Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts

Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts. The Ashland brand wax melts and candles are available exclusively at Michaels arts and crafts store.

Most of the scents can only be purchased at the store, but some can be ordered from the Michaels website. They come out with new scents every season (spring, summer, fall, and winter). After a few weeks, the prices get marked down until the season's scents are gone. Usually a scent will not return after the season, although sometimes the same scent might return in the same season of the following year.

Until Fall 2018, Michaels wax melts were made by Hanna's Candle, the company that makes their own Hanna's Candle wax melts as well as Aldi wax melts. In Fall 2018, a Vietnam based company (name unknown) started making the Michaels wax melts, and the quality has declined substantially as a result in terms of scent quality and throw.

(Mostly) new scents every season (four times a year), with an average of 8 to 12 new scents per season (although for the first time, in 2019 there were no holiday scents). You can sniff at the store before you buy, and you can sometimes buy them from the Michaels website.
Since they started being manufactured by another company as of Fall 2018 (no longer Hanna's Candle), the quality has declined substantially in terms of scent quality and throw. Price is also quite high for a standard 2.5 oz. clamshell ($3.99), although after a few weeks they usually go on sale for 40% off (to $2.39) and the price continues to decrease until that season's scents are sold (although by the time the price drops to 60% or 75%, the best scents are usually long gone).
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Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melt Reviews
2020-01Eucalyptus & GingerHerbal2.50
2020-01Flower BouquetFloral3.00
2020-01Honey PearApple/Pear2.00
2020-01Jasmine VanillaPerfumey2.50
2020-01Lavender BloomLavender2.50
2020-01Rose PetalsFloral3.00
2019-08Autumn WalkCologne3.50
2019-08Cinnamon SpiceCinnamon3.00
2019-08Orchard AppleCinnamon3.00
2019-08Pumpkin DonutFoodie3.50
2019-08Pumpkin Spice ChaiCinnamon3.00
2019-08Sandalwood & VanillaPerfumey3.00
2019-05Blood OrangeOrange3.00
2019-05Coastal GlassPine2.50
2019-05Coconut WavesCoconut3.50
2019-05Cotton BlossomPerfumey2.00
2019-05Ocean WindPerfumey1.00
2019-01Apple & HibiscusApple/Pear3.75
2019-01Camellia & SweetpeaPerfumey3.25
2019-01Coastal DriftwoodPerfumey1.50
2019-01Farmhouse FlowerTropical2.00
2019-01Fresh BambooFloral3.75
2019-01Fresh GardeniaPerfumey5.00
2019-01Fresh Water PearlFresh1.00
2019-01Sunwashed TeakwoodIncense2.50
2019-01Tulip & NeroliFloral3.00
2019-01White Tea RoseOrange3.50
2018-12Enchanting Lavender (hard)Lavender3.50
2018-12Enchanting Lavender (soft)Lavender2.00
2018-12Mango Cilantro (hard)Peach3.50
2018-12Mango Cilantro (soft)Peach3.00
2018-12Mixed Berries (hard)Fruity3.50
2018-12Mixed Berries (soft)Fruity1.00
2018-12Mountain Air (hard)Laundry5.00
2018-12Mountain Air (soft)Fresh5.00
2018-12Soothing Vanilla (hard)Perfumey5.00
2018-12Soothing Vanilla (soft)Vanilla2.00
2018-10Cider DonutApple/Pear2.50
2018-10Cinnamon SparkleCinnamon1.50
2018-10Frosted Sugar CookieVanilla2.50
2018-10Ginger CookieGingerbread2.75
2018-10Gum DropsFruity3.00
2018-10Holiday HearthWoodsy2.00
2018-10Holiday Spiced CakeGingerbread2.75
2018-10Pinecone GarlandPine3.00
2018-10Sleigh RidePerfumey3.50
2018-10Wassail WishesApple/Pear3.25
2018-10Winter WonderlandPine3.00
2018-10Woodland PinePine3.25
2018-07Autumn WalkCologne4.00
2018-07Cinnamon Pecan BunsFoodie3.00
2018-07Classic Pumpkin SpiceFoodie3.75
2018-07Delicious AppleApple/Pear3.00
2018-07Pumpkin Spice ChaiFoodie3.00
2018-07Vanilla PumpkinFoodie3.25
2018-03Coconut Sea SaltTropical4.00
2018-03Mango MargaritaTropical4.00
2018-03Pineapple SalsaTropical4.00
2018-03Pink CoconutPerfumey3.75
2018-03Turquoise WatersFresh4.00
2018-03Vanilla MacaronFoodie3.25
2018-01Champagne BlushGrapefruit5.00
2018-01Coral AmberPerfumey3.75
2018-01Fresh Water PearlFresh5.00
2018-01Island HideawayTropical2.75
2018-01Lilac and HyacinthsFloral2.75
2018-01O'Ahu SandsTropical4.00
2018-01Seashells and SandPerfumey3.50
2018-01Spring BouquetFloral4.00
2018-01Sunset LilyPerfumey4.00
2018-01Vanilla and TeakwoodIncense3.75
2017-10Alpine GarlandApple/Pear3.50
2017-10Cinnamon SparkleCinnamon3.25
2017-10Frosted BayberryHerbal3.50
2017-10Frosted EvergreenFresh4.00
2017-10Fruit GarlandPine3.25
2017-10Holiday FrostingFoodie3.00
2017-10Joy PeppermintPeppermint3.50
2017-10Silver FirPine4.00
2017-10Vintage HolidayPerfumey4.00
2017-10Woodland PinePine5.00
2017-10Yuletide CheersApple/Pear3.75
2017-07Baked Apple PieApple/Pear3.75
2017-07Cozy LodgeWoodsy3.25
2017-07Pumpkin PralineFoodie3.25
2017-07Pumpkin Spice ChaiFoodie3.00
2017-07Spiced Citrus PomanderOrange3.25
2017-03Aqua Waters (trio)Fresh3.25
2017-03Blueberry Cheesecake (trio)Fruity4.00
2017-03Calm Sea Air (trio)Coconut4.00
2017-03Cherry Popsicle (trio)Fruity3.25
2017-03Creamy Coconut VanillaCoconut2.25
2017-03Driftwood Sands (trio)Perfumey1.00
2017-03Lemon Eclair (trio)Foodie1.50
2017-03Ocean Breeze (trio)Fresh3.00
2017-03Ocean PeonyFresh1.00
2017-03Ocean TrioFresh3.50
2017-03Peach Moscato (trio)Fruity3.75
2017-03Pineapple Beachwood (trio)Tropical3.00
2017-03Pink Sea Salt (trio)Fresh3.25
2017-03Shake It Up TrioFruity3.75
2017-03Strawberry Ice Cream (trio)Fruity3.50
2017-03Summer Desserts TrioFruity3.00
2017-03Tiki Beach TrioFresh2.50
2017-03Watermelon Mojito (trio)Fruity4.00
2017-01Apple Bounty (trio)Apple/Pear4.00
2017-01Apple Golden (trio)Apple/Pear3.50
2017-01Apple TrioApple/Pear3.75
2017-01Aqua Mineral (trio)Fresh1.50
2017-01At the Café TrioFoodie3.75
2017-01Berry Citrus TrioFruity3.50
2017-01Caramel Latte (trio)Coffee4.00
2017-01Cashmere Plum (trio)Perfumey3.25
2017-01Cherimoya (trio)Tropical4.00
2017-01Chocolate Croissant (trio)Chocolate3.25
2017-01Cinnamon Shortbread (trio)Foodie3.75
2017-01Creamy Vanilla Coconut (trio)Foodie2.50
2017-01Cucumber MintHerbal2.00
2017-01Daisy ChainFloral2.50
2017-01Evening Orchid (trio)Floral2.25
2017-01Evening Petals TrioFloral3.00
2017-01Fresh Strawberry (trio)Fruity3.50
2017-01Mandarin TeakOrange3.75
2017-01Marine Water (trio)Fresh2.00
2017-01Ocean Peony (trio)Floral2.00
2017-01Pink Sea SaltFresh2.25
2017-01Pomegranate Lime (trio)Orange3.00
2017-01Sea Air TrioFresh2.00
2017-01Spiced Apple (trio)Apple/Pear4.00
2017-01Vanilla Bean (trio)Vanilla3.25
2017-01Vanilla Cream (trio)Vanilla3.75
2017-01Vanilla TrioVanilla3.25
2017-01Violet Waters (trio)Floral3.75
2017-01Weekend BlissPerfumey2.50
2017-01Wild HoneysuckleFloral3.75
2016-11Apple (trio)Apple/Pear3.00
2016-11Candy Cane (trio)Peppermint3.25
2016-11Candy Land TrioPeppermint3.25
2016-11Cinnamon Cloves (trio)Cinnamon3.50
2016-11Cinnamon Roll (trio)Foodie3.50
2016-11Country Lodge TrioCinnamon3.50
2016-11Cranberry Wine (trio)Fruity4.00
2016-11Crescent Cookies (trio)Foodie3.00
2016-11Enchanted Fruits TrioFruity3.00
2016-11Gingerbread (trio)Foodie2.50
2016-11Glistening SnowMint3.75
2016-11Merry Berry ClementineFruity3.25
2016-11Mulberries (trio)Fruity3.00
2016-11O' Christmas TreePine3.25
2016-11Orange Pomander (trio)Apple/Pear3.50
2016-11Orange Pomander (trio)Clove3.75
2016-11Peppermint Candy (trio)Peppermint3.25
2016-11Shimmering Noel TrioMint3.50
2016-11Snowball Cookies (trio)Foodie4.50
2016-11Twisted Citrus and Spice TrioFruity3.50
2016-11Vanilla Cookies (trio)Foodie4.00
2016-11Vanilla FrostVanilla3.00
2016-11Winter Apple and BalsamApple/Pear3.75
2016-11Winter White Cookies TrioFoodie3.75
2016-07Almond (trio)Foodie4.00
2016-07Berries (trio)Woodsy3.50
2016-07Candy Corn (trio)Vanilla3.75
2016-07Caramel Apples (trio)Foodie3.75
2016-07Caramel Nut Squares (trio)Foodie3.75
2016-07Cloves (trio)Clove3.75
2016-07Destinations Discovered TrioFruity3.25
2016-07Fall Delights TrioFoodie3.75
2016-07Fall Leaves (trio)Woodsy3.00
2016-07Fig (trio)Fruity2.75
2016-07Ginger Snaps (trio)Foodie3.25
2016-07Hazelnut Chocolate (trio)Chocolate3.00
2016-07Into the Woods TrioWoodsy3.50
2016-07Patchouli OakIncense2.00
2016-07Persimmon (trio)Fruity4.00
2016-07Sweet Treats TrioFoodie3.50
2016-07Vanilla Bean (trio)Perfumey3.00
2016-03Berry Citrus TrioFruity3.75
2016-03Cilantro LimeSavory3.75
2016-03Custard Apple (trio)Orange3.75
2016-03Herb TrioSavory2.50
2016-03Lavender (trio)Lavender3.75
2016-03Peach CobblerPeach3.75
2016-03Pomegranate (trio)Fruity3.75
2016-03Salted CaramelFoodie4.00
2016-03Spring BambooFloral4.00
2016-03Strawberry (trio)Fruity3.75
2015-10Apple CinnamonApple/Pear3.50
2015-10Apple Pumpkin (trio)Fruity3.50
2015-10Cinnamon RollFoodie3.50
2015-10Fall ForestPine3.50
2015-10Ginger Caramel AppleApple/Pear2.50
2015-10Harvest TrioFruity3.50
2015-10Orchard Fruits (trio)Apple/Pear3.00
2015-10Pumpkin Latte (trio)Coffee4.00
2015-10Warm CookieFoodie4.00
2015-08Bamboo Willow (Decor)Floral3.75
2015-08Gardenia (Decor)Floral4.00
2015-08Juicy Apple (Decor)Apple/Pear4.00
2015-08Seaside (Decor)Fresh3.75
2015-08Spice Market (Decor)Floral4.00
2015-08Vanilla Spice (Decor)Cinnamon2.75
2015-08White Linen (Decor)Laundry4.00


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