Michaels (Ashland) Fall Wax Melt Reviews - 2015

October 20, 2015

Michaels (Ashland) Fall Wax Melts Reviews - 2015

This is a review of Michaels (Ashland) Fall Wax Melts Reviews from 2015. They are made by Hanna's Candle. There are maybe a dozen or more scents in this "Autumn Gatherings" collection. Many of them smelled the same to me, or like other typical fall type scents. So I bought and reviewed only 6 of the Michaels (Ashland) Fall Wax Melts.

Apple Cinnamon
Warm cloves with a dash of cinnamon and a slight apple note.

Cinnamon Roll
Smells like bread with cinnamon. Not overly sweet or overly cinnamony.

Fall Forest
A crisp fresh balsamy pine. This smells like real pine needles or sap. It's more piney than sprucey (sprucey scents tend to have more of a smokey note). The scent only lasted about 2 hours.

Ginger Caramel Apple
Just like the name says, a combination of apple, caramel, and a slight ginger note. I also smell vanilla, but it's not a bakery scent. It's very sweet and smells like candy.

Harvest Trio
Apple Pumpkin
A nice slightly salty cranberry scent with an apple note and a little cinnamon or nutmeg.

Orchard Fruits
A very fresh apple scent, possibly with a little bit of some other kind of fruit like blackberry, and maybe a very small amount of vanilla, and a smidgen of that brown fall leaves scent that smells a little like dirt.

Pumpkin Latte
A sweet creamy milky coffee scent, very heavy on the cream and light on the coffee. Very authentic; smelled like someone was making coffee! Not sure if I smell pumpkin per se, but there may be a smidgen of spice in there. Great scent!

Warm Cookie
This is an incredibly yummy cookie scent. It's rich with a slight bread note, lots of vanilla, and just a hint of spice, and not overly sweet. It really smells like cookies fresh out of the oven.

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