Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2021

February 19, 2021

Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2021

This is a review of the Spring 2021 Mainstays Wax Melts from Walmart (Bright Hibiscus, Guava Lime, and Sweet Sugared Lemon).

Last year Mainstays didn't come out with spring scents. These are quite nice!

Bright Hibiscus
Fresh notes of island hibiscus and wild peony join mango-kissed nectarine and white jasmine over berry infused sandalwood, sugared amber, and sensual vanilla
On cold sniff I didn't like this scent as it smells like a fruity (peach, orange or tropical) floral, but waxy and generic. However, I really like it when melted, and it takes on primarily a light slightly tropical woodsy note, with just a hint of the fruity floral, and even a smidgen of milky vanilla. It's a bit sweet but not nearly as sweet as other fruity florals, and I don't detect jasmine or amber.

Guava Lime
Tropical notes of tantalizing guava nectar, pink papaya, and sugared pineapple with a splash of Jamaican lime and sweet pomelo finishing with a splash of candied orange
On cold sniff I smell sweet lime and orange with a bit of a sour tropical note. It's a nice summery scent, and the sourness is not too bad when melting. But after about an hour, both the lime and a lot of the sourness disappear, and it becomes primarily an orangey scent with just a bit of a sour, slightly tropical note. I really like it!

Sweet Sugared Lemon
An enticingly fresh scent of sweet, sunny limoncello infused with frosted lemon slices and tantalizing accents of zesty lemon sugar
It's sweet lemon, and more lemony than most lemon wax melts, with lemongrass, lime, and a bit of lemon soda without fizziness. It smells almost exactly like the Aldi Fresh Lemon scent (although that has a little bit more of the lemongrass note). I love it! This one is so strong you'll want to use it in a very large room, as it'll take over the entire house! Walmart shows that this scent is named Limoncello Sugar, which I think is much more appropriate (the name may have been changed at the last minute).

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