Glade Wax Melt Reviews Spring 2019

March 17, 2019

Glade Wax Melt Reviews Spring 2019

This is a review of the Glade Wax Melt scents from Spring 2019. These new Glade scents are only available in candle form. I haven't found them in wax melts, so I scooped out the candle wax to use in the warmer instead of burning the candles (which is easy to do, since the wax is very soft, like tub margarine). Since Glade candles use a very soft wax and Glade wax melts use a very hard wax, the throw ratings may be different for the melts. If I can find the wax melts, I will update my review.

Acoustic Sage
Dried Sage, Fig Leaves, Brown Sugar
I didn't buy this one because it's a dupe of several older Glade scents I have, including Sunset Walk and Sage & Thyme Market. It's a very strong, pungent, savory, slightly lemony "salad" type scent with no sweetness at all. It's quite nice, although not something I want my house to smell like.

Berry Pop
Strawberry, Dewberry, Lime Zest
A fake, sweet, slightly tart berry scent, like fruit flavored drink mix. When melted, there's an odd "burnt" note way in the background that I don't care for.

Elegant Amber & Oud
Exotic Spices, Jasmine, Warm Amber and Oud Wood
This smells a lot like Glade Volcanic Coconut Cove that came out April 2018, a nice smoky milky coconut. But it's not the same scent. This scent seems to use the Volcanic Coconut Cove scent as a base, but adds a hint of sweetness, a smidgen of cinnamon, a tiny bit of a foodie note like caramel or rum, a little bit of a cologney note, and a tiny bit of wood. Oud is a deep resinous almost tree sappy woodsy scent, and I don't smell that type of wood scent per se. Amber adds a warm note to scents, and I think I do smell that a little bit. Looking at the notes, I don't smell jasmine at all (but maybe that's the slight sweetness). It's not a floral scent at all. It also smells a bit like ScentSationals Fire Amber and Goose Creek Cozy Home. Great scent!

Sultry Amber Rhythm
Dark Rum, Arctic Mint and Black Leather
This smells like a rich men's cologne note with a sweet tobacco note and possibly a smidgen of patchouli. It almost has a foodie note, like maybe a hint of caramel or rum. I also smell a rich dark wood note. Looking at the scent notes, they're enticing! And there's the rum! I don't really smell leather, but it's probably way in the background. And I don't detect mint at all. I'd say it's a rummy, woodsy, slightly incensey men's cologne scent. And it's fantastic! Although this shares some of the notes with Elegant Amber & Oud, it's a totally different scent. But interestingly, I detect an oud note in this scent even though oud is not in the notes.

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