Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts Reviews - August 2021

September 1, 2021

Big Lots Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews - August 2021

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts from August 2021: Cottonwood, Cucumber Aloe, Orange Apricot, Plum Apple Orchard, Sage Sandalwood, and Smoked Caramel.

A very pleasant scent that smells like milky vanilla, sandalwood, a hint of laundry, a smidgen of floral, and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of coconut. It's a little sweet, but not overly so. I like it!

Cucumber Aloe
I barely smell anything on cold sniff other than an herbal, slightly savory (but not really zesty), slightly salty scent. But it's not cucumber or aloe, neither of which is savory or salty. It does have a bit of a bland, slightly grassy note that cucumber and aloe scents tend to have. It's kind of nondescript.

Orange Apricot
I smell orange with a hint of wood, and a slight hint of floral, although it's not a floral or overly sweet scent. I think I detect a tiny bit of peach (apricot), since there's another fruit besides orange. It's nice.

Plum Apple Orchard
Apple is the main note, but I also smell some other fruit, more like berries or pomegranate rather than plum. Melted, the apple note dissipates a bit and it takes on a slightly sour or vinegary tropical fruit note, which I don't care for.

Sage Sandalwood
This smells like wood with a hint of exotic spices that would give it an incensey vibe if those notes were stronger, and maybe a slight hint of a cologney or soapy note. I don't detect sage at all. It's a nice scent, but very weak.

Smoked Caramel
I think I've smelled this scent before. It's nice, and smells like marshmallow with a very slight woodsy note and maybe a hint of caramel.

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