Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2015

December 19, 2015

Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews 2015

This is my first review of Colonial Candle Wax Melts. Colonial Candle has so many scents to choose from! And most of them smell fantastic, with rich, complex notes.

Amber & Oud Wood 
TOP: Mandarin, Tangerine, Plum – MIDDLE: Jasmine, Clove, Freesia, Rose – BOTTOM: Sandalwood, Amber, White Oak, Vanilla 
This smells like a very sweet cedar with a hint of amber. When melted, I detected a slight baby powder note, but throw was so weak I couldn't really tell what I was smelling. I definitely did not detect anything orangey (mandarin).

Birch & Clove
TOP: Sparkling Orange, Citrus Zest – MIDDLE: Pine Needles, Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Thyme – BOTTOM: Creamy Vanilla, Balsamic, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Musk 
I can't figure this one out, but it smells fantastic. Without knowing the notes, I think I smell cedar first, then clove, but there are a lot of other notes. Maybe a smidgen of orange and pine? OK now that I've read the notes, I can see what I'm smelling. I think the orange is way in the background and barely noticeable. I don't think I smell cloves.

Blue Spruce
TOP: Aldehydic, Bergamot, Cranberry, Red Currant – MIDDLE: Pine Needles, Wintergreen, Clove, Cinnamon, Cypress – BOTTOM: Balsam, Cedarwood, Amber 
This is one of the nicest pine/spruce scents I've ever smelled. I definitely smell pine, and there's also maybe a hint of clove. But what makes this scent unique is it has a sweetness to it, almost like a perfume. And there's also something a little foodie about it, maybe vanilla and nut? Looking at the fragrance notes, the first note is "Aldehydic"; I have no idea what this is, but I found that it offers a "soapy-waxy-lemony-floral" note to fragrances, like a "fresh lemon scent". I don't smell any lemon in this, but it's definitely a clean scent, maybe a little soapy, but not like a body wash type scent. Red Currant is probably the "classy" berry note I'm detecting. I don't smell any mint at all from the wintergreen, or cinnamon either.

TOP: Lavender, White Pear – MIDDLE: White Dianthus, Orchid Vanilla, Almond Blossom – BOTTOM: Cocoa Beans, Myrrh, Sandalwood 
Very light on cold sniff, but it smells very nice, a warm vanilla scent with hints of almond, chocolate, coconut, lavender, and a very slight baby powder note. 

Cranberry Nut
A medley of sweet cherry, tangy mandarin and red apple layered over smooth chocolate and a bouquet of peony and freesia. Sweet caramel and rich vanilla give this fragrance a comforting close. 
This smells SO good, like a thick rich chocolate cherry cordial liqueur with a nutty note. I smell cherry, chocolate and nut. Now that I see the fragrance notes, maybe I do detect a smidgen of apple, but no mandarin at all (which smells like orange), and neither of the floral notes. 

TOP: Soothing Citrus, Violet – MIDDLE: Cedar, Sandalwood, Sage – BOTTOM: Amber, Oakmoss, Vanilla 
This smells like smoky clove to me, even though there's no clove in the scent list. I don't smell citrus or floral, but I do smell the cedar, sandalwood and amber, and there's a slight foodie quality which might be the richness of the vanilla. 

Flora Parfume
TOP: Peony, Citron, Neroli Bouquet – MIDDLE: Heliotrope Flower, Sandalwood, Amber – BOTTOM: Romantic Jasmine, Vanilla Flower, Sheer Musk 
Fresh floral, not too perfumey but almost has a slight candy note even though it's not overly sweet.

Grapefruit & Wheatgrass
TOP: Grapefruit, Pear – MIDDLE: Vetiver – BOTTOM: Amber, Fresh Wheatgrass 
Fresh grapefruit with a very slight green woodsy note, which is probably the wheatgrass. It has a bit of an artificial chemical note, which comes out more when it's melted.

Grapefruit Hibiscus
TOP: Juicy Grapefruit, Orange, Mandarin, Cassis – MIDDLE: Cyclamen, Violet Leaf, Grapefruit Zest, Rhubarb – BOTTOM: Black Currant, Musk, Sandalwood
An fresh authentic grapefruit scent but I also detect some orange. I don't smell any floral. And now looking at the scent notes there, I don't see hibiscus at all. I also don't detect musk or sandalwood. 

Hibiscus & Java
TOP: Bergamot, Orange Cassis – MIDDLE: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Espresso Bean Accord – BOTTOM: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Amber 
Another one of my favorite scents, this is a floral scent with a coffee note and a hint of neroli (orange blossom). I also smell the richness of the vanilla and a little warmth from the amber. 

Indian Summer
TOP: Fresh Ginger – MIDDLE: Pumpkin Flower – BOTTOM: White Pumpkin, Blonde Woods 
This smells a little like pumpkin pie. I detect some nutmeg and maybe just a hint of cinnamon. There's also a very slight woodsy note.

Mahogany Leather
TOP: Bergamot, Incense – MIDDLE: Rose Hips, Holiday Suede, Smoked Myrrh – BOTTOM: Leatherwood, Cassis Bark, Cusiacwood 
I smell leather and smoke. On cold sniff I also detect a hint of cedar that I don't smell when melted. 

Maple Butterscotch
TOP: Sweet, Caramel, Butterscotch, Spice – MIDDLE: Butterscotch, Toffee, Cinnamon, Clove – BOTTOM: Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Spice 
Smells like brown sugar and buttery maple with a hint of cinnamon. Would probably smell just like butterscotch candies if it weren't for the cinnamon, which makes it smell more like cinnamon sprinkled pancakes but without the bakery note. 

Moroccan Market
TOP: Cinnamon Leaves, Spicy Citrus – MIDDLE: Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Patchouli – BOTTOM: Cream, Spices, Musk 
Cinnamon and wood with a hint of cloves.

Parisian Cafe
TOP: Citrus Blossoms, Mandarin, Apple, Herbal, Green Leaves, Thyme – MIDDLE: Intoxicating Jasmine, Lily, Rose, Violet, Anise, Clove – BOTTOM: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar, Vanilla, Tonka, Patchouli, Moss 
This one is so light on cold sniff that I really can't smell anything except a slight floral apple note. I didn't even bother melting it. 

TOP: Lily, Bergamot – MIDDLE: Pear, White Mimosa, Spanish Moss – BOTTOM: Patchouli, Galbanum, Vanilla Flower 
Very light on cold sniff, but I think it's a woodsy cologney patchouli scent. 

Plum Cassis
TOP: Tart Cranberry, Bright Cassis, Dark Plum – MIDDLE: Clove, Winter Jasmine, Pink Sugar – BOTTOM: Cashmere Vanilla, Tobacco, Tonka Bean 
I love this scent! It's a rich dark plum scent (almost raisin-y) with a classy fig note that keeps it from being too fruity or overly sweet, and a slight amber note. When melted, it has a very slight nail polish note, but not enough to detract too much from the overall scent.

Plum Orchid
TOP: Floral, Green Bergamot, Plum – MIDDLE: Orchid, Jasmine, Ylang, Nutmeg, Amber – BOTTOM: Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Oriental 
I can't figure out the notes in this one. It's rich and warm, kind of like ambery perfume, but there's also a slight vanilla note in the background, and maybe a smidgen of bitterness. Ylang is an unusual scent to put in a wax melt, but I do detect that note. And I detect notes of the sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It's a very complex scent. 

Popcorn Garland
A classic holiday tradition of freshly popped popcorn strung around the Christmas tree with sweet butter and salty nuances. 
It smells just like authentic salty buttery popcorn! 

Pumpkin Roll
TOP: Nutmeg, Cinnamon – MIDDLE: Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Pumpkin Brulee – BOTTOM: Brown Sugar, Espresso Bean, Buttercream 
Rich cinnamon and sugar with a milky quality (maybe the cream cheese in the pumpkin roll). Scent lasted all day. 

Raspberry Macaroon
TOP: Raspberry Juices, Blackberries, Sugared Mandarin – MIDDLE: Chopped Almonds, Vanilla Pastry, White Cocoa Bean – BOTTOM: Powdered Sugar, Caramel Swirl, Sweet Rum, Coconut 
Super rich raspberry bakery scent. I definitely smell rich raspberries, and there's a smidgen of chocolate scent from the white cocoa. I also detect a little bit of caramel and just a hint of coconut. 

River Seine
TOP: Lemon, Pink Pepper, Metallic Notes – MIDDLE: Anise, Geranium, Watery Flowers – BOTTOM: Musk, Moss, Tonka, Creamy Woods 
This one is so light on cold sniff that I really can't smell anything except a slightly metallic floral. I didn't even bother melting it. 

TOP: Herbal Citrus – MIDDLE: Tobacco Blossom, Rose – BOTTOM: Wood, Balsamic 
Clearly I got a dud, because all I smell is old wax with maybe a smidgen of the tobacco note. I didn't even bother melting it. 

Rum Raisin
TOP: Peach, Apple, Pomegranate – MIDDLE: Rum, Lily, Peony – BOTTOM: Vanilla, Musk, and Amber 
On cold sniff I smell a combination of flowers and fruit but I can't make out the other notes. Apple maybe? Now that I see the fragrance notes, I think I do detect the musk and amber, definitely the floral notes (lily and peony), and the fruity notes (not sure which ones). It smells more like a nice classy ambery perfume (similar to Tropical Fig and Plum Cassis) rather a food scent. It doesn't smell like rum and raisin.

Ski Lodge
Retreat to the ski lodge after a long day with the scent of blooming lavender nestled among crushed eucalyptus and warm cedar wood. 
This is kind of like a "masculine" lavender. I definitely smell lavender first, but there's also the sweet wood note from the cedar, and maybe a faint hint of the eucalyptus. 

TOP: Apple, Melon, Peach, Pineapple – MIDDLE: Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Dewy Greens, Eucalyptus, Mint Leaf – BOTTOM: Sheer Musk, Vetiver, Rosewood, Amber 
Very weak on cold sniff, so I can't detect the notes. Something sweet? Mint? A hint of wood? Melted, I detect apple and spearmint with a hint of wood, and other notes I can't put my finger on. Melon? Maybe. I didn't really like this scent. 

Tibetan Sandalwood
TOP: Ginger, Cardamom – MIDDLE: Cedarwood, Guaiacwood, Jasmine – BOTTOM: Leather, Sandalwood, Tobacco 
Rich milky sandalwood with just a smidgen of smokiness. Scent dissipated after about 2 hours. 

Tobacco & Honey
TOP: Chamomile, Orange Flower, Carnation – MIDDLE: Honey, Jasmine, Saffron, Guiacwood, Opoponox – BOTTOM: Tobacco Leaf, Vetiver, Amber, White Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Cedar 
Another unusual combination that works. I definitely smell the sweet smoky tobacco scent and the honey. There's also a slight hint of floral, amber, and cedar 

Tropical Fig
TOP: Blue Mission Fig, Sparkling Honeydew, Green Fig Leaf – MIDDLE: Wild Freesia, Water Lotus, Hibiscus Blossom – BOTTOM: Coastal Figwood, Coconut Water, Midnight Plum 
This one is "slightly" similar to Plum Cassis, in that classy slightly fruity kind of way. It has a slight raisin quality, with maybe a hint of coconut and a smidgen of wood, but it's not a tropical scent. It's kind of perfumey. Now that I've read the fragrance notes, I think I do detect a hint of honeydew melon, and there is a very slight floral undertone as well. ScentSationals has an older scent called Tropical Fig, and I like that version more (it's slightly sweeter and doesn't have the coconut or melon notes). Great scent.

Vanilla Eggnog
A fireside favorite with warm vanilla cream and egg custard topped with rum and sugar cane. 
This really smells like eggnog, sweet rich creamy milky vanilla and nutmeg, and there may be a hint of floral or amber. 

White Pear & Cedar
TOP: White Pear, Nectarine – MIDDLE: White Flower, Juicy Peach – BOTTOM: Cedarwood, Earthy Patchouli, Blonde Woods 
This is such an unusual combination but it really works, and it's one of my favorite scents. I definitely smell the cedar, and the fruitiness of the pear. I think I smell a hint of patchouli, but I don't smell nectarine or peach. 

White Pumpkin & Clove
TOP: Pumpkin Seeds, Brown Sugar, White Pumpkin Purée – MIDDLE: Cinnamon leaf, Black Clove, Sandalwood – BOTTOM: Patchouli Bark, Vetiver, Vanilla Cashmere 
Wow, this one is rich! It smells like brown sugar and salty butter mixed together with a little bit of cloves added and a smidgen of pumpkin. 

Wild Iris
TOP: Lush Berry, Sweet Plum, Fresh Melon – MIDDLE: Violet Petals, Fresh Gardenia, Jasmine – BOTTOM: Vanilla, Orchid, Chilled Musk 
Floral with a slight vanilla note and a smidgen of berry. It smells like body wash.

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