Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Mainstays Wax Melts from Walmart, made by MVP Group Intl. exclusively for Walmart. They generally come out with 2 to 6 scents 1 to 3 times per year, and are sold in 1.25 oz. packages for $.93 in store (a bit more online).

In November 2018 they switched from soft, messy wax to hard wax. And before 2015, they came in regular 2.5 oz. size. In general, Mainstays wax melts have great scents with very good throw.

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2023-03Aloha PineappleTropical4
2023-03Driftwood WavesCoconut5
2023-03Frosted Berry CupcakesFruity5
2023-03Frosty Sorbet PopsOrange4
2023-03Hawaiian CoconutCoconut4
2023-03Hazelnut CreamCoffee3
2023-03Iced Caramel MacchiatoCoffee4
2023-03Juicy WatermelonMelon5
2023-03Kiwi SorbetFruity3
2023-03Lagoon WaterfallsFresh5
2023-03Plumeria PalmFloral4
2023-03Strawberry Waffle ConeFruity4
2023-03Wildflower MeadowFloral4
2022-07Apple Buttered RumFoodie3
2022-07Apple FrittersApple/Pear4
2022-07Butterscotch ShortbreadFoodie4
2022-07Crimson LeavesApple/Pear4
2022-01At The FairFoodie4
2022-01Blueberry SorbetFruity3
2022-01Caribbean OrangeOrange5
2022-01Ocean PeonyFloral4
2022-01Soak Up The SunPerfumey2
2021-08Bourbon Pecan PieFoodie3
2021-08Cashmere MahoganyIncense4
2021-08Crispy TreatsFruity4
2021-08Pumpkin WeatherFoodie4
2021-02Cinnamon LeafCinnamon4
2021-02Sweet OrangeOrange1
2021-02Tea TreeEucalyptus1
2021-02Bright HibiscusFloral3
2021-02Guava LimeOrange5
2021-02Sweet Sugared LemonLemon/Lime5
2020-08Amaretto & Blood OrangeOrange4
2020-08Favorite DenimCologne4
2020-08Harvest PieFruity4
2020-08Pumpkins & PlumsApple/Pear4
2020-08Salted Caramel ButterscotchFoodie4
2020-08Sugared BerriesFruity4
2019-08Alpine ForestPine4
2019-08Apple Cider DonutFoodie5
2019-08Cozy GatheringCologne4
2019-08Velvet SunsetFruity4
2019-08Warm Fall LeavesApple/Pear3
2019-01Coconut LimeLemon/Lime4
2019-01Papaya PassionTropical4
2019-01Pineapple LilyTropical4
2018-11Country HolidayPerfumey4
2018-11Moonlit SpruceCologne4
2018-11Very Berry GarlandFoodie4
2018-09Rustic PinePine4
2018-09Shades of AutumnWoodsy4
2018-02Blue HyacinthFloral4
2018-02Cherry PieFoodie4
2017-11By the FireWoodsy4
2017-11Cranberry MistletoeFruity4
2017-11Gingerbread SpiceGingerbread4
2017-04Aloha ColadaTropical4
2017-04Darkest SandalwoodIncense3
2017-04Soothing SpaSpa4
2017-04Sweet AppleApple/Pear4
2017-04Tranquil IslandTropical3
2016-11Apples & EvergreenPine4
2016-11Spiced CranberryFruity4
2016-11Spiced OrangeOrange4
2016-11Winter MittensWoodsy4
2016-02Aruba SandsTropical3
2016-02Peach & MangoPeach4
2016-02Purple SandsFruity4
2016-02Sweet SangriaFruity4
2016-02Tahitian SunsetTropical3
2016-02Wild HoneysuckleFloral4
2015-08Apple PumpkinApple/Pear5
2015-08Apples and BerriesApple/Pear4
2015-08Banana Nut BreadFoodie4
2015-08Evergreen SprucePine5
0Garden RainFresh4
0Peaceful WatersFresh4
0Pecan Pumpkin CakeFoodie4
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