Bridgewater Candle Wax Melt Reviews

July 2, 2019

Bridgewater Candle Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of four new Bridgewater Candle wax melt scents, new as of June 2019. Bridgewater Candle wax melts smell great and throw quite well. I reviewed all of their other scents HERE. You can read more information about the company and their wax melts on that page. Bridgewater Candles wax melts and other products can be found on their website at

Autumn Stroll
Rejuvenating orange blossom, spicy hints of pink pepper and pimento leaf, and buttery chestnut layer over the sweet smokiness of guaiacwood to create a fall scent that's reminiscent of afternoons spent in the brightly colored woods. The fragrance is sealed with base notes of amber, benzoin, and patchouli for earthy richness.
This is a very sweet perfumey scent with orange blossom/neroli, a hint of exotic spices or maybe cinnamon, and a smidgen of sandalwood, patchouli, and maybe even caramel. I love it! Looking at the notes, I don't smell pepper or chestnuts.

Dancing Fields
Awakening bergamot droplets stir into herbal nuances of Earl Grey tea while a floral touch of jasmine, rose, and geranium inject powdery soft freshness to this scent, which is enriched with a warm finish of vanilla and sandalwood
A fantastic perfumey scent with exotic spices, and possibly a hint of Nag Champa with that very slight hint of baby powder. But it's not an incensey scent, as I also smell floral and bergamot (although it's not a men's cologne scent) and possibly a smidgen of lemon or maybe even tea with a lemon note, and maybe also the rich warmth of amber or cashmere. It's not overly sweet or perfumey, and actually has a tiny bit of saltiness. I think this is going to be a top seller, much like their Sweet Grace scent.

Nantucket Coast
Creating a rising tide of oceanic perfumery, Nantucket Coast blends the trademarks of deep blue sea for a scent that is equally subdued and majestic. Cooling cucumber, melon, and mandarin wash over dunes of herbal sage and basil. Swells of patchouli and musk cap the fragrance in earthy sweetness.
A fresh, sweet, rich, watery men's cologne or body wash type scent. It has a little bit of a soapy note, and there may be a barely detectable smidgen of an incensey note way in the background. Looking at the scent notes, the patchouli might be what I'm detecting, although I don't actually smell patchouli. I do smell an herbal note, but not sage or basil per se. I also don't smell cucumber, melon or orange (mandarin). It's a very pleasant scent that smells like a lot of other similar scents, but this one seems richer and of a higher quality.

Time After Time
Inspired by the soul feeding essence of steadfast love, Time After Time seamlessly binds together enlivening green bergamot and refined jasmine with mystical iris and warming sandalwood. A seal of rich amber and caramel unites the fragrance in an irresistible sweetness that's sure to last.
A beautiful, delicate, very sweet perfumey scent with jasmine, a hint of baby powder and warm cashmere notes, and a smidgen of a laundry note. It may also have a tiny bit of vanilla in it. I love this scent!
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