Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts

Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Living Colors Wax Melts at Big Lots. In general, Big Lots (Living Colors) wax melts don't throw well. And the wax is soft and messy. But it seems that as of late 2018 they may be changing their wax formula to a harder wax.

Big Lots are made by MVP Group Intl., the company that makes Mainstays wax melts for Walmart, Colonial Candle, Burt's Bees, Sears and Kmart wax melts, True Living (at Dollar General), and several other dollar store brands.

New Living Colors wax melts and candles come out about every 2 months. The wax melts cost $2.99 for 3 oz, so $1 per ounce. ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts at Walmart are $2 for 2.5 oz. ($.80 per ounce). So the Living Colors wax melts are equivalent to $2.49 if they were the same size as the Walmart wax melts.

They can be purchased from Big Lots stores, so you can sniff before you buy.
In general, the throw for these wax melts is quite weak. And the wax is soft and messy (although they may be switching over to a harder wax formula). They can't be purchased from the Big Lots website.
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Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melt Reviews
2019-09Handmade BlanketLaundryn/a
2019-09Homemade CookiesVanilla2.00
2019-09Mountain RetreatCologne3.00
2019-09Rustic CinnamonCinnamon3.50
2019-09Vintage Christmas TreePine2.50
2019-09Woodland SpiceIncense3.00
2019-08Crisp AppleApple/Pear4.00
2019-08Fall CampfireWoodsy3.00
2019-08Mountain AirCologne3.50
2019-08Pumpkin PancakesFoodie3.50
2019-08Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.00
2019-08Pumpkin WoodsFoodie3.50
2019-07Greek IslesFresh3.50
2019-07Havana SpiceIncense5.00
2019-07Italian RivieraCologne3.50
2019-07Paris AmourCologne3.00
2019-07Tahitian GardeniaFloral3.50
2019-05Deep Blue SeaCologne2.50
2019-05Hawaiian LuauTropical3.00
2019-05Mango GuavaTropical3.50
2019-05Pineapple ColadaTropical1.50
2019-05Sand DollarsBeachy3.50
2019-05Tropical BungalowCoconut3.75
2019-03Cherry BlossomFoodie3.25
2019-03Sea SaltHerbal2.25
2019-03Spring BouquetFloral3.50
2019-03Spring BreezePeach3.75
2019-03Sugar LemonLemon/Lime3.50
2019-03Sunset SandsBeachy2.50
2019-02Coconut VerbenaCoconut3.50
2019-02Cucumber MelonCucumber3.50
2019-02Cypress GrovePine1.50
2019-02Lemonberry SconeLemon/Lime2.75
2019-02Spiced MahoganyIncense2.00
2019-02Sweet Mint LeafTropical3.50
2019-02Vanilla Sea SaltPerfumey2.00
2019-02Vintage OakCologne2.50
2019-01Coconut SandsCoconut3.75
2019-01Eucalyptus MintMint3.50
2019-01Fresh AirLaundry3.25
2019-01Jade TeaFresh3.25
2019-01Lotus FlowerMelon4.00
2019-01Soothing LavenderLavender4.00
2018-07Cabernet (Napa Valley)Fruity2.75
2018-07Cactus Berry (Sedona)Misc4.00
2018-07Cedar Forest (Vancouver)Pine3.00
2018-07Cinnamon Chai (Seattle)Cinnamon2.75
2018-07Lemon Cookies (Savannah)Lemon/Lime5.00
2018-07Seaside (Malibu)Cologne3.50
2018-06Blue WatersFresh3.25
2018-06Cabana BreezePerfumey3.25
2018-06Coconut MangoCoconut3.00
2018-06Fiji PalmHerbal3.75
2018-06Freesia & HyacinthFloral3.50
2018-06Guava ColadaTropical2.50
2018-06Pineapple OrchidTropical2.00
2018-06Tropical SunsetTropical3.75
2018-06Verbena & PearFresh3.50
2018-03Cherry BlossomFloral2.00
2018-03Deep OceanCologne1.50
2018-03Desert SageHerbal3.75
2018-03Morning GloryPerfumey3.25
2018-03White NectarineTropical3.50
2018-01Blue AgaveTropical3.50
2018-01Eucalyptus RainFresh2.50
2018-01Exotic LilyFresh3.25
2018-01Lavender MistLavender3.25
2018-01Nectarine & MintTropical2.75
2018-01Tranquil OasisSavory2.75
2017-11Enchanted BalsamPine3.00
2017-11Festive CinnamonCinnamon3.50
2017-11Golden ButterscotchFoodie3.25
2017-11Peppermint BarkPeppermint3.75
2017-10Cinnamon StickCinnamon1.00
2017-10Evergreen ForestPine3.75
2017-10Frosted PinePine0.00
2017-10Sugared BerriesFruity3.75
2017-10Vanilla WishesFoodie1.00
2017-10Winter WoodsFresh3.00
2017-09Amaretto Cheesecake (duo)Foodie4.00
2017-09Campfire (duo)Smoky2.50
2017-09Cozy Blanket (duo)Fresh2.75
2017-09Crisp Air (duo)Fresh2.25
2017-09Fall Cottage (duo)Apple/Pear2.25
2017-09Pumpkin Custard (duo)Foodie2.75
2017-09Toasted Marshmallow (duo)Foodie3.25
2017-09Warm Birchwood (duo)Cologne1.00
2017-08Apple Chai TeaApple/Pear2.75
2017-08Autumn FestivalApple/Pear2.75
2017-08Buttercream PumpkinFoodie3.00
2017-08Caramel Rum LatteCoffee2.75
2017-08Ginger PumpkinFoodie2.00
2017-08Harvest WreathFresh2.00
2017-07Black Currant Cabernet (Napa Valley Tours) (duo)Fruity0.00
2017-07Coconut & Sea Salt (Tahitian Sunset) (duo)Coconut3.25
2017-07Cypress & Cedar (Alaskan Cruise) (duo)Smoky3.00
2017-07French Vanilla Latte (European Cafe) (duo)Foodie2.25
2017-07Garden Blooms (Amsterdam Floral) (duo)Floral1.50
2017-07Lemon Biscotti (English Tea Time) (duo)Lemon/Lime2.25
2017-07Sunflower Fields (Tuscan Countryside) (duo)Perfumey3.50
2017-07Turquoise Waters (Hawaiian Escape) (duo)Fresh3.00
2017-05Blueberry SwirlFruity4.00
2017-05Coconut PineappleTropical3.00
2017-05Coral SunsetTropicaln/a
2017-05Lemongrass VerbenaLemon/Lime5.00
2017-05Ocean DriftwoodPerfumey1.00
2017-05Sand DunesCoconut2.00
2017-05Sea BlossomsFloral3.50
2017-05Strawberry SmoothieFruity2.00
2017-05Sun SplashFresh2.00
2017-05Tropical ZestTropical4.00
2017-05Vanilla NectarineFoodie2.75
2017-05Watermelon SliceMelon2.75
2017-04Bamboo & WillowFloral3.75
2017-04English WallflowerTropical3.00
2017-04Floral RainFresh3.50
2017-04Hydrangea BloomsFloral3.75
2017-04Stone GardenBeachy2.75
2017-04Water LilyFresh3.25
2017-04Wild PoppiesFruity2.75
2017-02Aqua Mint VerbenaLemon/Lime2.75
2017-02Cool RainFresh2.50
2017-02Fresh LinenLaundry2.75
2017-02Lavender ChamomileLavender3.50
2017-02Sweet CherriesFruity2.00
2017-02Sweet PeaFloral3.50
2017-02Thai LilyFloral2.00
2016-10Cranapple CiderApple/Pearn/a
2016-10Molasses GingerbreadGingerbreadn/a
2016-10Orange CloveCloven/a
2016-10Pumpkin CheesecakeFoodien/a
2016-05Caribbean SunsetTropical2.50
2016-05Coastal GrassFloral0.00
2016-05Coconut LimeCoconut1.00
2016-05Iced Berry SangriaFruity3.25
2016-05Island MargaritaOrange2.75
2016-05Island NectarTropical3.75
2016-05Lime MojitoLemon/Lime3.75
2016-05Paradise ReefFresh3.50
2016-05Peach BelliniPeach3.75
2016-05Peach CassisPeach0.00
2016-05Pina ColadaCoconut2.00
2016-05Sandy BeachCoconut0.00
2016-05Seaside EscapeFresh1.00
2016-05Strawberry DaiquiriFruity3.75
2016-04Apple CinnamonApple/Pear2.00
2016-04Bamboo SugarcaneSavory3.00
2016-04Citrus & SageSpa2.00
2016-04Citrus VanillaVanilla1.00
2016-04Coastal BreezeFresh2.00
2016-04Cool SerenityLaundry0.00
2016-04Cucumber MintMintn/a
2016-04Garden BloomsPerfumey1.50
2016-04Grapefruit ChamomileGrapefruit3.50
2016-04Iced LavenderLavender2.25
2016-04Lemon BarsLemon/Lime5.00
2016-04Lemongrass SageLemon/Limen/a
2016-04Lilac & LilyFloral1.50
2016-04Lilac BloomFloral3.00
2016-04Lotus BlossomFloral0.00
2016-04Mango & SaffronPeach3.50
2016-04Maple Sugar OakFoodie3.75
2016-04Orange Blossom TeaOrange3.75
2016-04Pineapple CoconutCoconut3.50
2016-04Sea Salt ScrubChocolate3.50
2016-04Tangerine BurstOrange5.00
2016-04Tangerine TigerlilyPerfumey0.00
2016-04Tranquil WatersFresh0.00
2016-04Vanilla AmberPerfumey1.50
2016-04Vanilla CreamVanilla0.00
2016-04Waterfall MistFloral1.00


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