Big Lots (Living Colors) Fall Wax Melts Reviews - 2017

September 14, 2017

Big Lots Living Colors Fall Wax Melts Reviews (Autumn Radiance) - 2017

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Fall Wax Melts (Autumn Radiance) from 2017. With most wax melt companies, fall scents tend to throw fairly well. But the throw on these fall wax melt scents was terrible.

Apple Chai Tea
This is a cinnamon apple scent with a bit of an apple cider vibe. It's not overly sweet, so the apples smell like older, over-ripe apples (but not in a bad way). I don't smell chai or tea, so this is probably just an older cinnamon apple or apple cider scent that they renamed this year.

Autumn Festival
I smell apples and maybe berries and a little bit of cinnamon. It's different from the Apple Chai Tea scent, since it's not an apple cider scent. I can't figure out the other notes in this one. Maybe vanilla and perhaps a hint of lemon. It's almost like an apple crumble cake scent (but not apple pie), although it's not really a bakery scent. It's very nice.

Buttercream Pumpkin
This just smells like pumpkin pie. I don't notice any buttercream notes, although it might be very slightly  sweeter than other pumpkin pie scents I've smelled. Probably an older pumpkin pie scent that they renamed this year.

Caramel Rum Latte
This smells fantastic on cold sniff, a perfect coffee scent with a little milk, hazelnut, and a hint of chocolate, like a hazelnut mocha coffee. There may be a subtle hint of caramel, but I don't smell any rum type notes. It's not a bitter coffee scent, and although it has a hint of sweetness, it's not an overly sweet fake coffee scent. It's nice and authentic and smells incredible. Unfortunately, when melted, it turned into just a fake coffee scent without any of the yummy subtle notes I detected on cold sniff.

Ginger Pumpkin
This smells like pumpkin pie with a little bit of caramel (but not a salted caramel) and cinnamon, and maybe a hint of apple. It's a nice scent, but I don't smell ginger at all.

Harvest Wreath
A nice scent, but definitely not what it should smell like based on the scent name. I was expecting a fall scent, cinnamon, pine, etc. Instead, it smells like bathroom cleaner, a fresh clean scent with maybe a hint of lemon. There's a tiny bit of a "Pine Sol" note in there, so maybe that's the pine that should be in this scent! Again, not a fall or winter scent, but it does smell nice and clean and would be perfect for a bathroom.

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