Hanna's Candle L'Aroma Therapie (Aromatherapy) Wax Melts Reviews

April 16, 2019

Hanna's Candle L'Aroma Therapie (Aromatherapy) Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the Hanna's Candle L'Aroma Therapie wax melts. This Essential Oil Collection of candles and wax melts can be found on the Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) website at https://candlemart.com/collections/laroma-therapie-essential-oil-collection. They use real essential oils instead of artificial scents. The melts are $4.99, rather than the $2.49 for their regular wax melts. And the clamshells are round; in fact, they're the same round clamshells that Goose Creek Candle uses. I really like these scents. They're authentic and calming, and they make you feel like you're relaxing at an expensive spa!

This is a pure eucalyptus scent that smells a lot like Vicks VapoRub, but not quite as intense. I definitely smell the menthol. It's perfect to melt when you have a cold or allergies due to the sinus clearing effect (although you only get that effect from close up). I love this scent!

This is a true, authentic lavender scent. It even has a strong nasal clearing effect from up close, so it may have a bit of eucalyptus in it. It's not a sweet lavender, but it's also not a harsh or medicinal lavender. It smells like fresh lavender right from the plant. Very nice and relaxing!

Lavender & Chamomile
Chamomile supposedly has an apple-like scent, and I think I smell a smidgen of that. But I detect more of an orange note, although not an overly citrusy orange or grapefruit type note. And it also has the lavender note which is very slightly sweeter than the regular Lavender scent, with a brighter, cleaner note. It also has a tiny bit of that sinus clearing effect like the regular Lavender has.

Peppermint & Spearmint
This is pure spearmint with the sweetness of peppermint, and it's fantastic. It's not a sweet candy type mint scent like candy cane though. This is one of those scents that doesn't have a very strong throw, but I can smell it subtly around the house. When I walk into the room, it doesn't hit me in the face the way strong throwing scents would, which is actually a good thing because it's a strong scent, and aromatherapy scents are supposed to be more gentle.

Comparing it to ScentSationals Inner Zen, that scent is more of an authentic garden spearmint with just a hint of sweetness. This scent is definitely sweeter, with the peppermint note, although it has more of a "toothpaste" mint vibe than Inner Zen, because of the sweetness of the spearmint. I love both scents.

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