ScentSationals Wax Melts

ScentSationals Wax Melts

Read Reviews of ScentSationals wax melts. ScentSationals wax melts are made by Rimports LLC, which also makes wax melt brands for several stores (Better Homes & Gardens for Walmart, AmbiEscents for Bed Bath & Beyond, Oak & Rye for Kroger, Estate for J.C. Penney, and Ador for Target. ScentSationals brand wax melts are available at Walmart, H-E-B, Meijer, and several other stores.

ScentSationals wax melts are fantastic, and you can't beat the $2 price! ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts are the brands to which retail wax lovers compare all other wax brands!

Fantastic scents, great throw, and at $2 each (at most stores) they are some of the lowest priced retail/ store-bought wax melts available. Great selection and tons of scents. They come out with new scents 2 times a year at Walmart and on the ScentSationals website (Spring/Summer around January/February, and Fall around August/September), although some stores may have a different selection different times of the year. You can sniff them in the store before you buy them. Depending on the store, you may be able to order them online from the store's website (this is the case for Walmart, although regional stores like H-E-B and Meijer may only ship within a certain radius around their stores). You can also order directly from the ScentSationals website.
Not all scents are available at all stores. Most scents from Walmart will be available at most Walmart stores. But scents made exclusively for Meijer and H-E-B stores can only be purchased from those stores, and if you don't live in an area in which those stores are located (H-E-B is only in Texas, and Meijer is only in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin), you won't be able to purchase them online.
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ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews
2020-01Berry ChillTropical5.00
2020-01Blue SkyFresh5.00
2020-01Festival VibesFruity5.00
2020-01Ice Cream ShopFoodie4.00
2020-01Peach PapayaTropical3.50
2020-01Perfect DayFloral4.00
2020-01Summer Lovin'Orange3.50
2019-09Dia de los MuertosPerfumey4.00
2019-09Dulces de LecheFoodie3.50
2019-09La CalaveraFruity5.00
2019-09Lady of the DeadPerfumey4.00
2019-09Marigold PetalsMisc4.00
2019-09Pan de MuertoChocolate4.00
2019-09Sacred AltarCologne4.00
2019-09Traditional ChurrosCinnamon4.00
2019-09Alert (Grapefruit & Lemon)Grapefruit3.50
2019-09Balance (Clary Sage & Lime)Incense3.50
2019-09Breathe (Peppermint & Spearmint)Peppermint3.50
2019-09Energy (Orange & Vanilla)Grapefruit5.00
2019-09Focus (Lemon & Ginger)Lemon/Lime3.00
2019-09Invigorate (Eucalyptus & Spearmint)Grapefruit4.00
2019-09Memory (Sage & Bergamot)Herbal3.00
2019-09Mood (Jasmine & Citronella)Spa4.00
2019-09Peace (Cinnamon & Nutmeg)Cinnamon3.50
2019-09Purity (Wintergreen & Tea Tree)Savory5.00
2019-09Relax (Lavender & Chamomile)Lavender3.50
2019-09Restore (Basil & Cedarwood)Cologne3.50
2019-09Uplift (Orange & Lemon)Floral3.00
2019-08Adventure SeekerCologne3.50
2019-08Apple Pumpkin SpiceFoodie5.00
2019-08Autumn AirCologne4.00
2019-08Bottoms UpFoodie3.50
2019-08Cinnamon BunsFoodie5.00
2019-08Fall FettiFoodie3.00
2019-08Festive BubblyFoodie3.50
2019-08Give ThanksCinnamon3.00
2019-08Perfect PumpkinFoodie5.00
2019-08Pie Season!Foodie5.00
2019-08Season's GreetingsCinnamon3.00
2019-08Welcome HomeApple/Pear3.00
2019-06Apple CrispApple/Pear5.00
2019-06Fireside EmbersSmoky4.00
2019-06Fresh BreezeFresh5.00
2019-06Inner ZenMint4.00
2019-06Sea FoamFresh3.50
2019-06Hill CountryCinnamon3.00
2019-06Lake Travis OasisTropical4.00
2019-06Rustic RanchIncense3.75
2019-06Blue LagoonFresh3.50
2019-06Coastal TripFruity3.25
2019-06Grapefruit SunriseGrapefruit3.00
2019-06Lavender & RosemaryLavender3.25
2019-06Strawberry LemonadeLemon/Lime3.25
2019-03Agave LimeCologne4.00
2019-03Apples! Apples! Apples!Apple/Pear3.50
2019-03Beach PleasePerfumey3.50
2019-03Cactus GardenSavory3.75
2019-03Cake Batter Ice CreamChocolate3.75
2019-03Cedar & LavenderCologne3.75
2019-03Cotton Candy CloudFoodie3.25
2019-03Crystal HealingFloral3.75
2019-03Flower ShopFloral5.00
2019-03Inner ZenMint3.75
2019-03Jiggle Wiggle StrawberryFruity4.00
2019-03Pacific Coast HighwayFruity3.00
2019-03Peace & LoveHerbal3.25
2019-03Strawberry OrangeFruity4.00
2019-03Sugar HighFoodie3.50
2019-03Sun Drenched LinenLaundry4.00
2019-03This Is UsApple/Pear5.00
2019-03Unicorn CakeFruity5.00
2018-12Bergamot & SageSavory3.75
2018-12Cedarwood & Sea SaltIncense3.25
2018-12Eucalyptus & RosemarySavory4.00
2018-12Juniper & MahoganyCologne5.00
2018-12Lavender & ChamomileLavender4.00
2018-12Lemon & GrapefruitGrapefruit3.75
2018-12Lemongrass & Wild MintSpa5.00
2018-12Lime & CoconutCoconut4.00
2018-12Nutmeg & CinnamonFoodie3.75
2018-12Orange & VanillaOrange5.00
2018-12Spearmint & PeppermintPeppermint4.00
2018-12Tea Tree & WintergreenSavory4.00
2018-12Vanilla & SugarcaneFoodie3.75
2018-10Caramel Apple SpiceApple/Pear5.00
2018-10Celebration TimePerfumey3.75
2018-10Cinnamon PecansCinnamon5.00
2018-10Cuddle UpIncense3.50
2018-10Dancing LeavesApple/Pear5.00
2018-10Harvest GatheringPine3.25
2018-10Holiday CookiesCinnamon3.50
2018-10Mistletoe KissesFruity4.00
2018-10Northern LightsPerfumey3.75
2018-10Pumpkin Spice CakeFoodie3.50
2018-10Sugar Pumpkin CronutsFoodie4.00
2018-10Vanilla Bean ButterscotchFoodie3.75
2018-05Austin City LightsWoodsy3.00
2018-05Barton SpringsCologne4.00
2018-05Indian Paint BrushSpa3.50
2018-05Stars at NightPerfumey4.00
2018-05Tres LechesFoodie3.50
2018-04Citrus SunriseOrange3.75
2018-04Cucumber Cantaloupe FusionCucumber3.00
2018-04Exotic SandalwoodWoodsy3.75
2018-04Fresh Garden FusionPerfumey3.75
2018-04Home Sweet HomeApple/Pear5.00
2018-04Limoncello Popsicle FusionSpa5.00
2018-04Ocean Air FusionSpa4.00
2018-04Summer SunsetTropical3.75
2018-02Always Blooming DuoFloral3.25
2018-02Apple MelonMelon3.75
2018-02Cherry Tree (duo)Floral2.75
2018-02Coconut VacayLemon/Lime3.50
2018-02Coral ShoresCoconut4.00
2018-02Country LivingApple/Pear4.00
2018-02Girlfriend NightPerfumey3.75
2018-02Guava PeachTropical4.00
2018-02Honeysuckle PineappleTropical3.75
2018-02Laundry BasketLaundry2.00
2018-02Lavender & RosemaryLavender3.00
2018-02Magic SpellPerfumey3.75
2018-02Morning BlissGrapefruit4.00
2018-02Nutty Butter Cookie BarsChocolate3.25
2018-02Ocean is Calling DuoCoconut3.75
2018-02Ocean TidesFresh3.50
2018-02Orange PopsOrange3.00
2018-02Rainbow Shaved IceFruity5.00
2018-02Raspberry MargaritaFruity3.75
2018-02Tip Toe TulipsFloral3.75
2017-08Apple ButterApple/Pear3.25
2017-08Black TuxCologne4.00
2017-08Cozy Retreat DuoFoodie3.25
2017-08Cranberry Oatmeal CookieFoodie3.25
2017-08Harvest MoonApple/Pear3.25
2017-08Home is Where the Heart is DuoFoodie3.75
2017-08Honey Crisp CiderApple/Pear3.25
2017-08Praline SpiceFoodie5.00
2017-08Pumpkin Patch MazeFoodie5.00
2017-08Pumpkin SpiceFoodie5.00
2017-08Red Hot CinnamonCinnamon3.25
2017-08Rustic Cabin KitchenIncense3.00
2017-08Spiced CupcakesGingerbread3.75
2017-08Tis the Season DuoMisc4.00
2017-05Comal RiverOrange5.00
2017-05Country SunflowerPerfumey4.00
2017-05Fredericksburg PeachesPeach5.00
2017-05Frozen MargaritaLemon/Lime3.75
2017-05Heart of TexasCologne3.00
2017-05Hill Country CedarCologne1.50
2017-05Mountain LaurelFloral5.00
2017-05Poteet StrawberryFruity5.00
2017-05Prickly Pear CactusApple/Pear4.00
2017-05South Padre BeachFresh3.00
2017-05Texas SkyFloral4.00
2017-04Clarity (Sage Leaf & Clove)Clove4.00
2017-04Dream Big (Lavender & Thyme)Lavender3.25
2017-04Happy Day (Lemon)Lemon/Lime4.00
2017-04Healing Spells (Eucalyptus & Herbs)Eucalyptus2.25
2017-04Invigorate Me (Lemongrass & Peppermint)Spa3.75
2017-04Sweet Dreams (Sweet Jasmine)Spa3.00
2017-02Apple WoodCologne4.00
2017-02Fiji Islands (duo)Fruity4.00
2017-02Grilled Pineapple (duo)Tropical3.50
2017-02Happy HomeLemon/Lime3.75
2017-02Hello SunshineGrapefruit4.00
2017-02Island Melon CoconutMelon4.00
2017-02Island Ways DuoTropical4.00
2017-02Mango LuauTropical4.00
2017-02Midnight SummerPerfumey4.00
2017-02Moon GardenFloral4.00
2017-02Mountain TwilightPine5.00
2017-02Pear Blossom (duo)Apple/Pear3.00
2017-02Pineapple Strawberry SmoothieFruity4.00
2017-02Serenity SpaSpa3.50
2017-02Tahiti ShoresFresh5.00
2017-02Take Me to Paris DuoFloral3.50
2017-02Taste the Tropics DuoTropical3.75
2017-02Violet CocktailPerfumey4.00
2017-02Water Lily & LotusSpa3.75
2017-02Woodland MagicSpa3.50
2016-08Baked Orchard AppleApple/Pear3.75
2016-08Baked Orchard AppleApple/Pear3.75
2016-08Balsam & BirchPine4.00
2016-08Blackberry Cognac Fruity3.75
2016-08Caramel Pumpkin SeedsFoodie5.00
2016-08Cashmere CreamVanilla2.50
2016-08Cider House DonutsFoodie3.50
2016-08Cinnamon ApplesApple/Pear5.00
2016-08Dusk Till DawnMisc3.75
2016-08Fall 'n For FallCologne0.00
2016-08Incense & Wine DuoIncense5.00
2016-08Nag Champa IncenseIncense5.00
2016-08Peppermint Vanilla MacaroonPeppermint3.50
2016-08Perfectly PinePine5.00
2016-08Pumpkin Apple MuffinsFoodie5.00
2016-08Pumpkin Marshmallow CreamFoodie3.25
2016-08Pumpkin S'Mores DuoFoodie4.00
2016-08Scarlet Cypress Wreath Pine3.00
2016-08Spice It UpCinnamonn/a
2016-08Sunflower FieldsFloral3.00
2016-08Vineyard SunsetMiscn/a
2016-07Almond Brandy Pudding FusionFoodie5.00
2016-07Cactus BlossomCucumber3.00
2016-07Dark MuskCologne5.00
2016-07Enchanted WoodsCologne3.50
2016-07Eucalyptus Leaf & Cedar FusionSpa4.00
2016-07Flaming OrangeOrange3.00
2016-07Grapefruit TequilaGrapefruit2.75
2016-07Mahogany WoodsCologne0.00
2016-07Princess PetalPerfumey2.25
2016-07Salted Caramel AppleApple/Pear5.00
2016-07Sienna Suede FusionCologne3.50
2016-07Spice Market FusionSavory2.75
2016-07Sugared RaspberryFruity1.00
2016-07Tosca PearApple/Pear3.25
2016-03Papagayo BeachTropical5.00
2016-01Amethyst Sky (duo)Perfumey0.00
2016-01Day DreamFloral4.00
2016-01Dazzling Sky DuoPerfumey2.00
2016-01Egyptian CottonPerfumey3.75
2016-01Himalayan Pink SaltSpa4.00
2016-01Iced Lemon Sugar CookiesLemon/Lime4.00
2016-01Isla BonitaTropical4.00
2016-01Love LettersPerfumey2.50
2016-01Passion Fruit CoconutCoconut2.75
2016-01Petal ShowersPerfumey1.00
2016-01Pink VelvetFoodie3.75
2016-01Rainy DayFresh3.75
2016-01Secret Garden DuoPerfumey2.50
2016-01Sky Lantern (duo)Perfumey3.00
2016-01Tropical Beauty DuoTropical3.50
2016-01Tropical FuseTropical2.75
2016-01Violet SugarPerfumey3.75
2015-12Blanket of SnowPerfumey3.00
2015-12Candy Cane TwistPeppermint4.00
2015-12Cinnamon BunFoodie5.00
2015-12Cinnamon Leaf & PepperberryCinnamon3.50
2015-12Citrus GarlandPine4.00
2015-12Comfort & JoyCinnamonn/a
2015-12Pomegranate & CurrantPerfumey3.50
2015-12Pumpkin French ToastFoodie4.00
2015-12Silent NightMint3.50
2015-12Sleigh RideEucalyptus3.50
2015-12Twinkle LightsMisc2.00
2015-12Winterberry SpicePerfumey1.50
2015-08Apple Berry CrumbleApple/Pear5.00
2015-08Baked with Love duoFoodie4.50
2015-08Blackberry CiderPerfumey4.00
2015-08Cinnamon Pumpkin (duo)Foodie4.00
2015-08Ebony WoodsMisc5.00
2015-08Pumpkin Sugar Cookies (duo)Foodie5.00
2015-08Rose GoldMisc2.50
2015-08Turkish Spice MarketPerfumey3.75
2015-08White SandalwoodPerfumey3.50
0Bali ShoresFresh3.75
0Fresh AirFresh5.00
0Molten OrangeOrange5.00
0Simple RomanceIncense3.25
0Vanilla BeanVanilla3.50
0Vanilla WoodsWoodsy3.75


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