Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melt Reviews - Summer 2019

May 15, 2019

Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts Reviews - Summer 2019

According to the managers of two Michaels stores near me, these Summer 2019 wax melts were ordered in very limited supply. I assume it's because they're not selling as well as they used to, when Hanna's Candle was manufacturing them before Fall 2018. Since then, I think the quality of these melts has declined, a little in scent quality, but mostly in throw strength. Also, why white text on top of a pale blue background that makes it extremely difficult to read the label?

Blood Orange
This smells just like orange soda, or orange flavored ginger ale. It even has a tiny bit of fizziness. It's a nice, unique scent!

Coastal Glass
This is similar to Frosted Evergreen from Christmas 2017, which was a slightly smoky pine scent with a soapy note and hint of spearmint. I liked that scent. This scent is kind of a peppery piney scent with a little bit of a soapy note, but no spearmint or sweetness. It also has a very slight waxy, sour note that kind of ruins it for me.

Coconut Waves
This smells like coconut watermelon candy, if there were such a thing. I like it!

Cotton Blossom
This is not a laundry scent at all. It smells like baby powder with a gardenia perfume note. I love it!

Ocean Wind
I've smelled this scent before, and I think it's a dupe for an older Michaels scent. It's a sweet perfumey scent with a watery note and maybe a gardenia note. It's a nice scent, but weak on cold sniff.

Tropical Margarita
I could not find this scent. The manager of both Michaels stores in my area said this scent was never ordered for their store. But I know it exists because other people have bought it from other Michaels stores.

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