ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2019

March 9, 2019

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2019

This is a review of ScentSationals Wax Melts from Walmart from Spring 2019. These are wonderful scents and they throw well. And such a wide assortment of fragrances!

Agave Lime
Agave and lime, accented by cardamom and sage. A heart of freesia, cyclamen, and verbena blossom is comforted by a lush foundation of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.
This smells like rich men's cologne with sweet and salty lemon notes. It's fantastic, and the scent lasted all day. Agave smells like a bland watery cucumber (which is what ScentSationals Blue Agave smells like, and thankfully this scent is nothing like that).

Apples! Apples! Apples!
Just-picked Macintosh apple blended with fruity orchard Empire, sweet Jonagold and a touch of tart Granny-Smith apples.
It's just a plain authentic apple scent. It's similar to Better Homes & Gardens Fresh Orchard Apples, but sniffing them side by side, Fresh Orchard Apples is not as authentic and has a tiny bit of a biting note. This scent is more full bodied and much more realistic, and smells very nice. But it's still just an apple scent. It's not the same as last year's ScentSationals Country Living, which was especially fantastic due to a slight note of pine.

Beach Please
Sea kelp and turquoise waves mingled with salty ocean air, sun-warmed sands, and metallic seashells glinting with tropical fruit with notes of melon, guava, pineapple, and passion fruit.
This smells like a rich perfume with hints of watermelon, honeydew, maybe pineapple, and possibly a smidgen of coconut and a little vanilla. It's sweet and fresh and a little fruity, and absolutely fantastic! Someone said this reminds them of ScentSationals Coral Shores from last year, and after sniffing them side by side, I definitely agree they're very similar!

Cactus Garden
Sparkling fresh top notes of misted citrus blended with a lush, herbal, fruity aloe accord wrapped in a warm body of wood with amber and spice
A wonderful salty, savory, zesty scent with a bit of a cologne note, and with maybe a hint of tart lemon, although it's not a lemon scent. There might be a smidgen of a green or herbal note in the background. I really like this one. It's very similar to the new Better Homes & Gardens Sage Leaf Aloe. I think Cactus Garden is slightly more lemony, while Sage Leaf Aloe has a tinge more of an herbal note. I like them both, but I like Cactus Garden a little more. It's also similar to Agave Lime, but that scent is more of a men's cologne scent, so it's sweeter.

Cake Batter Ice Cream
Indulge in this guilt-free, classic cake batter accord enriched with decadent, sweet buttercream while vanilla sugar swirls throughout, creating a simply divine treat!
This smells like super sweet vanilla buttercream frosting on a rich yellow cake with milk or white chocolate ganache in the middle. You might be tempted to take a bite out of the wax! It might be the same scent as an old ScentSationals scent called Chocolate Chip Cookie, although I think this scent has more of a yellow cake note.
What People Are Saying

"This smells just like chocolate chip cookies!"

"This smells just like Bath & Body Works Boardwalk Vanilla Cone! It's a very unique vanilla note coming through, like marshmallow. There's also a really nice element in this one that's super rich and decadent- like a buttercream frosting! This is a must have, because it might seem like a basic vanilla cake scent, but it's so much more!"

Cedar & Lavender
Amber mahogany wood spirals verdant greens and elements of citrus-splashed lavender over nuances of oriental amber, marine-spiked moss and white cedar
A fantastic scent that smells like rich men's cologne, and do smell a hint of lavender. Not sure about the cedar, although there may be a smidgen of a woodsy note in the background. I'm also detecting a hint of coconut for some reason. After melting for a few hours, the cologne note started dissipating and I smell the lavender a little more. It smells a little bit like Scentsy Lavender Vanilla and Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla (both of which might be dupes for Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla). I adore this scent! Interestingly, it got stronger after almost 2 hours. At first the throw was more of a medium, then it got stronger, and quite strong after 8 hours.

Cotton Candy Cloud
The ultimate sweet spun sugar confection! A blend of fresh peach nectar with subtle undertones of shredded coconut and pink lady apple topped with a hint of lemon and wrapped in chiffon musk.
This is not a cotton candy scent, but it still smells great. It shares many cotton candy notes, such as strawberry (the main note) and lemon, but although it's sweet, it's not sweet "enough" to be true cotton candy. It has a smidgen of a salty sour note (not in a bad way) that ScentSationals Pink Velvet had (although this is nothing like that scent). It's similar to Unicorn Cake, but not the same scent. Unicorn Cake also has an orange note, a more pronounced lemon note, and a bakery note.
What People Are Saying

"There is a very light note of cotton candy, but I mostly smell sugared strawberry. It smells good, but it's not authentic cotton candy."
"It smells just like Better Homes & Gardens Sugared Lavender Twist."
"This smells like the 'sugar' in Sugared Lavender Twist. If you like that one, you'll probably like this one!"
"This one pretty much captures what you think of when you hear cotton candy- a generic sweetness, almost like a berry, with a distinct spun sugar vanilla finish. Also, I feel like I'm picking up on a soft floral in the background. Think along the lines of Bath & Body Works Pink Petal Tea Cake."
"This reminds me of ScentSationals Violet Sugar."

Crystal Healing
This bright scent revels in the complexities of freshness, illuminated by an aura of sun kissed pomelo, sunny lemon and effervescent orange blended with a fruity floral bouquet of succulent apricot, peony petals, jasmine draped in sweet berry notes, flowing to an unexpected backdrop of sheer amber, clean musk, and a subtle hint of vanilla woods.
I can't figure out the notes for this one, but it smells great. I smell a light, authentic floral like lily (not rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, or any overly sweet florals), with a hint of lemon I think, and maybe a hint of bergamot (which gives it a tiny bit of a cologne note, although it's not a cologne scent at all). Perhaps also a smidgen of a light wood note, and even a barely detectable smidgen of powdery cinnamon way in the background that most people wouldn't notice. It smells like an authentic flower scent, not overly sweet, not perfumey, not overbearing, but just right. It's kind of similar to the Magnolia scent, but a little sweeter and with less of the lemon note. Looking at the notes, I don't smell fruity notes, especially orange.
What People Are Saying

"It smells like Lolita Lempicka perfume, which has some anise, violet, and vanilla."

"Very deep almost powdery floral mixed with a citrusy fresh vibe."

"I really wanted to love this one. The wax is PURPLE and the label screams my name! It smells good to me cold, but once I melted it I found it to have a sweet note that just didn’t appeal to me."

Aquatic sea kelp and brilliant marine mosses that reveal black peppered basil and earthy sage embraced by white cedar, cardamom, grated nutmeg, and salted musk with amber.
I thought this was the same scent as ScentSationals Fusion Bourbon, but sniffing them side by side, they're similar but not the same. This is a men's cologne scent with a little bit of a smoky cedar note. It's very nice, and the scent lasted for at least 8 hours.

Walmart website - Fruity floral fragrance blending pink lemon, waterlily and mandarin with peony, freesia, and jasmine, and a base of musk, white woods, and vanilla.

ScentSationals website - Pikake, hibiscus and pineapple flower sparkle above notes of pink mango, ripe guava and Polynesian papaya sweetened with coconut blossom and emerald palm (I think these are the correct notes based on how it smells.)

This is a sour tropical fruit scent with a zesty sour note. It's been used for many other tropical scents, and with good reason, because it smells great! The notes that some people have said they detect in this scent include grapefruit, pineapple, melon, and peach. I don't really detect any of those, although maybe a hint of the grapefruit. It smells to me like a combination of satsuma (a small orange/ mandarin type citrus fruit with a pungent, sour, fruity lemon note) and a tropical fruit like small yellow guava (which can have a bit of a pungent bay leaf type note, unlike pink guavas which are sweeter). I got it! It's a dupe of ScentSationals Mango Luau (from 2017), Better Homes & Gardens Wild Island Fruit (from 2014 I think), AmbiEscents Passion Fruit Love, and AmbiEscents Brazilian Sunset. The notes for Mango Luau were "papaya sweetened with sugar, mango, guava and tropical passionfruit with hints of vanilla", although I'm not sure how accurate that is, since this scent is not sweet. I love it though!

Flower Shop
A bouquet of lilac, hyacinth, and baby's breath revels emerald carnation, rock rose, and hints of freesia wrapped in a blooming lily freshness
This smells like authentic spring flowers. It's not perfumey or soapy, and it's not even all that sweet. It really smells like I have a vase of lilies, lilacs and hyacinths on the table. Fantastic! The label shows tulips, but tulips don't have a scent!

Inner Zen
Vibrant garden mint and crushed eucalyptus embraced by aquatic spearmint and frosted rosemary accents
I think this is the same scent as last year's Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Rosemary & Spearmint. This is pure spearmint. It's not a chewing gum or sweet candy spearmint (although someone said it smells like Wrigley's spearmint gum), but more like fresh spearmint from the garden, although it is a LITTLE sweet. It does have a bit of a toothpaste note, but again, not as sweet. I don't smell eucalyptus at all (which would have a bit of a pine note). If you like spearmint scents, you will adore this one! I'm not a fan of spearmint, and even I like it. It's also a good mixer... combine it with lemon and/or lavender to make a nice spa scent, or with a fresh air, laundry, cologne, or vanilla scent. It seems like everyone who has tried this scent loves it!

Jiggle Wiggle Strawberry
Home-made strawberry jam topped with bright notes of lemon peel and dusted with raw sugar cane, supported by crystallized vanilla swirls.
On cold sniff this smells just like strawberry Jell-O, or more specifically, the powder used to make Jell-O. It might have a little bit of raspberry in it as well. It's not an authentic strawberry scent, nor is it meant to be. It's more of a sweet strawberry candy scent. When melted, however, that slightly tart note that I thought might be raspberry became more pronounced, and turned into more of a chemical note that I don't care for. It's still a nice scent, but I liked it better on cold sniff. A couple of other people agreed about the chemical note.

A bouquet of rose, jasmine, and cherry blossom are settled into the heart of the fragrance. The base is comprised of lush leafy greens with soft undertones of apple peel brightened by lemongrass and grounded by crisp musk.
An authentic floral scent that smells a little bit like Crystal Healing, but it's a little less sweet, a little more rich, slightly more lemony, and with a slightly salty note. It's not a lemony scent though, but I think the hint of lemon is there because it makes the floral note smell more authentic (I think magnolia flowers do have a hint of a lemon). It has a bit of a soapy powdery rose note, but it's not perfumey at all. It's a completely different floral from the Flower Shop scent (which is more lilac/hyacinth, and doesn't have the salty and lemony notes). Fantastic scent.
What People Are Saying

"I smell a bit of rose, but good rose, not soapy old lady rose."

"It smells like powdery rose and lemon."

Pacific Coast Highway
Pineapple, verbena and coconut sparkle with ozone freshness, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot.
I smell sweet candy-like pineapple, strawberry and maybe a little orange, along with maybe a smidgen of coconut and fresh air note. It's a pleasant scent. Someone said it's a coconutty beachy scent.

Peace & Love
Sweet greens and tropical pineapple spun with crushed lavender petals and sugared berries
This smells like a garden herb with a little bit of a lemony note (but it's not a lemongrass or spa type scent at all). It's a very "natural" scent, and it's savory rather than sweet. It has a bit of a sour and slightly salty note. I'm not a fan of this one, but I think it would make a good mixer for sweet floral scents, to tone them down and give them a more natural, authentic feel.

Maybe my sniffer is off, because everyone says this has a sweet bubble gum note, but I don't smell ANY sweetness, flowers or fruity notes in this scent, despite the fact that lavender and sugared berries are in the notes!

What People Are Saying

"It smells like a sweet jasmine type flower."

"This smells just like bubble gum."

"Mostly sweet with a little citrus and a strange minty herbal note."

"It smells like rotting sour fruit."

Strawberry Orange
Zesty citrus orange spun with sweet hints of fresh meadow strawberry swirled with creamy undertones of smooth vanilla bean
This smells like super sweet strawberry and orange hard candy. What else can I say? It's incredible and I adore this scent!
What People Are Saying

"This is tart and reminds me of Better Homes & Gardens Pink Sugar Berry."

Sugar High
Tantalizing notes of blueberry, sweet raspberry, gleaming acai berry, and a smooth blend of cream and pure vanilla sugar
On cold sniff it smells like super sweet burnt sugar with a little bit of maple syrup and a hint of caramel and possibly a smidgen of apple (but it's not a "caramel apple" scent). Looking at the notes, no apple. But raspberry, yes a little. I don't smell blueberry though. However, there's something about this scent that does remind me of last year's Better Homes & Gardens Blueberry Bundt Cake (and maybe also Better Homes & Gardens Jamaican Rum Gelato), both with that almost nauseatingly sweet buttery richness.

I really like this scent, but from what others are saying, it's a bit too rich and sweet for some people. You could temper some of that sweet richness by mixing in a cube of plain vanilla or apple, or turn it into a completely different scent by mixing it with lemon, orange, or even a lavender that might be too medicinal and needs some sweetness. Mix into pretty much any scent that needs more sugar!

What People Are Saying

"It smells like a scent called Circus Concessions that's available in vendor wax (description: cotton candy, caramelized apples and hints of funnel cakes)."
"This is pungent and has some tartness to it. It reminds me a bit of Better Homes & Gardens Pink Sugar Berry which I don't care for, but even more tart."
"If high fructose corn syrup had a scent, this would be it!"

Sun Drenched Linen
A refreshing blend of coconut, linen, cashmere and sparkling aldehydes is accented by salty accords in this fruity, clean fragrance experience. Sandalwood, musk and amber creates a warming sensation.
On cold sniff this smells like a sweet harsh laundry scent. When melted, it takes on a tiny bit of a burnt vinyl chemical note that I don't like. Someone said this smells just like fresh clean laundry though, and someone else said it's a laundry scent with a touch of fresh, summery cologne. This smells almost exactly like the new Better Homes & Gardens Coconut Cabana Linen scent, but ScentSationals doesn't put out the same scents at Walmart in the same season. I think Sun Drenched Linen has a smidgen of a cologney note (barely noticeable) and Coconut Cabana Linen has a smidgen of a coconut note. But I think they start with the same base scent. It looks like I'm the only one who thinks they smell the same.
What People Are Saying

"Sun-Drenched Linen smells like a fresh men's cologne and Coconut Cabana Linen is brighter with a tropical note."

"I don't think they smell anything alike. Coconut Cabana Linen has a strong coconut to it."

This Is Us
Rich pumpkin puree with bright nuances of golden apples, red berries, juicy mandarin, and warming nuances of cider spices, cinnamon sticks, and musk
This is a fall scent, so I'm not sure why it's coming out in the spring! It's an apple scent with a sour note, like old apples that have fallen on the ground at the end of the season, and mixed with a little dirt. Although that description sounds awful, it's actually really nice, and very authentic. There may be a barely detectable smidgen of spice like cinnamon, but it's not really an apple cider scent as it's not overly sweet. Looking at the notes, I don't smell pumpkin (nutmeg), mandarin (orange), or musk.

Unicorn Cake
Pink sugar cake drizzled with sugared berry icing infused with fruit nectars and the sweet essence of ripe strawberries
This is a very nice scent that smells like strawberry, raspberry, orange, and lemon, all mixed with a little bit of a yellow cake note. It's like Pink Sugar plus cake minus any perfumey notes, but with the addition of orange that makes it smells a little like Better Homes & Gardens Orange Buttercream Cupcake (which is why people have said this smells like Fruit Loops cereal), and lemon that makes it smell a little like Better Homes and Gardens Iced Lemon Pound Cake). It's sweet but not sickeningly sweet, and it has a hint of tartness, probably from the lemon, as well as a smidgen of a sour note and I'm not sure where that comes from. It smells like a much much sweeter, fruitier version of ScentSationals Pink Velvet from 2016. It's also similar to (but not the same as) Cotton Candy Cloud (but with more orange and lemon, plus the bakery (a bit of a yellow cake) note that Cotton Candy Cloud does not have).

Someone said that it has a blueberry note, and I knew it smelled like something I've smelled before. And then it hit me... It's a dupe of (or very similar to) an older blueberry bakery type scent, not Better Homes & Gardens Blueberry Bundt Cake, but blueberry pancakes or cupcakes or something like that, from 2013 or 2014. I don't have any of those scents anymore to compare, but now that I know it's blueberry, I can't unsmell the blueberry. So I actually like this scent more now! I still do smell the other notes too though, like raspberry, orange, lemon, and the yellow cake note.

What People Are Saying

"It's a white cake with lemon undertones, as well as a nutty undertone with coconut, and when melted, the lemon note disappears."
"This one is suuuper similar to Better Homes & Gardens Fresh Pulled Taffy. It's almost a lemon citrusy sugary sweet scent! Reminds me of those Lemon Girl Scout cookies!!"
"It has a weird tangy cake sour cake"
"This smells like a yummy sweet blueberry cake that I'd want to eat."

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