Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts Reviews - May 2019

May 15, 2019

Big Lots Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews - May 2019

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts from May 2019. These are mostly summer and tropical type scents.

Deep Blue Sea
I think I've smelled this scent before. It's kind of a cologney scent with a hint of a smoky note, a smidgen of pine, and maybe a tiny bit of a sweet watery note. It's a nice, pleasant scent.

Hawaiian Luau
A nice combination of fake pineapple and a floral (I can't tell what kind of floral, just a generic floral). Melted, however, I really don't smell the floral, just the pineapple with a smidgen of a slightly sour tropical fruit.

Mango Guava
A typical sour, slightly waxy tropical fruit scent, but it has a sweet note that these types of scents don't usually have.

Pineapple Colada
This is a super sweet (almost nauseatingly so) coconut scent with a little bit of fake pineapple, and I think there's also a hint of almond. It smells a little like pineapple flavored marzipan. It's interesting, and I like it.

Sand Dollars
This is my favorite scent of this new collection. It smells like Coppertone suntan oil with a hint of a floral note that has a tiny bit of bitterness, although not enough to ruin the scent.

Tropical Bungalow
This is a dupe of another scent I've smelled recently, but not a Living Colors scent (I described last year's Coconut Mango similarly, but I don't think that's the same scent). It smells like coconut buttercream with a hint of a floral note (jasmine or gardenia?) and maybe a smidgen of a fresh note. It's a wonderful scent, but the scent was pretty much gone within 2.5 hours.

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