Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews 2016

March 6, 2016

Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews 2016

This is a review of Chesapeake Bay wax melts from Target, from 2016. In general, I don't have good luck with this brand in terms of throw. Throw is just mediocre, which is not acceptable from wax melts that cost $3.99.

Some of these wax melts are melt cup "pods". The entire pod is meant to be placed in a special warmer to melt all the wax in the cup at one time. So trying to get the wax out of the cup to cut it up for a regular warmer is very difficult. These pods are only 2.5" circumference, which I think is much smaller than the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece wax. So I don't think the wax would melt properly if you tried to use it in a Yankee Candle Scenterpiece warmer.

Bamboo Coconut
This is a tropical coconut with a slight woodsy note from the bamboo. It's not an annoying or fake tropical coconut. On cold sniff, there's a very slight tropical fruit note that's not there when melting. Melted, it almost has a "foodie" quality to it, not like a bakery note, but something yummy. I love this scent!

Beach Glass
Typical fresh air/salt water type scent. Pleasant, but like every other fresh air/water scent out there. Melted, it smells a little like men's body wash.

Caramel Latte
This is a nice light cinnamon and sugar scent with a hint of caramel and maybe a bit of vanilla. If there's coffee in this one, it's barely noticeable. Although it's a nice scent, it's a rather "typical" cinnamon and sugar scent.

Citrus Burst
This is very light on cold sniff. On cold sniff, I detect a hint of lemon and a saltiness, like a lemon spa salt scrub, as well as a very slight soapy hint that gives it just a smidgen of a kitchen lemon vibe. When melted, I smelled "something" kind of clean, like maybe a laundry scent with a lemon note.

Dewy Blossom
This is a very pleasant summery fruity floral. It smells like fake strawberry (but in a good way) mixed with a floral and possibly a smidgen of melon.

Flower Shop
Nice authentic fresh "green" floral scent, like a lily.

Fresh Springs
This is a men's body wash type scent with a soapy note. It's so hard to differentiate the notes in these types of scents from other similar scents. There's a bit of "mustiness" to it (in a good way) that keeps it from being too sweet.

Key Lime
Very light on cold sniff, this smells like a slightly bitter lemon or lime rind. When melted, it's kind of a lime/lemon with a eucalyptus note that makes it smell a little like lime scented cleaner but not in a bad way. It's a nice scent.

Mango Sorbet
Light on cold sniff, this smells like sweet peach (which I guess is what mango smells like), but it's not an artificial peach scent.

Pina Verbena
This is very slight on cold sniff. On cold sniff, I smell a sweet pineapple type scent, maybe with just a hint of lemon. It smells more like pineapple flavored hard candy, but it's not an annoying tropical pineapple probably due to the lemony note of the verbena. It's a nice sweet fragrance. When melted, all I smelled was a hint of sweet tropical fruit, but I couldn't tell what I was smelling.

Sea Salt Air
A fantastic fresh "rich" salty water scent with just a hint of sweetness, a slight cologne note and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of lemon. Similar to Spa Waters, but slightly different notes.

Spa Waters
Fantastic sweet clean watery scent with a hint of salty peppery lemon.

Strawberry Patch
As nice as this smells, it's not strawberry. I'm just not sure what I'm smelling. It's some kind of berry but also a bit of a "green" floral and maybe a tiny bit of sweet vanilla. And I think a very slight barely detectable smidgen of eucalyptus or sage! It's not a "natural" type of scent, but it's very nice. I'm just stumped about the notes.

Sweet Amber
A nice ambery cedar type scent, not overly sweet, and a little more woodsy than typical amber scents. It's a classy background type scent. When melted, it has a slight tobacco note that's very nice. Although it's a masculine scent, it's not a cologne scent.

Velvet Orchid Trio
Velvet Orchid
A fresh fruity floral, similar to a lot of other fresh floral scents.

Cherry Blossom
A very pleasant scent that smells like cherry blossom body wash or skin cream. It may have a hint of sweet vanilla in it.

Rose Lychee
Sweet woodsy scent with a smidgen of floral.

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