Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022

January 13, 2022

Mainstays (Walmart) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2022

This is a review of the new Mainstays wax melts for spring/summer 2022: At The Fair, Blueberry Sorbet, Caribbean Orange, Ocean Peony, and Soak Up The Sun.

At The Fair
All your favorite sweets from the fair blending together scents of chocolate drizzle, cinnamon sugar, warm churros, caramel crème and brown sugar crystals to create the perfect summer fragrance
Churros, Brown Sugar, Funnel Cake
A yummy scent of slightly cinnamony bakery goodness that does indeed smell like churros and funnel cake. Looking at the notes, I'm not sure if I smell caramel, and I definitely don't smell chocolate. It's quite nice! Interestingly, if you mix 1/2 cube of At The Fair, 1 cube of Blueberry Sorbet, and 1 (or 1/2) cube of Caribbean Orange, the scent encompasses more fair scents than this scent alone, with funnel cake, fruity cotton candy, and orange juice!

Blueberry Sorbet
Frosted blueberries, tangy strawberries, and pink raspberries layered with cool vanilla undertones sweetened with fruity cotton candy accents and delectable sugarcane
Lemon, Blueberry, Sugarcane
This scent is pure, toothachingly sweet syrupy sugar with a bit of blueberry, a hint of raspberry, and possibly a smidgen of strawberry. It's not authentic at all, the fruity notes are not really at the forefront, and it's mostly just sweet, sweet, sweet. But it smells incredible, and would also be a great mixer to make other scents sweeter! Looking at the description, it's spot on, but I think the sugarcane and cotton candy notes should be at the front of the description. The description doesn't mention lemon, but the notes do; I do get a tiny bit of tanginess that I thought was from the raspberry, but it could be from lemon even though I don't detect lemon per se. The scent started to dissipate within 2 or 3 hours.

Caribbean Orange
A vibrant medley of effervescent blood orange splashed over tropical guava and succulent mango infused with tangy red currant, pink grapefruit essence, crisp lemon leaf, and enduring musk
Orange, Mango, Musk
A sweet, crisp, fruity orange scent (no pungent or sour notes) that might have a hint of a sweet tropical note (maybe guava?) and a smidgen of grapefruit. But it's primarily a somewhat standard orange scent, although slightly sweeter and fruitier, and it smells great! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting any effervescent or fizzy (orange soda) type notes at all. I'm not sure if I detect mango (which would smell a bit like peach), I don't get currant or lemon, and definitely no musk or perfumey notes at all. It's the perfect orange scent, and it scent lasted all day!

Ocean Peony
Fresh sea air washing over shimmers of beachside rose and salted peony infused with ambered bergamot, leafy greens, and sugared lychee enhanced with white musk and smooth woods
Bergamot, Rose, Wood
Ocean Peony is a perfect name for this scent, since it smells like a combination of peony and a fresh, slightly watery note. Peony and rose smell very similar, so this does smell like rose, and although it's sweet, it's not perfumey or overly floral. I really like it! Looking at the notes, I see bergamot, which tends to give scents a men's cologne note, but this scent doesn't smell like cologne, and it's a little too rose-y to smell like men's body wash.

Soak Up The Sun
Salted peach, pink pineapple and passionfruit, with bright hints of grapefruit blossoms, beach plum, and golden raspberry notes
Salted Peach, Golden Raspberry, Warm Sand
I smell warm amber, bergamot, floral, fruit, and light wood. It smells a little like men's cologne or body wash, but if I had to classify it I'd say it's more perfumey, but it also has that hint of a slightly fruity floral note, and I can't figure out what type of fruit because it's quite subtle (maybe like 5 or 10% of the scent), maybe peach and/or apple? It's a pleasant scent, but doesn't knock my socks off.

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