ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2024

January 18, 2024

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2024

This is a review of the 6 new ScentSationals wax melt scents for Spring 2024: Caribbean Clouds, Coconut Cotton Blossom, Happy Sunshine, Mango Teakwood, Pretty Please, Tiki Time.

Caribbean Clouds
Tart pineapple and hints of green mango swirl with bright marine greens, salty sea foam and smooth coastal driftwood amid sun-warmed sands, ambered musks, and brilliant ozone freshness
I believe this is the same scent as ScentSationals Blue Sky, as the notes are the same with the exception of pineapple and mango ("Crisp marines blend with bursts of lively sea grass, salty sea foam, and smooth coastal driftwood amid sun-warmed sands, ambered musks, and brilliant ozone freshness"). The label says "Sea Salt & Pineapple", but I'm not getting pineapple at all. It's a pleasant, fresh, clean, slightly peppery body wash type scent.

Coconut Cotton Blossom
Breezy cotton blossom, luminous aldehydes and hints of sheer rose reveal creamy shimmer of coconut wrapped with ambered violet and clean white musk
A fantastic laundry type scent with a coconut note. It's not a harsh detergent scent, or a powdery fabric softener scent, but maybe somewhere in-between. It smells like doing laundry at a beach house. I love it!

Happy Sunshine
Sparkling citron nectar lends a refreshing lift to floral rose, wild thistle, and sweet meadow daisy interwoven with fragrant, botanical elements of golden calendula and lush summer clover.
On cold sniff this is a pleasant, sweet scent that combines pear, floral, and maybe a hint of citrus. Melted, it loses quite a bit of its sweetness and I still get the pear, but there's something very slightly bitter in the background that could be grapefruit. It's not a bad scent, but not one of my favorites.

Mango Teakwood
Paradise mango and sugared papaya nectar combine with the deep earthy richness of ambered teakwood, warm cedar, and fragrant patchouli enhanced with windswept greens.
An incredible, strong tropical scent. I'm getting some kind of tropical fruit, but not pineapple, and I don't detect coconut either. It's quite sweet, and with a bit of a light woodsy note (not a dark or smoky wood), as well as a hint of bergamot that almost gives it a cologne note, although it's not a cologne scent at all. It reminds me of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha, although it's a different scent, but it's that "type" of tropical scent that doesn't have pineapple or coconut notes.

Pretty Please
Honeyed jasmine, crystal peony and warm tones of honeyed orange blossom nestle within a sugary-sweet cotton candy and red berry fusion finished with rich tones of vanilla bean and musky powder
This fruity floral scent smells just like bubble gum to me. It has a cotton candy vibe. There's a fruit in there that I can't figure out, that I'm not a fan of, maybe some type of melon. It's a nice scent, but not one of my favorites.

Tiki Time
Ripe lime and juicy mandarin join candied grapefruit and luscious tangerine spun with tantalizing papaya, sweet island coconut, and golden pineapple infused with hints of decadent cherimoya.
I'm getting orange, a tropical fruit, and a hint of a fresh citrus note like maybe grapefruit. It's sweet, but not overly sweet. I like it!

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