Big Lots Fall Wax Melts Reviews 2022 - True Comforts

August 28, 2022

Big Lots Fall Wax Melts Reviews 2022 - True Comforts

This is a review of 2 True Comforts fall 2022 wax melts at Big Lots: Blackberry & Thyme and Butter Rum Cider. They're $3.50 for 2.3 oz., made in Vietnam, smell incredible, but have barely any throw.

These can be found in the fall seasonal aisle instead of the home goods section, but not every Big Lots has them, and those that do have a very limited stock.

Big Lots should be coming out with more fall scents in the first week of September.

Blackberry & Thyme
A lovely blend of blackberry, green, herbal and elderberry notes
A very nice holiday fruit scent with just a smidgen of spice (but not really cinnamon). It's not overly sweet or overly fruity, and it also has a woodsy note (cedar?), and maybe a bit of balsam (not actually pine, although that could be way, way in the background). It's very weak on cold sniff, and when melting, I could only smell it from a few inches away!

Butter Rum Cider
A warm blend of rum, maple, vanilla and toffee notes
An incredibly yummy scent that smells like molasses and raisins with rich, buttery butterscotch, and a bit of apple cider. I adore this scent!

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