Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melts

Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Mainstays Wax Melts from Walmart. Mainstays wax melts are made by MVP Group Intl. exclusively for Walmart. In November 2018 they improved their wax formula by switching out the old soft, messy wax for hard wax that is much "cleaner" and easier to handle.

Mainstays wax melts come in 1.25 oz. packages that sell for $.93 in-store (and as of February 2020 only a few scents are available online through in 6-packs for $5.75). Before 2015, the packaging was 2.5 oz. for $2.00, like the Better Homes & Gardens and ScentSationals brands). The smaller packages allow you to test a scent to see if you like it before buying more. If you use one cube of wax from a standard 2.5 oz. package in your warmer, you'll need to use 2 cubes of the Mainstays wax because each cube is half the size.

Winter 2019 Update - For the first time since Mainstays melts have been sold at Walmart, there will be no new Mainstays wax melt holiday scents or Spring 2020 wax melt scents. New scents may return in Fall 2020.

Smaller 1.25 oz. packs allow you to try a scent out for only $.93. Scents smell great and in general they throw very well.
They don't come out with many new wax scents, generally 2 to 4 per season. Wax can be a little difficult to get out of the package because of the flatter clamshell.
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Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews


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