Pink Zebra Sprinkles Reviews

March 26, 2019

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Reviews

This is a review of Pink Zebra Sprinkles by Krista Schon, an Independent Executive Rank Consultant for Pink Zebra.

Krista has been involved in retail sales (stores and direct sales) for over 15 years and has been with Pink Zebra for one year. Outside of Pink Zebra, Krista works full-time as a teacher, so Pink Zebra is her fun fragrance hobby that she runs from home in her spare time. Besides her retail and customer service experience, what sets Krista apart from other consultants is that she specializes in Online Pink Zebra Interactive Facebook Parties and Live Pink Zebra Blend Bashes for busy home fragrance lovers! She is very product knowledgeable and also offers free samples, hostess and party guest gifts to every qualifying party she hosts. If you have any questions about Pink Zebra products, parties, or joining opportunities, she is always available to help!

You can visit Krista's website, or join her Facebook group.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are easy to use because, unlike regular wax melts where you have to break off a cube of wax, you can simply sprinkle the wax chips into a warmer or make your own candles. This also makes scent blending very easy. In general I liked these scents. Like any wax melt company, there were some good and not so good, some strong throwers and some weak throwers. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are available in jars and cartons, and they are made from soy. The jars (the smallest amount available) are 3.75 oz. and cost $9.00, which is quite expensive. Like Scentsy, they are sold by independent commissioned sales reps. Pink Zebra also makes scented jewelry, candle containers and shades, wax simmer pots, air freshener hangers and clips, and select bath products.

I've reviewed a couple of other Pink Zebra scents HERE.

Amaretto Cream
Enhanced by the addition of natural Cacao (cocoa) extract which adds more creamy goodness
Amaretto is an alcoholic drink made from almonds. And this is definitely an almond scent. It smells more like marzipan, which is a super sugary sweet almond paste, and it has a little bit of a milky, creamy note. It's fantastic! Looking at the notes, I don't smell cocoa or chocolate at all, although it does have a little bit of creamy richness like maybe vanilla extract.

Apple Blossom
Enhanced by the addition of natural orange oil, providing a note of sunny sweetness
On cold sniff I smell fresh, crisp, but fake apple and a bit of a floral note. It's not a perfumey scent, and it's not overly sweet. It's quite nice. I don't smell orange at all. When melted though, all sweetness disappeared and it turned into an awful apple scented chemical.

Black Cherry
This is a fake black cherry scent, but that's okay. It's sweet, rich, and slightly tart. It's not sweet enough to smell like cherry candy, maybe more like cherry cough syrup. I like it!

Citrus Air Care+
Odor neutralizing and air freshening molecules help rid the air of malodors such as smoke, pet and kitchen odors, with the added bonus of a fresh burst of citrus fragrance. Enhanced by the addition of natural lemon and orange oils.
On cold sniff this is a slightly bitter grapefruit scent with a smidgen of a watery aloe or cucumber note. I'm not sure if I care for it as it has no sweetness. But melted, it smells much better, more citrusy and zesty, and I can definitely smell the lemon. It's just barely sweet and very slightly bitter and a tiny bit cucumbery, but I like it. It's different, and it smells fresh and clean. It would probably be great mixed with a sweet fresh air or lavender scent, or even to tone down an overly sweet orange or lemon scent. Looking at the notes, I don't smell orange.

Coconut Mint Water
Enhanced by the addition of natural lemon and peppermint oils. Lemon adds zest and effervescence while the peppermint gives the fragrance a refreshing boost.
What a unique combination of scents! I smell the peppermint with a coconut note, and it smells fantastic! Looking at the notes, I don't smell lemon or any zesty notes at all.

Energizing Ginger
Enhanced by the addition of natural lemongrass, Elemi tree and patchouli oils
This is similar to the Green Tea & Lemongrass scent. It has a strong soapy lemongrass note, and no sweetness at all, unlike the Green Tea & Lemongrass scent. I also detect a tiny bit of a citronella note, and it's a little saltier than the Green Tea & Lemongrass scent. I like both scents, but I think I like Green Tea & Lemongrass more. I don't think I smell ginger, and looking at the scent notes, I definitely don't smell patchouli. Elemi is a fresh, spicy, lemony, peppery scent, and I don't really smell all of that (just the soapy lemongrass).

Fireside Vanilla
Enhanced by the addition of natural cedarwood, patchouli and clove oils
A yummy campfire marshmallow scent. It's sweet with just a smidgen of smokiness. It may also have a hint of caramel, tobacco, and patchouli. I usually don't care for campfire marshmallow type scents, but I love this one, probably because of the tobacco and patchouli note. The scent lasted all day, at least 12 hours, and was still going strong when I removed it from the warmer before I went to bed!

Fresh Sweet Strawberry
Enhanced by the addition of natural cornmint oil, giving this fragrance depth and sparkle
A yummy sweet strawberry ice cream scent. It's not fresh authentic strawberry, which is okay, because it smells great! Looking at the notes, cornmint is a type of mint, but I don't smell any mint in this scent at all.

Green Tea & Lemongrass
Enhanced by the addition of natural clove, eucalyptus, ginger and lemongrass oils
A fantastic slightly sweet soapy lemongrass scent. It smells like lemongrass scented soap with a tiny bit of an herbal note, and maybe a hint of regular lemon. It's very slightly sweet, but mostly it's more savory. I really like this one. Looking at the notes, I don't smell clove, eucalyptus, or ginger at all.

Hawaiian Coconut
I just smell a slightly fake coconut with barely any sweetness. It's actually not too bad, but there are better coconut scents out there.

Hope Blue Skies
A fresh, warm breeze with hints of grass, flowers and maybe the promise of a gentle rain. Enhanced by the addition of natural Italian bergamot and orange oils.
I love this scent! It smells like a super sweet bubble bath, with a fresh air and sweet floral note like jasmine. It also has a little bit of a laundry note.

I Love Watermelon
A nice but fake watermelon scent. It's not very sweet, so it smells more like cantaloupe with just a hint of watermelon. Not my favorite.

Paisley's Punch
Enhanced by natural orange oil
This really smells like fruit punch, and it's fantastic! It smells like cherry soda with a hint of orange and a little bit of tartness. It has just a smidgen of fizziness, which I usually don't like in scents, but it's subtle and actually enhances the scent. The scent dissipated in under 2 hours.

Peony Chiffon
Enhanced by the addition of natural marigold oil
A very nice sweet pea floral with maybe a smidgen of a fruity note (watermelon and/or strawberry). It's a little sweeter than other sweet pea scents I've smelled. I really like it, and the scent lasted all day!

Pink Macaron
A yummy super sweet almond scent that smells a little like marzipan, mixed with a hint of coconut and a little bit of sweet girly perfumey with a raspberry note ("Pink Sugar" perfume) I love this scent!

Raspberry Lemonade
Enhanced by the addition of natural lime and litsea cubeba fruit oil
A fantastic tart, zesty scent of lemon, lime and a raspberry note. Looking at the notes, litsea cubeba is a citrusy lemongrass type scent.

Sawdust and Leather
Enhanced by the addition of natural cedarwood, Elemi, lemon, orange and patchouli oils
I'm pretty sure I got the wrong scent in the wrong bag. Although the chips are a tan color, this is not a woodsy or leather scent at all. I can't figure out what I'm smelling though, but it's nice. I think I smell caramel and vanilla, a tiny bit of orange, and maybe raisin or some other kind of fruit note, and a little bit of a perfumey note. But zero woodsy or leather notes. Oh wait, looking on the website, there's a scent that also uses tan colored chips: Raisin Nut Bread. And I'll bet that's the scent in this bag. If so, it's not really a raisin nut bread scent, as I don't smell bakery notes. But it's more that scent than Sawdust and Leather! And here we go, the notes for Raisin Nut Bread are: Valencia orange, cassia, cinnamon leaf and orange oils. There's the orange!

Stone Washed Denim
Enhanced by the addition of natural Petitgrain, orange, Bois de Rose and Ylang-ylang oils
Based on the name I expected this to be a laundry scent, but it's really not. It's a sweet peony type floral with a slight baby powder note, a little bit of a fresh watery note, and maybe a smidgen of a laundry note. It's quite nice! Looking at the notes, I don't smell petitgrain (which is a neroli/orange blossom type scent), rose (but peony sometimes has some rose-like note), or Ylang-ylang (although it does have a very slightly bitter note way in the background that might be the Ylang).

Sweet Wild Berries
Enhanced by the addition of natural mint oil
I think I smell blackberries, but I also smell zesty lemon. It smells a lot like the old ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade. It's a very nice scent, but weak on cold sniff. I don't smell mint at all.

Vanilla Tease
Twists of sweet pear and gardenias added to vanilla beans
I barely smell anything on cold sniff. Melted, it's a very nice warm ambery cashmere perfume scent. It may have a hint of a sweet floral like sweet pea or gardenia, and a smidgen of plum. I don't smell vanilla. Looking at the notes, although I do detect a tiny bit of a dark rich fruity note, I don't smell pear.
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