Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - February 2019

February 25, 2019

Goose Creek Candle Wax Melt Reviews - February 2019

This is a review of Goose Creek Candle Wax Melts from February 2019. The scents in this lot may be some of the best wax melt scents I've ever smelled! Goose Creek Candle wax melts and candles can be found on their website at, and at some stores like Gabe's and Tuesday Morning.

Lavender Vanilla
This soothing aroma will drift you into a deeply relaxing mood.
Top: Fresh Lavender, Violet, Rose; Mid: Red Fruits, Jasmine; Base: Amber, Cedarwood, Warm Vanilla
I adore this scent! It's authentic lavender with a rich vanilla buttercream note, and maybe a smidgen of caramel. It also has a warm note, like amber or cashmere. And possibly another barely detectable floral way in the background, like gardenia. It's sweet but not perfumey. All of the notes are balanced just perfectly. There are lots of other lavender vanilla scents out there, and they all smell like Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla or Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla, with that odd coconut note. I really like those other lavender vanilla type scents, but nothing compares to this one. This might be one of the best scents I've ever smelled!! Looking at the notes, I don't smell fruit or rose.

Orange Cream Soda
Orange soda is poured over sweet vanilla cream satisfying every classic float lover.
Top: Creamy Vanilla, Bright Orange; Mid: Mixed Citrus, Soft Fizz; Base: Soda Notes, Sugar
This smells just like an orange creamsicle. I've smelled other orange vanilla and orange dreamsicle type scents before, but this one might be the best. It's a nice balance of fake, slightly tangy orange drink powder (in a good way) with super sweet creamy vanilla. I can't stop smelling it! I think it's a little more orangey/tangy than other similar scents I've smelled, which is also a good thing. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect any fizzy or soda notes, which is also a good thing.

Sunday Drive
Windows down, hair is blowing as you cruise down the backroads without a care in the world.
Top: Cactus Flower, Soft Raspberry; Mid: Sparkling Lemon, Jasmine; Base: Sun-Kissed Coconut, Vanilla
I love this scent! It smells like a combination of coconut, a rich warm floral, a fruity note like raspberry, and a little bit of a cologne note, although it's not a cologne scent at all. It's sweet but not perfumey. Looking at the scent notes, they're right on point, although I don't smell lemon, and cactus flower might be the salty note that I think is bergamot (which gives scents a cologney note).

Unicorn Candy
The mouthwatering aroma of sour candies covered with sparkling sugar
Top: Blue Raspberry, Candied Sugar; Mid: Rock Candy, Peach Crème; Base: Wild Currant, Mixed Berry
This smells like a super sweet raspberry and blueberry (blue raspberry?) candy with a hint of lemony tartness. It has a cotton candy note, but it's not quite as sugary and does have that hint of lemon. It smells like a blue raspberry slushie, or fruity hard candies. I love this scent, and it lasted all day! Someone in our Facebook group said it "has a pronounced blue raspberry with a touch of sugar or cotton candy maybe. It's sweet, but brighter. It reminds me of snow cones at the carnival."

Comparing this to ScentSationals Unicorn Cake and Hobby Lobby Unicorn Dreams, all three scents are completely different from each other, despite the similar names.

Yuzu Lime
A bright citrus blend. The aroma of beautiful farm-fresh citruses fill the air.
Top: Sharp Citrus, Yuzu Lime, Lime Juice; Mid: Lemon Juice, Grapefruit, Mandarin; Base: Sparkling Water, Light Musk
Yuzu is a citrus fruit that has zesty notes of lemon, lime, bitter grapefruit, mandarin (orange), and oregano. I smell the orange first, with the lime note. It's a little sweet. Looking at the notes, I don't smell musk, as it's not a perfumey scent at all. And there are sparkling, fizzy notes. I really like this one, but the scent dissipated within 2 hours.

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