo)Coconut4
2016-02Sun Washed PoppiesFloral4
2016-02Sunset Creek AzaleaPerfumey2
2016-02Tropical Beach Getaway DuoTropical4
2016-02White Peach MangoPeach4
2016-02Wild Honeysuckle PearFloral2
2015-11A Wonderful WinterMint4
2015-11Candied Mulberry SpiceFruity5
2015-11Cranberry Apple MartiniFruity4
2015-11Festive Twinkling Lights (Twinkling Holiday Lights)Eucalyptus5
2015-11Frosted Honey CakeFoodie4
2015-11Frosty Winter NightsMint3
2015-11Gourmet Cookie ShopFoodie4
2015-11Iced Winter CranberryFruity4
2015-11Pomander and PineconesSavory5
2015-11Snowy Winter WoodsMint4
2015-11Sparkling Berry GarlandPine3
2015-11White Cranberry AmaryllisPerfumey3
2015-11Winter Morning Latte (Christmas Morning Latte)Coffee5
2015-08Apple Pie (duo)Foodie5
2015-08Candied Caramel PecanCinnamon5
2015-08Cloves (duo)Clove5
2015-08Spiced Apple Pie duoFoodie5
2015-08Whipped Pumpkin CreamFoodie3
0Butterscotch Maple CreamFoodie4
0Fresh Orchard AppleApple/Pear4
0Line Dried LinenLaundry5
0Orange Buttercream CupcakeOrange5
0Pink Sugar BerryPerfumey4
0Soft Cashmere AmberPerfumey4
0Sugared Lavender TwistPerfumey4
0Vanilla Caramel SpiceFoodie4
0Vanilla Cookie CrunchVanilla3
0Wild Berry CheesecakeFruity5
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