Goose Creek Candle Christmas Wax Melt Reviews 2020

November 26, 2020

Goose Creek Candle Christmas Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Goose Creek Candle Christmas Wax Melts from 2020. As usual, fantastic scents with great throw! Goose Creek Candle wax melts and candles can be found on their website at, and at some stores like Gabe's and Tuesday Morning.

Christmas Cookies
Top: Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Milk; Mid: Whipped Cream; Base: French Vanilla, Warm Cookie
This is an incredible scent that might easily be overlooked as just another vanilla cookie scent, but it's not. It's super sweet and buttery, like vanilla buttercream, but it's not exactly buttercream either. It smells like sweet sugary waxy sprinkles/jimmies that go on top of ice cream! And also like that sweet, artificial, waxy aroma of Entenmann's or convenience store pastries, but in the best way Actually, I think that "waxy" note is coconut. My description makes it sounds bad, but it's SO incredibly good, and very very unique.

Christmas Village
Top: Frosty Peppermint, Spearmint Kiss; Mid: White Snow, Marshmallow Fluff; Base: Chilly Vanilla, Crystallized Vanilla
This may be one of the absolutely best scents I've ever smelled!! It's so unique in that it smells like whipped cream, but not any whipped cream, specifically the spray can version of that super milky Reddi Wip. But it also has a bit of a nasal clearing creamy peppermint note as well, along with a sweet sugary vanilla. It's spectacular! Looking at the notes, I don't smell spearmint at all.
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

Christmas Wreath
Top: Frosted Citrus, Hollyberry, Apple; Mid: Pine Cones, Fresh Cut Pine, Balsam Fir; Base: Canadian Fir Needles, Cedarwood, Cinnamon
A fantastic blend of cinnamon and pine, with a hint of apple maybe, and a smidgen of cedar perhaps. So like 55% cinnamon, 30% pine, 10% apple, and 5% cedar. And the pine is that nice woodsy, sprucey pine rather than a sour or harsh pine. Perfect holiday/winter scent!

Classic Christmas Tree
Top: Crisp Spruce, Earthy Pine; Mid: Snowy Woodlands; Base: Tree Bark, Cedarwood
Just like the scent name, this is indeed a classic Christmas tree pine scent, with nothing else added. It's a very very slightly smoky pine rather than a harsh, biting pine. This scent is great for blending with other scents to add a nice pine note.

Cotton Candy Blizzard
Top: Fruity Cotton Candy, Winter Mint; Mid: Iced Peppermint Leaves; Base: Spun Sugar, Whipped Vanilla, Crystalized Sugar
This smells like sweet but tart berries, and not tart like cranberries, more like sweet berries with garden mint and/or a hint of eucalyptus added. It doesn't smell like cotton candy to me though. It's a nice, unusual scent, and I like it! It smells a bit like ScentSationals Raspberry Margarita, which I described as smelling like raspberry and eucalyptus.

Eskimo Kisses
Top: Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean; Mid: Black Pepper, Lavender; Base: Amber, Cashmere, Woods
A very nice sweet, fresh men's cologne scent with a hint of sweet cedar and a barely detectable smidgen of smokiness. It smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Dapper. Looking at the notes, I don't detect vanilla, pepper or lavender.

Gingerbread Men
Top: Gingerbread Cookies, Soft Spice; Mid: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon; Base: Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean
Warm, rich gingerbread cookies with a hint of cloves, right out of the oven, with super sweet brown sugar glaze. Yummy!

Marshmallow Red Velvet
Top: Rich Red Velvet Cake; Mid: Chocolate Cake Batter, Cream Cheese Frosting; Base: Fluffy Marshmallows, Vanilla Creme
This smells like red velvet cupcakes with super sweet white frosting with a hint of marshmallow and that milk chocolate note from the red velvet. Actually, it smells like their Red Velvet Cupcake scent, but sweeter. Yummy scent! Looking at the notes, I don't detect any cream cheese type notes.

Marshmallow Snow Cream
Top: Double Fluffy Marshmallows; Mid: Vanilla, Snow Cream, Sugar; Base: Milk, Cream, Sugar
A yummy scent that smells like super sweet white frosting and marshmallows.

Peppermint Mocha Milkshake
Top: Vanilla Milk Shake, Cocoa; Mid: Peppermint Leaf, Golden Honey, Candy Cane; Base: Rich Cocoa Powder, Whipped Milk, Vanilla Crème
A super yummy sweet peppermint patty scent with rich chocolate and cool, creamy peppermint. It has a tiny bit of a milky quality that does indeed make it smell like a milkshake. Looking at the notes, there's the whipped milk. I don't smell honey. Fantastic scent!

Snow Covered Trees
Top: Winter Citrus, Falling Snow, Frozen Fir Needle; Mid: Frosted Eucalyptus, Pinecones, Siberian Fir; Base: Blue Spruce, Cool Musk
A nice smoky pine scent with a bit of nasal-clearing eucalyptus and maybe a smidgen of a woodsy, nutty note. Looking at the notes, the woodsy nuttiness is the pinecone. As for musk, I guess there could be just a smidgen of sweetness way in the background, but I don't smell any perfumey or cologne notes at all.

Sparkling Cinnamon
Top: Sparkling Cinnamon, Cinnamon Sticks; Mid: Cinnamon Bark, Freesia, Ground Nutmeg; Base: Soft Vanilla, Clove Buds, White Cedarwood
This is, well, cinnamon. It's much sweeter than most cinnamon scents, like there's a note of sugar crystals or something. And maybe a smidgen of cloves for warmth. Looking at the notes, I don't detect freesia (a floral), vanilla or cedarwood. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon scents, but because this scent is super sweet and not quite as harsh or a "red hot candies" type cinnamon, I like it.

Sugar Cookie Dough
Top: Cookie Dough, Cake Batter; Mid: Cookie, Cream, Sugar; Base: Sweet Milk, Vanilla Bean, Sugarcane
This is a classic sweet sugar cookie scent, and different from their Christmas Cookies scent. Yummy!

The Snuggle Is Real
Top: Amber, Sandalwood; Mid: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Orchid, Soft Woods; Base: Plush Woods, Cashmere
This smells like marshmallow with a warm, ambery perfume note and possibly a smidgen of some kind of fruit like plum. Similar to a lot of other scents I have, but still very nice!

Tree Cutting
Top: Winter Pine, Snow Flakes; Mid: Spearmint, Eucalyptus Leaves; Base: Fresh Cut Timber, Applewood
Despite the similar name and almost the same picture on the label, this is completely different from their old Christmas Tree Cutting scent (which smelled like spruce and dirt, in a good way). This smells like spearmint with a bit of eucalyptus and just a hint of pine, like Better Homes & Gardens Frosty Winter Nights. Oh wait, it smells like Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather, although with a bit more eucalyptus and very slightly less sweet. Fantastic!

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