Colonial Candle Wax Melts

Colonial Candle Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Colonial Candle Wax Melts (previously called "Simmer Snaps"). Colonial Candle scents are very complex and rich, and the scents for the most part are fantastic. They are supposedly made with paraffin, even though the soft consistency seems to be more soy based.

This information no longer applies as their oval shaped wax melts were replaced with tall rectangular clamshells in 2018-2019:
They are hit or miss as far as throw. The throw might be affected by the hole in the top of the lid, which is probably so consumers can sniff the scent without having to open the package. But when scented wax is exposed to air (much like perfume), the scent dissipates. So if the wax has been sitting around for more than a few months, even if the scent is fairly strong on cold sniff, the throw may no longer be good. When you buy these, make sure to tape over the holes.

You can buy Colonial Candle Wax Melts at some gift and card shops and some discount stores like Gabe's and Ollie's, but the easiest way to get all their available scents is through the Colonial Candle website. Colonial Candle frequently has sales, often up to 50% off, and they often have discounted prices as well, so you could end up getting some of their 2.4 oz. scents that regular go for $4, for $2 or even $1!

As of 2018, Colonial only makes a handful of wax melt scents, most of which are fall and winter type scents. They no longer have the huge selection they used to.

Complex, rich, fantastic scents. Great sales! Great throw on their newer scents since 2018.
Very few scents available since 2018.
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Colonial Candle Wax Melt Reviews
2019-11Mint CocoaChocolate3.50
2019-11Vanilla & BourbonIncense2.50
2019-11Yuletide CarolCurrant4.00
2018-11Amber & OudApple/Pear3.50
2018-11Cozy by the FireIncense3.50
2018-11Emerald FirPine3.00
2018-11Fall FestivalApple/Pear2.50
2018-11Pink PeppercornClove2.00
2018-11Raspberries and CreamFruity3.50
2018-11Sage Leaf & HoneyHerbal3.00
2018-11Sweet Black PlumPerfumey3.50
2018-11Yuletide CarolFoodie4.00
2017-02Bubbling CauldronPerfumey3.25
2017-02Denim & LaceFloral0.00
2017-02Enchanted SpellFruity2.25
2017-02Fireside S'MoresFoodie3.00
2017-02Glowing Jack O'LanternsOrange3.00
2017-02Spooky NightsIncense2.50
2017-02Sugared Violet PetalsPerfumey5.00
2017-02Vintage ChristmasPine3.25
2017-02Wild IvyWoodsy3.00
2016-12Coconut RainCoconut3.25
2016-12Cozy CashmerePerfumey1.00
2016-12Crimson FestivalFoodie3.00
2016-12Crisp Fall BreezeCologne1.50
2016-12Cucumber FrescaSpa2.75
2016-12Currant & HollyPine3.25
2016-12Falling LeavesIncense3.50
2016-12Harbor MistFresh1.50
2016-12Holiday SparklePine3.50
2016-12Juniper BerryPine3.75
2016-12Morning DewPerfumey2.50
2016-12Picnic in the ParkFloral2.50
2016-12Pink Cherry BlossomFloral3.00
2016-12Pumpkin TorteFoodie3.75
2016-12Rain ShowersFresh3.00
2016-12Savannah MossMisc1.00
2016-12Sea Salt & YuzuFresh3.50
2016-12Sea SprayFresh3.50
2016-12Simple BreezeLaundry3.75
2016-12Thistle & PinePine3.00
2016-12Vanilla RumFoodie3.00
2016-12White Oak & BerryCologne2.00
2016-12Winter WoodsPine5.00
2016-04Autumn BlissFruity4.00
2016-04Cedar MintMint2.50
2016-04Citrus WoodsFloral1.50
2016-04Cranberry CosmoFruity4.00
2016-04Fresh AloeCucumber3.00
2016-04Guava & PapayaFruity1.50
2016-04Mango SalsaTropical4.00
2016-04Orange BlossomFruity4.00
2016-04Sweet Iced TeaFoodie5.00
2015-12Amber & Oud WoodIncense1.50
2015-12Birch & ClovePine3.50
2015-12Blue SprucePine5.00
2015-12Cranberry NutChocolate3.50
2015-12Flora ParfumePerfumey1.00
2015-12Grapefruit & WheatgrassGrapefruit2.00
2015-12Grapefruit HibiscusGrapefruit3.50
2015-12Hibiscus & JavaCoffee3.50
2015-12Indian SummerFoodie3.50
2015-12Mahogany LeatherSmoky2.50
2015-12Maple ButterscotchFoodie3.50
2015-12Moroccan MarketCinnamon1.50
2015-12Parisian CafeApple/Pearn/a
2015-12Plum CassisPerfumey3.50
2015-12Plum OrchidPerfumey3.50
2015-12Popcorn GarlandFoodie3.50
2015-12Pumpkin RollFoodie3.50
2015-12Raspberry MacaroonFoodie3.50
2015-12River SeineFloraln/a
2015-12Rum RaisinFoodie2.00
2015-12Ski LodgeLavender3.50
2015-12Tibetan SandalwoodWoodsy3.00
2015-12Tobacco & HoneyFoodie3.50
2015-12Tropical FigPerfumey4.00
2015-12Vanilla EggnogFoodie3.00
2015-12White Pear & CedarIncense3.50
2015-12White Pumpkin & CloveFoodie4.00
2015-12Wild IrisFloral0.00


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