Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - March 2016

March 12, 2016

Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - March 2016

This is a review of Goose Creek Candle Wax Melts from March 2016. Goose Creek Candle wax melt and candle scents are fantastic. They're rich and complex, and in general they throw very well. Goose Creek Candle products can be found on their website at, and at some stores like Gabe's and Tuesday Morning.

Bergamot Mist
Top - Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon Zest; Mid - Geranium, Grapefruit; Base - Creamy Suede, White Cedar, Oak Moss
A men's cologne scent, but I don't remember the exact notes.

Blackberry Bourbon
Sun ripened, juicy blackberries, sweet boysenberries & tangy black current infuse barrel aged Kentucky bourbon to create this intoxicating and delicious blend. Creamy notes of sandalwood and natural vanilla finish this delectable creation.
On cold sniff I smell blackberry first, but there's also a slight floral and maybe perfumey quality. I don't think I smell bourbon. Looking at the scent notes, I do smell boysenberry (I only know what this smells like from boysenberry pancake syrup at iHop restaurants!). The black currant might be the perfumey note, since that tends to temper other scents and make them smell more classy. Vanilla, sure. Sandalwood, no. It's a nice scent, although a little generic.

Blueberry Cake Donut
This flavorsome fragrance opens with fruity notes of apple, blueberry, and black raspberries. A rich heart of vanilla cake, milk, crystallized sugar, vanilla buttercream and musk.
It definitely smells like a donut with blueberries. But it's a fake blueberry scent. It still smells very nice, but would be better if it were more authentic. Looking at the scent notes, okay I do smell the raspberry, which may be what's making the blueberry smell fake. I don't smell apple. But strangely, I think I might detect a smidgen of musk, because this is a somewhat perfumey fruity bakery scent.

Burlwood & Oak
This warm, woody blend of oak, cashmere woods, sandalwood and tonka delights and intrigues the senses with the addition of aromatic rosemary, lemon, lavender and rose, creating a blend that is truly intoxicating.
This is a very nice men's cologne scent with a clean, woodsy note, maybe cedar or a vanilla woods type scent. It's not overly sweet or annoying. Looking at the scent notes, there's the oak and sandalwood. Ah, cashmere (which is a warm amber type scent), yes I do smell that in the background. Tonka I believe is a type of vanilla. As for rosemary, lemon, lavender and rose, if I were not looking for those scents I wouldn't smell them, but I think I detect just a smidgen of each of those notes now that I know they're there. Well, maybe not the lemon.

Charming Colada
Key lime, lemon sugar, pineapple, coconut milk, vanilla and more.
This is a lemony lime scent with sugar and creamy vanilla. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell coconut at all, and if there's pineapple, it's barely noticeable. Fantastic summery scent! After several hours, it became more of a sugary lemon scent without the lime notes (which smells just as yummy).

Cherry Cobbler
This scrumptious handmade treat folds fresh cherries, orange and lemon zest into a sweet, delicious blend of cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, buttery cake crumbs and vanilla extract.
I definitely smell cherries, but it's more of a fake cherry (in a good way), almost like a cough drop. But I also smell the brown sugar, which makes this scent very rich and succulent. And even though it's supposed to be a bakery scent, and it's very yummy, it doesn't have strong bakery notes. I don't smell cinnamon, orange or vanilla. I'm not a fan of cherry scents, but I love this one. The scent started dissipating within 2 hours.

Cozy Home
Have a seat by the fire and enjoy the sweet but rich notes of coconut, pine, woody, musk and caramel.
On cold sniff I smell coconut first, then notes of wood, milky vanilla, and a smidgen of cinnamon. Looking at the scent notes, yep there's the coconut and wood. I don't smell pine at all. Maybe musk and caramel if I was really looking for it. The hint of cinnamon I'm smelling might actually be the caramel. Melted, I just smell really milky coconut with barely any sweetness. This is a nice classy take on coconut.

Crunchy Leaves
Enjoy notes of black currant, Fuji apple, and tangerine, enriched with a warm heart of cinnamon stick, clove bud, and plum puree. Cedarwood, oak bark, amber, convey a cozy finish.
Although this scent does have an earthy fall vibe, it's not at all what you'd think a typical fall scent should smell like. It's very complex and I can't figure out the notes. There seems to be only a barely detectable smidgen of every note I'm smelling. I think there's a smoky wood, and maybe cologne, and maybe apple, and maybe orange, and maybe cinnamon, and maybe clove. It even has kind of a dirt or potting soil vibe that makes this smell very natural, in a good way. It's a nice scent, not my favorite, but it really is unique. Looking at the scent notes, okay there's the apple, orange, cinnamon and clove. Black currant and plum, okay these are the notes that give this scent a classy, elegant feel.  The scent only lasted about two hours.
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

Dancing Dandelions
Flowery and feminine, this delightful fragrance blend of Meyer lemon, juicy apple, lily of the valley, rose and violet leaf meet an enticing fusion of vanilla, white woods and musk to create the enchanting essence of walking through a field of dandelions.
This is a green floral with a slight saltiness that makes it smell like an ocean scent. Actually it smells like women's body wash or shampoo, but it's not overly feminine. But it's very light on cold sniff, and while melting. Looking at the scent notes, lemon... I don't know, maybe a smidgen? I don't smell apple or lily of the valley. Maybe violet and rose. The scent is just so light I can't tell, and it doesn't smell quite as complex as the notes shown. But after an hour or so it seems like the scent has mostly dissipated. Nice scent, although a little generic.

French Autumn
The mouthwatering aroma of fig leaves, purple plum and tangerine is blended with a bouquet of raspberry flower, peach blossom and orchid. Sandalwood, powdered sugar and orris root provide a warm, comforting finish.
This one smells exactly like Moonlit Bloom to me. And looking at the scent notes, it makes sense, since they're the same notes. I'm not sure why they would have two scents with the same, well, scents. I'm guessing one, probably the French Autumn, is a seasonal scent. I don't mind, since it is a very nice scent.

Grapefruit Mandarin
Delight your senses in this fresh, invigorating blend as juicy grapefruit, orange and cassis mingle together with a vibrant bouquet of cyclamen, violet leaf, black currant and musk.
I smell grapefruit with a savory peppery note, but in a good way. It smells like maybe sage in the background, but that might be the mandarin. This is not a sweet scent at all. Looking at the scent notes, I might detect a smidgen of orange. I'm not sure what cassis smells like, but I think that, as well as black currant, gives scents kind of a classy, mellow note. No clue what cyclamen is, and I don't smell violet leaf or musk. I really expected to see something like sage, pepper, or even lemon in the notes. I wasn't sure if I would like this scent based on cold sniff, but now that it's melting it smells fantastic, like a savory summer salad with grapefruit on the side. After a few hours, the scent got a little annoying because it's so intense.

Hazelnut Cake
A mouth watering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla with sugarcoated vanilla bean, butter, and coconut.
Fantastic and unique scent, this one really smells like vanilla cake with hazelnuts and a little bit of chocolate. It's rich and nutty, and the chocolate is not overwhelming. I think I detect a coconut note as well, so this kind of smells like German chocolate cake. It's rich but it's not overly sweet. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on as far as what I smell, but I'm surprised I don't see chocolate in the scent notes. I really do smell a milk chocolate note.

Kiss in the Sand
Enjoy a seaside kiss as cool ocean water splashes your toes. This fragrance is a sexy blend of dark berries, moon flower and violet wrapped in a sensual cocoon of vanilla, sandalwood and light musk.
I think I smell strawberry, raspberry, and sweet vanilla, along with that slight lipstick note that makes it smell a little like Pink Sugar. It's very similar to Moonlit Bloom and French Autumn. Looking at the scent notes, yes there are the berries, as well as violet, and vanilla. I don't think I detect floral, and definitely not sandalwood or musk. I like this one.

Maple Butter
Top - Warm Molten Maple; Mid - Melted Butter, Sugar Crystals; Base - Twisted Vanilla, Light Spic
I didn't like this one on cold sniff. It smelled like a fake chemical maple scent. I didn't even bother to melt it.

Moonlit Bloom
A delicate floral bouquet of raspberry flower, peach blossoms and orchids are topped with sweet accords of fig leaves, purple plum and tangerine. Sandalwood, powdered sugar and orris root in the base deliver a soothing finish.
This one smells a little like Pink Sugar, similar to Better Homes & Gardens Pink Sugar Berry, Better Homes & Gardens White Cranberry Amaryllis, and ScentSationals Italian Gelato. It's a rich, sweet, succulent berry scent (raspberry, I think) with a makeup or lipstick note and a little warmth but not ambery. There's another note in there that gives it a smidgen of savoriness. It sounds crazy, but that savory note gives it a slight halvah like vibe. Halvah is a sweet treat made with sesame tahini. So yeah, it's kind of like raspberry, fig, and sweet halvah! Looking at the scent notes, there's the raspberry, and plum is definitely in there as well. I think the fig leaves give it a classy note and temper some of the sweetness. I don't know what orris root is, but that's probably the slight halvah like savory note. I don't smell peach or tangerine or sandalwood. I really like this scent!

The exotic earthly allure of patchouli with notes of woody patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and white cashmere.
This one is listed on the site as Patchouli Leaves, which it also says on the label at the bottom of the package. But the front label just says Patchouli. I think Patchouli Leaves describes it better though. I do smell patchouli and spices (but not cinnamon type spice), as well as mossy, woodsy, and green notes, a definite woodsy note, and maybe a smidgen of floral, or even a little bit of musk to give it a slight perfumey quality (but not men's cologne). Looking at the notes, I expected it to be more complex. Sandalwood and cedar are most likely the woodsy notes I'm smelling, and white cashmere may be the other slightly floral ambery note. Melting, it has a very natural scent, like tree sap, or a natural skin salve that I used to have. I like the scent, but this is one that I can see some people really not liking.

Peanut Butter Sugar
Creamy peanut butter, pure sugar cane, and whipped vanilla blend into light notes of fresh apple, candied tangerine, and lemon zest to create this rich, delectable treat.
This smells like those cheap five-and-dime square vanilla wafer cookies. But that's not a bad thing, as it actually smells yummy! It's not a realistic scent, more like a rich, sugary candy/cookie scent. I don't really smell peanut butter, although maybe there's a hint of a fake nut note and a little bit of brown sugar. Now that I see the scent notes, I'm surprised that peanut butter is the first one. And I don't smell anything even resembling apple, tangerine or lemon. I'm actually glad this one is not a super strong thrower, since it's so sweet and rich!

This true aroma is the perfect peppermint stick combined with sweet spun sugar and warm melted honey.
This is true peppermint, like a peppermint candy. It's sweet but not overly sweet, and I don't smell honey. It almost has a menthol note because it's so pepperminty. But it's not spearmint or toothpaste mint, which is good. On cold sniff I wasn't sure if I'd like this because it's so minty, but as it's melting, it's not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. A very nice mint scent!
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

Peppermint Snowflake
Ambersweet mandarin is blended with peppermint extract and crushed candy canes for a cool and refreshing experience. Creamy vanilla and vanilla sugar add a sweet, creamy finish for a decadent holiday treat.
This is my favorite mint scent of the 3 Goose Creek mint scents I've tried. This one has the least amount of mint. It smells like a warm vanilla cookie with mint in it. I don't smell any mandarin or orange notes at all. When melted, it smells more minty than it does on cold sniff, but I still smell the warm vanilla cookie notes.

Pumpkin Molasses
Top - Warm Maple, Sweet Leaves; Mid - Molten Molasses, Honey, Cinnamon; Base - Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Amber
A typical generic fall/spicy scent. Scent is just "okay".

Spring Clean
This delicate and fresh scent opens with bergamot and juicy red currant blended with rose, jasmine petals and geranium. A sensual base of sweet musk, benzoin and creamy patchouli adds depth.
This one is very weak on cold sniff. It's kind of floral but also with a hint of vanilla I think, but it smells waxy. It smells like an old scent with a poor shelf life. Now reading the notes, I think rose might be the strongest note, and I do smell currant (gives it a classy vibe). Musk and patchouli? Maybe. It's just hard to tell because it's so weak.

Spun Sugar
Lemon sorbet, raspberry swirl, pink sugared plums, and sandalwood cream.
This one smells like Pink Sugar, a girly perfume that has become a popular vendor wax scent. It's very sweet, like cotton candy and marshmallows, with a fake strawberry or raspberry note (in a good way), and maybe just a smidgen of lemon, and maybe a barely detectable floral. Looking at the scent notes, yep that's about right. This is one of the scents I ordered last year, and it has been discontinued.

Strawberry Jam
Grandma's specialty; straight from the strawberry patch. Notes of strawberry, peach, caramel, and vanilla.
This is the most delicious strawberry scent I've ever smelled. It smells just like sweet rich strawberry jam, or maybe handmade strawberry ice cream with a lot of strawberries mixed in.  Looking at the scent notes, yes I think I can detect the peach. It gives this scent a juicy country feel. And I smell a smidgen of caramel, which gives this scent its richness. One of my all-time favorite scents!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake
Enjoy top notes of strawberry, orange and grapefruit. The middle combines sweet lemonade and a light dose of bakery coconut. The bottom warms the heart with vanilla cupcake mix, buttermilk and powdered sugar.
This smells just like a vanilla cupcake, with lemonade in the background. And it's really a cupcake scent, not plain vanilla, not cake, not a donut. How do they do that?? The lemon note is a lemonade type scent, not a sweet bakery lemon like the new Better Homes & Gardens Iced Lemon Poundcake scent, and not a kitchen or industrial lemon. The lemon note is not very strong, but I do smell it. Looking at the scent notes, orange and grapefruit? Hmm, perhaps. There is a very faint bitterness way in the background which is probably the grapefruit rather than the lemon. Although I do smell the lemon too. Ah, coconut, that's what's making this smell like a real cupcake. The coconut is so subtle I don't actually notice it. When melted, I only smell the vanilla cupcake and none of the lemon notes.

Summer Slices
The scent of Summer Slices is a luscious fruit citrus medley with grapefruit, tangerine, and strawberry.
Mmm, fresh summer grapefruit, and I think a touch of orange and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of red berry. Looking at the notes, yep, I smell those on cold sniff. Nice summer fruit scent! The scent fizzled after about an hour or two.

Vanilla Wonderland
This is a vanilla peppermint scent with notes of vanilla, peppermint, balsam, lemon and precious woods.
This is a peppermint scent, first and foremost. It's also sweet with a vanilla note. And there's something else in there that I can only describe as musty, but in a good way. It gives this scent a homey feel. It might be the combination of balsam and woods, although it doesn't smell like pine or spruce at all, or even wood for that matter, and I don't detect any lemon.

Winter Splendor
This is a cool winter scent with red berries, cinnamon, vanilla bean, white cedar and smokey firewood.
On cold sniff I smell red berries, balsam or eucalyptus, and a smoky note. Seeing the scent notes, yes I think I detect cedar. I don't smell the cinnamon on cold sniff, but I do smell it a little when melted. And although I smell balsam or eucalyptus on cold sniff, I don't smell it when melted. Melted, I smell mostly the smokiness with a little bit of red berries. I like this scent. It's warm and cozy and although it's definitely a winter/Christmas scent, it's a little different from other winter type scents.
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

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