Chesapeake Bay Wax Melts

Chesapeake Bay Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Chesapeake Bay Wax Melts. Chesapeake Bay Candle wax melts can be found at Target ("Home Scents" line). In general, the throw on these scents is not very good.

Although their prices have dropped over the past few years from $3.99 to $2.99 (although a few are $3.29), there are better wax melts out there and for less money. Many of these have had weak throw in the past, although it seems they have improved recently. A minor annoyance is that the clamshells don't close completely. The back edges stay open, so when you close it you have to snap it shut all the way around; otherwise, air will get in and the scent will start to dissipate within weeks.

Nice scents, and throw may have improved recently. You can sniff them in the store before you buy. And you can order them from the Target website for delivery to your home or local Target store.
Throw is mediocre, with lots of weak throwers. In order to close the clamshell all the way, you have to close each edge until it snaps; otherwise, the scent will dissipate.
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Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews
2020-03Almond MacaroonsFoodie3.00
2020-03Cactus PearSavory3.00
2019-04Cabana Bay LinenLaundry3.50
2019-04California Citrus (trio)Floral2.50
2019-04Coconut Berry BlissCoconut3.25
2019-04Cotton CandyFruity4.00
2019-04Pina ColadaLemon/Lime2.75
2019-04Pina Verbena (trio)Tropical1.50
2019-04Summer Breeze (trio)Fresh3.75
2019-04Sunshine GrapefruitMisc2.00
2019-04Watermelon CrushMelon3.50
2018-12Balsam CitrusPine3.50
2018-12Jasmine BouquetPerfumey4.00
2018-12Oats & HoneyPerfumey3.50
2018-12Sea Salt VanillaFresh3.50
2018-12Silver Bells (trio)Peppermint3.50
2018-12Under the Tree (trio)Pine3.00
2018-12Woodland BerriesCurrant3.50
2017-03Hinoki BonsaiSpa2.25
2017-03Island OrchidFresh2.75
2017-03Morning RoastCologne2.50
2017-03Mountain ViewWoodsy2.75
2016-03Bamboo CoconutCoconut3.75
2016-03Beach GlassFresh3.75
2016-03Caramel LatteCinnamon2.00
2016-03Cherry Blossom (trio)Floral2.00
2016-03Citrus BurstLemon/Lime2.00
2016-03Dewy BlossomFruity2.00
2016-03Flower ShopFloral4.00
2016-03Fresh SpringsCologne3.75
2016-03Key LimeLemon/Lime2.50
2016-03Mango SorbetPeach2.25
2016-03Pina VerbenaTropical2.25
2016-03Rose Lychee (trio)Woodsy0.00
2016-03Sea Salt AirFresh3.50
2016-03Spa WatersFresh3.00
2016-03Strawberry PatchFruity3.50
2016-03Sweet AmberIncense1.00
2016-03Velvet Orchid (trio)Floral3.25
2015-10Autumn EveningsClove3.00
2015-10Bamboo PalmCoconut2.00
2015-10Blueberry PumpkinFruity5.00
2015-10Candycane Swirl (trio)Peppermint3.00
2015-10Canyon Mist (trio)Fresh0.00
2015-10Cinnamon Sticks (trio)Cinnamon3.00
2015-10Fall FestivalClove3.00
2015-10Falling LeavesTropical4.00
2015-10Firewood FigWoodsy2.75
2015-10Lakeside WalkFresh0.00
2015-10Mandarin Berry (trio)Fruity3.75
2015-10Raspberry Peach (trio)Fruity4.00
2015-10Red Pomegranate (trio)Currant2.50
2015-10Seasons GreetingsPine2.75
2015-10Snow DayCologne2.75
2015-10Soft CottonLaundry1.50
2015-10Spring BouquetFloral3.50
2015-10Summer Breeze (trio)Fresh0.00
2015-10Waterfall (trio)Freshn/a
2015-10Winter Pine (trio)Pine3.00


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