Mainstays Fall 2023 Wax Melt Reviews (Walmart)

August 2, 2023

Mainstays Fall 2023 Wax Melt Reviews (Walmart)

This is a review of the 2 new Walmart Mainstays wax melts Fall 2023 scents: Berry Apple Marmalade and Cranberry Mandarin Spice.

Berry Apple Marmalade
Raspberry, Cinnamon, Sugar
A very nice scent of super sweet apple cider (fresh apple with a bit of apple cider spices, but not too much), along with another fruit that I think is cranberry. It's very sweet, but also has a teensy bit of tartness. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting raspberry at all. It's a very nice fall scent, similar to many other fall apple scents, but the extra sweetness and other fruit note makes it a bit different.

Cranberry Mandarin Spice
Citrus, Cranberry, Spice
A perfect combination of cranberry and orange, along with fall spices, that makes it smell a bit like orange pomander, but with the slight tartness of the cranberry, and without the weird sour waxy note that a lot of orange pomander scents tend to have. When melting, I think I smell the orange more than the cranberry, which makes this scent a bit different from other similar scents. It's also different from the old Cranberry Mandarin scent. I like it!

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