Place & Time (Joann Fabric) Holiday 2021 Wax Melts Reviews

December 5, 2021

Place & Time (Joann Fabric) Holiday 2021 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new Place & Time brand holiday 2021 wax melts from Joann Fabric.

These are manufactured by Empire Candle Co., the company that makes Tuscany Candles wax melts. Same clamshell, wax texture, types of scents, and a couple of them are the same name (with same notes) as this year's Tuscany Candle holiday wax melts. Hudson 43 wax melts from Joann Fabric are also made by Empire Candle Co., with many scents being exactly the same as Tuscany scents.

Balsam Woods
Balsam & Spruce
This is the same as Tuscany Candle Balsam Woods. It's a wonderful smoky spruce scent with a soft wood note and a subtle note of biting pine. I think it's the same as the standard pine scents that Tuscany comes out with every holiday season.

Cinnamon Brulee
Baked Cinnamon & Vanilla
This is the same as Tuscany Candle Cinnamon Brulee. It's a sweet, super rich cinnamon bakery scent, kind of like a cinnamon roll, but more like cinnamon fudge, if that existed. It's not overly cinnamony, and has a hint of ginger that makes it smell like a combination of a cinnamon roll, gingerbread, and cinnamon fudge. Maybe even a smidgen of caramel or burnt sugar, as it has a tiny bit of a burnt note, in a really good way. I like it a lot!

Cranberry Apple Cider
Holiday Fruits & Spices
This is the same as Tuscany Candle Cranberry Apple Cider. I'm getting a lot of different types of fruit in this scent. I smell mostly pineapple and black cherry, along with a hint of apple, possibly a hint of cranberry (not sure), and maybe a smidgen of grape. It's sweet and fruity, but also quite tart from the pineapple and/or cranberry.

Spiced Toddy
Apple, Bourbon & Spices
Fantastic scent that does indeed smell like apple, bourbon and spices! It's not a standard apple cider type scent. It's like that, but with the addition of the bourbon note, which is kind of like a sweet rich vanilla caramel, but not a caramel apple type caramel. It's kind of like if you poured super sweet caramel on top of applesauce and sprinkled a tiny bit of cinnamon over it, although when melting, it's still sweet but not nearly as sweet as it is on cold sniff, and loses a bit of the bourbon note, making it closer to a standard apple cider type scent. Still quite nice though.

Tree Farm
Evergreen and Cypress
This smells a lot like Balsam Woods, but slightly less smoky/woodsy, and a bit more "crisp", with maybe a hint of eucalyptus, a tiny bit of "bite", and perhaps a barely detectable smidgen of sweetness, all of which differentiate it from Balsam Woods. I believe it's the same as Kohl's Sonoma Tree Farm, which I described exactly the same way (Sonoma wax melts are also made by Empire Candles).

White Woods
Cedar, Oakmoss & Sage
I'm not sure if this is the same scent as Tuscany Candle White Woods, despite the same notes. That was a sweet perfumey scent with a tiny bit of pine and cedar, and maybe a smidgen of vanilla. This scent, however, is a men's cologne scent, which also has a hint of pine, but I also get a tiny bit of the oakmoss note. Throw for the Tuscany version was 1.00, but throw for this scent is much better. And that wax was white, while this is green. It's a nice scent.

Winter Peppermint
Balsam & Mint
This is the same as Tuscany Candle Winter Peppermint. Peppermint is a scent that always smells great, and this one is no exception. It's plain peppermint, sweet but not overly sweet, and not overly pepperminty, more like peppermint candies rather than candy canes which have a sweet vanilla note that this peppermint doesn't. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting balsam or pine or anything else but peppermint.

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