Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melt Reviews

July 2, 2018

Trapp Fragrances (Candles) Wax Melt Reviews

This is my another review of Trapp Fragrances (Trapp Candles) Wax Melts. They're fantastic, realistic and sophisticated. Everyone should have at least one Trapp Fragrances wax melt in their wax melt collection!

#21 - Amber & Bergamot
A smooth, velvety combination of aromatic bergamot and the sultriness of amber
This smells like an expensive perfume with a bit of warmth (but not really amber) and a slight oriental spice note. Fantastic scent!

#45 - Burmese Wood
An incredible balance of teak and balsam woods, with a rich base note of tonka
This is the ultimate patchouli scent! It's rich and exotic and I also smell sandalwood which gives it a very slightly milky woodsy note. I love this one! Looking at the scent notes, I'm surprised I don't see patchouli. I don't smell balsam, which would have a slightly piney note. And I don't smell tonka, which is a rich vanilla scent, although this scent is quite rich and has a bit of sweetness.

#67 - Fine Linen
Freshly laundered fine linens that radiate the lush scents of white rose petals, passion fruit nectar and blooming vanilla orchids
Based on the scent name, I expected a laundry type scent, which this is not. It smells like a rose-based floral with a bitter note, a little like old soap. There might also be a hint of fruit in the background, perhaps apricot, and looking at the scent notes that's probably the passion fruit. I didn't care for this scent.

#12 - Guava Mango
This mouth-watering blend of two tropical fruits combines succulent mango and flavorful guava.
This is different from any guava or mango scent I've smelled in other wax melts. It's rich, sweet and fruity with a little bit of an orange note but also a very slightly savory note. It's quite nice.

#7 - Patchouli Sandalwood
Asiatic patchouli blended with sandalwood and cedar
Fantastic patchouli scent with a little bit of a woodsy note. It's not the same scent as Burmese Wood though; that scent is more of a warm woodsy scent with a little bit of a patchouli note, while this one is pure patchouli with a little bit of a woodsy note. This patchouli is a little sweeter than other patchouli scents I've smelled, with a little bit of an old perfume note (but in a good way).

#63 - Pure Peony
The perfect peony... elegant, sophisticated, and always timeless
A lovely delicate rose type floral. It's an authentic floral scent, not perfumey or overly sweet, although it has a hint of a soapy note. I really like it.

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